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  • starlitmind
    May 18, 2020


  • madisonperkins59
    May 18, 2020

    Happy Birthday

  • Mageheart
    May 18, 2020

    Happy birthday!

  • Mageheart
    May 18, 2017

    Happy birthday!~ I hope you have a wonderful day that's filled with joy - you definitely deserve it! ☆

  • rainforest
    May 18, 2016

    Happy Birthday!

  • RubyRed
    Mar 25, 2016

    Thanks for the follow, Tif.

  • TiffanyToy
    Mar 22, 2016

    It would be great if more people could read and review the new works I posted last night! Part 1 and Cracked Lips, Twisted Smiles! Thanks!!

  • Hopefully going to write more and post soon! I am actually currently working on something and feedback would be awesome! :)

  • Rin321
    Jan 31, 2016

    congrats on you star :)

    TiffanyToy Thanks so much! :D
    Jan 31, 2016

  • Deanie
    Jan 31, 2016

    Congratulations on your third review star! Keep at it <3

    TiffanyToy <3 Thanks!
    Jan 31, 2016

  • Pretzelstick
    Jan 31, 2016

    Congrats on the new star!

    TiffanyToy Thank you so much!
    Jan 31, 2016

  • EternalRain
    Jan 31, 2016

    Congrats on your review star!!

    TiffanyToy Thanks!
    Jan 31, 2016

  • ---> Monsters <--- Hey! I just wrote a new poem thing a few days ago. Go check it out if you like. I'm writing one now and may post it! If I do, I'll add a link in my next wall post. :) No rush though. :D

  • A few days ago I drew a Hipster Dog.

    I have a weird craving for Ramen Noodles.

    Random bands have started following me on my art instagram account. Some of them are actually not too bad... I love music.

    Does anyone recommend any 'post-hardcore' bands?


  • EverStorm
    Jan 8, 2016

    Hey! I was following you on another account of mine so I figured I'd follow you on this one too!

    TiffanyToy Ok cool! Thanks <3
    Jan 8, 2016

The capacity of human beings to bore one another seems to be vastly greater than that of any other animal.
— H. L. Mencken