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  • Replaced all the internals of my Evangelion cube

    Noticed one piece of metal I didn't think about replacing until I put everything back together and looked at the pictures I took

    Now almost everything has to get taken apart again


  • Fun story from the start of the new class.

    So, the school bathroom has a bunch of open kid stalls, and one adult stall with a door that has an upper lock to keep the kids out. Apparently, one of my new kids was crying because I was "stuck in the bathroom and couldn't get out." Maybe one of the other classes' kids had thrown the upper lock, maybe the door was just shut normally, I don't remember. I didn't hear him crying, but I heard about the incident after.

  • dragonfphoenix
    Sep 14, 2023

    The only constant I've had writing this story is that anything that seems certain is certain to change. My web serial formula worked for a tiny bit when I first tried to write ZP, but then what story I had wasn't working so I put it on the backburner. I've gotten a few-ish scenes that are fitting web serial formula, but the story wasn't building momentum.

    Yesterday, I was really close to finishing a chapter but couldn't hit a web serial formula finish, and I thought that perhaps it was because I was going to try piecing short stories together to create the narrative as a whole. Sat down to write in short story mode today, and BAM! Immediately found where the chapter break was.

    This story is just going to go as it goes.

  • dragonfphoenix
    Sep 14, 2023

    *writing ZP still*
    Me: "You are a one-shot character"
    Char: "What if I stole Charax's persona and became a fixture of the world instead?"
    Me: ...

  • Rip Smash Mouth dude, your impact could not be understated

  • dragonfphoenix
    Sep 4, 2023

    I would've named this something else but I couldn't remember if I'd used it for previous chapters so here goes. Also, I'm *deep* into an Evangelion funk rn.

    @Myre @SoullessGinger @Spearmint @Plume @Mageheart @Lib @KateHardy

    Part 117: The Stab

  • Evangelion Gamecube complete


  • happy (late) cake day!! hope it was a great one! (:

    dragonfphoenix Thanks!
    Sep 3, 2023

  • I gave up on the SP2 adapter because those vias are *really* small.

    Sneak peak of the cube. I'm waiting on more stickers to come in, but the medallion cover came in. :cool:


  • Thanks to hypnagogia last night, I now have a Neon Genesis Evangelion-inspired Tooth Fairy in ZP

  • We share cake days which I did not remember

    dragonfphoenix Even though you found it first XD
    Aug 31, 2023

  • Happy Cake Day!!

    dragonfphoenix Thanks!
    Aug 31, 2023

  • Modded Gamecube is almost complete

    The greatest challenge is still ahead (trying to add a replacement SP2 port to a DOL-101 Gamecube)


  • Watched Akira for the first time last night and...idk. It felt like it should've been a series more than a movie, but also that might just be because of what anime has developed into in its wake. Seeing where the Halo universe pilfered from it was also kind of hilarious. I liked it but I feel like I'm missing a lot of context for why it's considered such a feat. Iirc it was hand animated, which, holy crap some of the things they had to draw and redraw.

    IamI I???m reading the manga now, actually, and A LOT of stuff was cut out and changed. The whole middle was essentially eliminated, and several characters were either moved around or got rid of, either for streamlining the adaptation or because the series hadn???t actually been finished at the time. If you enjoyed the movie I would I highly recommend the manga. After owning it for like a year I picked it up on a whim not too long ago and ended up reading sixty pages in one sitting, which never happens for me. More than that, it was interesting enough that I could keep that pace daily and not get exhausted or bored. I would highly recommend giving it a shot!

    If I could give my two cents as to why I think it???s impressive: I think it???s because it was made so long ago (80???s, right) and still holds up well today (at least I remember it holding up well, at least in terms of animation. It???s been a few years since I???ve watched it.). That, and it really brought anime into the mainstream in the US and inspired a lot of filmmakers here (I think both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have mentioned it, and I???m pretty sure it directly inspired the matrix.
    There???s an excellent video I???ll try and track down analyzing in in-depth the first three minutes of the film. It???s like thirty minutes and it???s very impressive. There???s another video that???s just a compilation of references to the Akira motorcycle slide, which, if I remember right, wasn???t even in the manga.
    A new Akira series would be awesome, though.

    Aug 28, 2023

    IamI God I hate how it replaces apostrophes with question marks. I’m not confused about what I said I know I wrote apostrophes let me write my apostrophes.
    Aug 28, 2023

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  • Got a reddit post stolen by a repost bot for the first time in my life LOOOOOOOOL

    I saw the title and was like "huh that's exactly how I titled my post" then I expanded the image and was like "huh that's the RGB from my keyboard reflected on my old monitor"

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