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Hey All,
I haven't been on here in so long I thought I had better update my page! I don't really know what to say here so I'll just give you the basics.
I am a sixteen year old Canadian girl.
I am a country girl born and raised <3
I own a horse named Sonny Morgan. He is a four year old untrained Morgan gelding.
I have fourteen nephews and nieces. The newest edition: Cora LeeAnn born January 10th 2017 at 3:01pm.
I am enrolled in a school but do my work at home and send it in, so I'm homeschooled.
Whenever I am not doing chores, school, or taking care of Uncle Caspar, I am with my horse Sonny.
I am a proud 4Her! I am the co-president and taking the Veterinary project.
If you want to know anything more about me, shoot me a pm!

~ Selina


Hobbies and Interests? - Horses ( I own 1 and take care of my brother - in law's as well) - Training horses - Listening to music - Country living - Reading -Writing stories/poems/lyrics -4-H


Full time Cowgirl/ Horse rider/Horse Trainer/ Homeschool/Babysitting/ Work odd construction jobs with my dad.

The moral of Snow White is never eat apples.
— Lemony Snicket