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About hermione315

Hello! I am Hermione.

Not really, but one can dream.

My letter from Hogwarts must have gotten lost in the mail, because I’m stuck living in a small town in the middle of the U.S. that I can guarantee none of you have ever heard of. That’s alright though, it's actually a lovely place and I’m blessed to be able to call it my home. I stumbled upon YWS a while ago and joined in hopes of meeting other writers my own age and improving my own writing. I publish mostly poetry on YWS, but I spend most of my time writing prose. The reason that I hardly ever post my stories is due to the fact that I hardly ever finish them. I’m terrible at following through with ideas, and that’s something I’m struggling to fix.

Besides writing, I also play softball and run track and cross-country. I’m also a big-time bookworm: my favorite genres are science fiction and realistic fiction, but I’ll read about anything. Some of my favorite authors are C.S Lewis, Rick Riordan, Anthony Horowitz, and Lois Lowry. And if you can’t tell by my name, avatar, and banner, I’m a huge fan of J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter. My Will Review for Food thread even has a Harry Potter theme, and if you’re in need of a review, you should check it out here. I don’t limit my reading material to only fiction. I also read a lot of nonfiction books about science, especially concerning the creation vs. evolution debate, which is a topic I’m extremely passionate about.

Let’s see, what else should you know about me? I’ve been going to the same little Baptist church since I was born, and I was saved from my sins by the grace of God at the grand age of six years old. Through Jesus’s death on the cross and his resurrection, my sins were washed away forever and I was given hope and a purpose for living that has helped me through many difficult times in my life. If you haven’t already, I would love to talk to any of you about how you can experience God’s salvation, forgiveness, and love by accepting Jesus Christ as your savior. Despite what many have been led to believe, Christianity is a very open religion; God accepts anyone at any stage of their life, no matter what they’ve done or who they are (yes, that includes inmates, members of the lgbt community, those with dark, turbulent pasts, rich people, poor people, little five year olds, and crippled ninety-five year olds). And he’ll accept you! If you’d like to talk to me about my Savior, how He has changed my life, and how He can change yours, don’t hesitate!

Feel free to chat with me at any time about anything. I’d love to get to know you!


Reading, writing, church, singing (CHOIR), cross-country, track, and softball (pitching)

"I never expected that I should be a queen so soon."
— Alice's Adventures in Wonderland