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Amnesia is only a symptom

  • I got that Unpacking game last night....I was up till 1:30. I regret some choices here...yeah

    ETA: To Clarify, I dont regret getting the game.

  • I cant make myself do these training videos, send help I dont have the attention span to sit here for 8 hours.

  • Oh shit I forgot about NaNo this year....like i do every year. Someone should set an alarm to yell at me about this.

  • Its been a while since someone im working with closely has spelled my last name wrong.

    It happened today and honestly its the first time ive seen in real time someone getting all the weird parts of my name (the parts everyone usually misspells) right to mess up on what id like to think ks the easiest letter in the name.

    Its a Z not an S but i do see where the confusion comes from if it wasnt for the fact its spelled in my email address.

    Forgot to add that we talk primarily through google chat and it literally spells my name out at the top of the chat anyways lol

  • "do you know why people scare me more than zombies?" Theo asked me.
    "People let fear control them, zombies do what they want"

  • https://amnesia.writerfeedpad.com/108

    come watch my easily distracted self try to write poetry...Warning i might go off tab and look for music and end up watching youtube instead

  • oh look im writing a poem about Boy.....thats not surprising at all lol.

    jesus those blue eyes tho

  • oh napo thats a thing and my excuse to write all the poetry i can in the next....three weeks?

  • Amnesia
    Apr 2, 2023

    i always find this is where most roommate situations i find myself in ending.

    Spoiler! :
    i end up getting tired of the bullcrap roommate wont stop spewing and i start listening to music that literally enforces my views at full blast.

    dont disrespect me in my own home and i wont make you angry with my music.

    todays song is Labour by Paris Paloma.....can we tell what roommate constantly tries to convince me of every time he speaks? (hint: he thinks men are oppressed worse than women and tells me as much anytime im watching Tiktok videos)

  • itd be great if i had the time to do anything these days.

    its not gonna get better as the summer gets closer either....someone should send me a box full of 5 hour energy and monsters....im gonna need them to get through this part of the year.

  • so ive neglected my email account for the last maybe 5 or 6 years.....so it shouldnt surprise anyone that when i went to empty it out and clean it up there was little over 20,000 emails most ive never opened bc they were the codes for password resets or new accounts ive made.

    my procrastination knows no bounds

  • found a poetry thing where they said theyd publish and stuff for you...failed to mention till i was putting in my application info that i needed to pay 50 bucks to join.

    thats 40 mins ill never get back

  • So I found the book that made me love Eponine more than one probably should. then yesterday around the same time i also found Les Mis on netflix and watched that.

    Ive come to the conclusion that Eponine deserved a little more love than what was shown. (i also havent quite finished the movie (musical?) yet so this is also an opinion subject to change.

  • winterwolf0100
    Jan 7, 2023

    Happy birthdayyy!!

    Amnesia Thank you <3
    Jan 7, 2023

  • Mageheart
    Jan 7, 2023

    Happy birthday!~ 🎉

    Amnesia Thank you <3
    Jan 7, 2023

[as a roleplayer is feeling sad about torturing her characters] GrandWild: "You're a writer, dear. Embrace it."
— GrandWild