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  • Dossereana
    38 minutes ago

    Happy Cake Day Snoink!!!!!!! Your awesome and I'm so happy your on this site!!!!!!!! <33333

  • DreamyAlice
    39 minutes ago

    HAPPY CAKE DAY!!!<33333

    Oh it has just been some 18 years, not much you have to bless YWS with your presence for decades to come!!!!

  • Hattable
    2 hours ago

    c a k e

  • Hkumar
    3 hours ago

    Happy cake day Snoink :D

  • Looks like we're not the only ones celebrating National Poultry Month...


  • To celebrate National Poultry Month, I would like to present my Top 5 list of "Swans being Swans" moments in my story. (Presented in chronological order.)

    (They're mostly just funny moments that don't really give away any storyline / plot twists, but if you don't want to see any spoilers at all, don't click, obviously...)

    1. That time when Adelore, who is human, pretends to be a Swan... (Book 2)

    Spoiler! :
    “It was part of a class exercise,” Clarise said, gritting her teeth. “We were pretending as if he were a Swan!”

    “If there was already a Swan there, then why should he pretend to be a Swan?” Adelore asked. “The whole situation sounds absurd. I wouldn’t kneel to him if I were her either.”

    “It made perfect sense at the time,” Clarise snapped.

    “Let’s play a game,” Adelore suggested sarcastically. Then he flapped his arms and made a deranged honking noise. “Look! I am a beautiful Swan! Kneel to me!”

    2. That time when Alonso molts poorly... (Book 3)

    Spoiler! :
    As he straightened back up, he glanced around briefly – only to burst out into laughter when he saw Alonso.

    Alonso looked disheveled, to put it mildly. Downy feathers stuck out from his usual black poisonous feathers so that he looked less like a terrifying Black Swan and more like a fuzzy mess. But the worst part about it was his head. A clump of downy feathers popped up at the very top of his head, making it look like he had some sort of gray feather hat on.

    “What? Haven’t you seen a Swan molt before?” Alonso said grumpily.

    3. That time when Alonso accuses Tiziano of being a chicken... (Book 3)

    Spoiler! :
    Then Alonso swore as Tiziano lurched and jerked his wings quickly. “Watch where you’re going, you dumb chicken! You nearly barreled into that tree!”

    4. That time when Sergius gets a little too excited... (Book 4)

    Spoiler! :
    “See, this is why being human was a terrible idea,” Cynasi muttered, trying to push Sergius away while he preened her hair. “How do you even stand on these pathetic legs? You look like a crane walking on stilts, and cranes are ridiculous. Now a Swan is elegant! You look at a crane and think of stilts, but nothing can rival the elegance of a Swan swimming in a lake or soaring overhead—”

    “I said be quiet!” Cyrus hissed. “I didn’t ask for a discourse about cranes!”

    “Well, it’s true,” Cynasi muttered. “Cranes are ridiculous. And humans are even more ridiculous. They make even cranes look elegant, and that takes some doing. Why, a crane is just a grebe with stilts for legs. And a grebe is only a fancy duck. But a Swan—”

    Sergius began to honk happily at her and began flapping his wings again. Another vase fell and smashed onto the ground.

    "This is why Swans shouldn't be inside a house," Cynasi continued. "We belong outside, not cramped inside. Why, what is this vase doing here anyway? Humans and their ridiculous decorations! Now, a Swan isn't so worried about aesthetics because we don't have to overcompensate for our lack of feathers—"

    5. Oh, Sergius x2... (Book 4)

    Spoiler! :
    Worse yet, Sergius was at his heels, honking contentedly at the snow around him. It was cold up in the mountains and Cyrus shivered, clutching at his cloak. He glared at Sergius.

    "Will you shut up?" Cyrus hissed as Sergius honked delightedly at a frozen ball of moss. "You'll get us all destroyed at this rate! Isn't it bad enough that we have to do this in the first place?"

    Sergius wiggled his tail feathers.

  • ... for posterity!!!!

    Chickens and Penguins!!!! TOGETHER IN HARMONY!!!!!!

    ... what an absolutely beautiful sentiment.


    DreamyAlice We want bats as well!!! @SantaYWS do something, please!!
    Mar 31, 2023

    Mar 31, 2023

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  • ... gonna boost this poem in honor of @TheEgg being our new featured member. :)
    lliyah wrote:Belated poem regarding our friendship. #freindshippoems

    The Egg, how marvelous you are!
    You, fighter of classified schemes,
    protector of young writers,
    unifying mascot we salute,
    and vow to support your plans.

    You, pre-chicken and full of life,
    full of hope about to hatch
    eternally a promise of potential,
    what thoughts do you think
    as you wait, oh if only we could
    spy within your mysterious shell.

    The Egg, controversy sometimes
    surrounds your call - as people confused
    try to defeat the site with mayhem plans.
    But worry not Egg! Worry not!
    Your loyal supporters of the #unclassified crew
    stand firm, along with Big Bro, and
    throughout the land none can boast
    more genuine likes than you.

    Thanks Egg! Here's a link to the legendary egg post for more people to like as it has now garnered 100 + likes after years of your good work. :]

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  • This... chapter is not going the way that I expected it to.

    Lyda is a force of nature.

  • Working on chicken wings today and thinking about Matthew, who made a bunch of stitch locks for me this Valentines Day... <3


    Lael Those are super cute! Are they 3D printed?
    Mar 29, 2023

    Snoink Yes, he 3d printed them. :) they have little hearts on them too.
    Mar 30, 2023

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  • ... does anyone have a work they would like me to review? Post a link!
    Nate wrote:Small request: March 2023 is currently running only 41 reviews behind March 2022 with a little more than three days to go. So, giving these out on a first-come, first-serve basis:


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  • So. I was mindlessly scrolling Facebook and THEN I SAW CYRUS.

    ... or at least Fionn Whitehead playing Pip in BBC's new rendition of Great Expectations.

    But no, seriously! It's Cyrus!!!



    Snoink (Don't mind me. I am just internally screaming here because EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!)
    Mar 28, 2023

  • PaigeFantasy woah
    Mar 28, 2023

  • My sick brain decided that last night I needed to dream about my Swans story with... Paw Patrol coming to the rescue.

    So now I have to grudgingly admit that the dogs in Paw Patrol are more competent than my characters.

    GengarIsBestBoy One time I had a dream that I was trying to narrate one of my stories but it kept getting interrupted by Freddy fazbear
    Mar 28, 2023

  • Spearmint SO CUTE
    Mar 27, 2023

    Meshugenah omg
    Mar 27, 2023

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have u ever noticed how ugly rosy-lipped batfish r? and not like in the “aw ur so ugly ur cute” way that like opossums r — no they’re just hideously ugly beasts that should never have existed and r the epitome of evolution fails. the stupidity, blank look, head emptiness. they’re horrible n everyone who likes them r horrible too. they truly have the worst fan-base >:[
— Shady