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  • Tried to watch Eminence in Shadow... That was a shustercluck of nopes for me lol. It started setting up the story as already being in the isekai/rpg world (which would have been interesting), then tried to pull a fast one with a mid-episode credits roll (wrong spot credit rolls are the fastest way to get me to tune out), and then it ended with the MC being OP surrounded by his harem of generic magical girls. And, oh, he already knew about the isekai world? His obsession with "I nEeD mOrE pOwEr" is fine character motivation, but was a bit too melodramatic.

    I think I'm just disappointed by how cool it could have been to have a magical world beneath the surface of a seemingly real world as the isekai land, but then we just got generic power fantasy. 1/10, won't watch again.

  • The other what? ;)

    (Also I kinda forgot to post last Monday whoops)

    @Myre @SoullessGinger @Spearmint @Plume @Mageheart @Lib @KateHardy

    Part 104: The Other

  • Pokemon SV DLC cannot come fast enough (but also I hope they take their time and do it well). Roaming form Gimmighoul only being available in PoGO is weird but I hope they give us the option to get it naturally in SV. New Scarlet paradox >>>> new Violet paradox (like most paradoxes). Abra better be in the DLC or I'm going to cry.

  • Might have to drop to biweekly updates, hoping not to have to :(

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    Part 103: The Haunt

  • My teammate won the RCQ yesterday LOL

  • dragonfphoenix
    Feb 25, 2023

    Won another RCQ let's goooooooo

  • I'm planning to get back into reviewing your novel soon but for now I'm stopping by with some #GreenRoomQueries for #SocialMonth

    1.When you edit, are you planning on having as many chapters as you do currently, or is that more for YWS posting?

    2.How much more of your novel is there to go? 100 chapters is super impressive, and I'm waiting to give a massive cheer when you're done!

    3.Who is your favourite character to write in the novel at the moment?

    dragonfphoenix Thanks!

    1) Unsure. At this point, I'm thinking about combining every three chapters. I've found that 1.5k words is good for a web serial chapter, and 4kish is a solid amount for published works.

    2) Uh...well, we're entering the final lap of the Trials arc, and then there's War arc after that which is, uh, going one of two directions. So who knows, but we'll pretty easily hit 150 chapters before the end, charitably 200.

    3) A character you haven't met yet lol. Charax is honestly fun to write as well, grumpy old god is a really fun persona to write through.

    Feb 23, 2023

  • Back to back RCQ top 4s last weekend, got run over by RB decks (RB Mid in Pio, Scam in Modern) both times as well...tired, bro. Hoping I can win this Saturday RCQ so I don't have to play the Super RCQ on Sunday

  • Ant-Man 3 was...kind of disappointing.

    Non-spoiler version:

    I disliked how they handled Kang. Plot was mostly fine, although if you watched Loki you learn nothing new about Kang in Ant-Man, which means one of those two is irrelevant. No Luis (the funny Latino) was sadge, although I don't know where they would've fit him in. But if they don't have a Luis v Kang dialogue smackdown in the future, I'm going to be severely disappointed. There were some cool things, like seeing a superhero family and the quantum realm. Overall it was, unfortunately, kinda mid.

    Spoiler version:
    Spoiler! :
    Okay, so, I already mentioned how I disliked Kang's handling, but it *really* sucked. Kang gets set up as this super powerful, mutliverse killing, Avenger-eating villain who finally gets his suit back and sets up his empire and then just...stops being awesome so the heroes can win? Like??? No outsmarting him, no de-powering him so they can take him out, full-suit Kang (who's supposed to have beaten multiple sets of Avengers, let alone one who's on his own with just the Wasp and his daughter for back-up) just stops using his de-atomizing ray on them because??? "Oh, well their suits blah blah blah" So in all his years of beating Avengers he's never figured out how to get around that? He's never found a weak point to exploit? And then in the final fight, he just "conveniently" decides to try to smash Scott's face into his multiverse engine.

    And then when Scott sticks the engine, it conveniently doesn't explode until Ant-Man and Wasp can stuff Kang in for his death, but when Janet does it, it waits just long enough for her to dramatically jump away from the explosion? I was super disappointed by that ending. Like, at least put a little more effort into it. And Kang can freaking float. There's no reason he should've stayed on the ground to let himself get run over by all the ants. Go float and rain aerial death down upon them. Exile Kang dying "had" to happen for multi-movie plot reasons? I guess? But it would've been way cooler to actually let him win. And with the information we're given in that movie, there's no reason he shouldn't have. Loki Kang's death made sense because he was old and exhausted. He didn't want to keep fighting against the intruding versions of himself. But exile Kang? His fight was far from over, and he had every intention of making it out. None of the pre-story nerfs explained why he should have lost, because he got all his powers back, and nothing happened that even hinted at a possible exploitable weakness. It's just "oh, the other Kangs beat this particular Kang so he's not 'invincible,' so with strong willpower and the power of friendship maybe we can beat him, too." Really hope we get some answers to this at some point.

    One minor nitpick I had was when Cassie was breaking everyone out, she didn't smash the guard's head against the panel again. Like, why does buff Amazon warrior know the passcode? The guards are faceless goons who might not even be real beings, so just use the slapstick comedy.

    There were times the scale didn't make sense, in that Ant-Man changed his size and I couldn't tell if he got bigger or smaller. It's not a huge deal, but it was enough to make me question which way he went when the movie wanted me to focus on what was actually happening.

  • How to age yourself incredibly quickly:

    1) See that YWS is going down for scheduled maintenance for the first time that you've actually seen

    2) Go to post how you've been on the site for X years and never seen this, even though it must have happened before

    3) Realize that you've been on the site almost a decade

    Boom, instant aches and creaky joints

  • dragonfphoenix
    Feb 15, 2023

    The second vapor of a smoker on the chill winter's air

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