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Omg, hi. You found me.

I've been on a two year hiatus with my writing on here, but now I want to come back and try again and doing something I love.

Lisbeth is my dad's nickname for me. For now, I'll keep my real name a secret. In case you think you've figured it out, nope. It's not Elizabeth.

I decided to write after I believed I could never be good at drawing. All I wanted to be able to do was escape from my life that I do not enjoy, and I wanted visuals of my perfect world. I gave up, and turned to writing-- art's brother -- and make my own worlds this way.

It's not necessarily what I wanted, but now it's just stuck and it's something I do daily. Whether or not I want this to be my occupation in the future or not, I don't know. For now, it serves as my escapism.

I left mainstream school last year when I started home-school for Year 10. This year I've gotten back into the school system, but in a different way. Hopefully next year will be something different, too.

I know my writing is mediocre, if not beginner's level. But please tell me what I can do right. Thank you.


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— Dante Alighieri