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Amnesia is only a symptom

  • ive never been the trainer just the trainee....tell me how i managed to become the trainer for certain things at work?????

    im probably doing a shit job training people

    niteowl I feel this in my soul. Training someone new next week and now my managers manager is going to sit in on it for reasons? Very nervous about that.
    Jun 18, 2024

  • Adobe shouldnt suck this much for a company as big as it is.

    im looking at you indesign

  • I forgot about NaPo this year...

    But I did learn how to flow stories onto a page for a newspaper so I guess thats cool too

  • My husband just told me he wont build me a secret library....

    dishonor on him, dishonor on his cow

    herbalhour he did not bring honor for us all - mulan
    Jan 21, 2024

    Amnesia i just want a secret library i can steal away to in the widow robe (iykyk) whenever im feeling dramatic
    Jan 21, 2024

  • im about to spend 5 bucks this week just to read more of this series from my favorite tiktoker..

    yes its helles belles. I regret nothing

  • herbalhour
    Jan 19, 2024

    am knee saw

  • Someone just told me they spelled Selena "Salena"
    bc they spelled based on sound and i wanna know how theyre hearing a very clear E sound as an A sound

    this isnt to be mean im genuinely confused

    fatherfig the 'seh' you hear sounds like 'sah' to them and i think its just a dialect difference maybe, ive heard both
    Jan 20, 2024

    herbalhour maybe it's cause its "Sah-lee-nah Gomez"?
    Jan 20, 2024

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  • I feel like writing anything is getting harder and harder as the years go by. its wild

  • winterwolf0100
    Jan 7, 2024

    Happy birthdayyy!!

  • I got that Unpacking game last night....I was up till 1:30. I regret some choices here...yeah

    ETA: To Clarify, I dont regret getting the game.

  • I cant make myself do these training videos, send help I dont have the attention span to sit here for 8 hours.

  • Oh shit I forgot about NaNo this year....like i do every year. Someone should set an alarm to yell at me about this.

  • Its been a while since someone im working with closely has spelled my last name wrong.

    It happened today and honestly its the first time ive seen in real time someone getting all the weird parts of my name (the parts everyone usually misspells) right to mess up on what id like to think ks the easiest letter in the name.

    Its a Z not an S but i do see where the confusion comes from if it wasnt for the fact its spelled in my email address.

    Forgot to add that we talk primarily through google chat and it literally spells my name out at the top of the chat anyways lol

  • "do you know why people scare me more than zombies?" Theo asked me.
    "People let fear control them, zombies do what they want"

  • https://amnesia.writerfeedpad.com/108

    come watch my easily distracted self try to write poetry...Warning i might go off tab and look for music and end up watching youtube instead

Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.
— Leonardo da Vinci