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ZZAP the Modslayer

Sir Sterling ft. A Pipe of Blue Smoke

I'm old. I'm ugly. And I wish I was fat. I'm missing two fingers or perhaps seven. I follow dogs. I dump on cats and politicians' frogs. I'm extra slow. Not very careful. When I jump, I fart. I love to eat fruit tarts. I'm scared of jump ropes because they might hang me. I drink tea and poke folks. I like sleep. But I hate pillows. So I use marshmallows.


Reading Fantasy, Reading Philosophy, Reading Manga, Reading Manhwa, Writing Poetry, Watching Anime, Playing Magic: the Gathering, Playing cRPGs, Studying Languages


Student of Linguistics

"In my contact with people I find that, as a rule, it is only the little, narrow people who live for themselves, who never read good books, who do not travel, who never open up their souls in a way to permit them to come into contact with other souls -- with the great outside world."
— Booker T. Washington, Up From Slavery