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  • I like this line - Kenway let out the slimmest of smiles, the first time he had shown a positive emotion. “I may have misjudged you. For all of my wisdom, I thought you nothing but a blundering soldier looking for a dreg of attention.”

    Rose Wow, this line is so precious ^^
    Apr 10, 2024

    Messenger @Rose thx :)
    Apr 11, 2024

  • words were written

    yosh truer words have never been spoken
    Mar 19, 2024

    Messenger @yoshi smh I just said they were written
    Mar 19, 2024

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  • fantasies
    Mar 17, 2024

    hello. i am giving out free hugs to ywsers : )

    Messenger Thank you so much :)
    Mar 17, 2024

  • I hate that reading stuff I wrote months back that felt awful is actually some of my favorite writing...but I stopped because Nano killed me and I thought it was all muddled and rambling. Why can't I just be a confident writer who sticks to things

  • "Her thoughts darkened with the night. There were flashes of lightning, bits of hope that things would turn alright if she would just be strong. But crashes of thunder brought her to the reality that she had no reason to believe this to be true with such scant evidence as there was."

  • Want a review? Link it here!

    AmayaStatham The Exchange student, Chapter 3 (I'd like to know what you think of the ending especially. Thanks XD)
    Jan 22, 2024

  • Deleting the spam review — thank you!

  • Snoink Yessssssss...
    Nov 21, 2023

    Messenger @Snoink...
    Nov 21, 2023

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  • #nanobites - She waited for Gertrude to exit and shut the door before she laid her robe on the small cart and slipped the into the tub. The hot water nearly washed away everything she was feeling, both on the outside and inside, and for a moment all felt right. Such was the power of a hot bath.

    (almost 5k today) still waaaay behind lol ;-;

  • only 10k behind on nano. What could possibly go wrong xD

    Snoink COMEBACK TIME!!!!
    Nov 14, 2023

    LadyMysterio WRITE WRITE WRITE
    Nov 14, 2023

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  • #nanobites

    His homeland was filled with gorgeous woods, rolling mountains and streams, plains full of heather and fern covering the fertile, dark soil, and coastlines that punched at the sea with white and black cliffs and coarse, rocky beaches. If anyone should be disappointed, it should be them for missing out on such a breathtaking land.
    He was pulled out of thoughts of home from heavy footsteps behind him. He leaned his back on the railing to face Captain Shank Blueshoes. When asked why he was named that, the captain had laughed and told Reggie that if he told him, he'd have to kill him. For all Reggie's curiosity, he thought the trade-off of knowledge for death didn't quite align with his notion of a good time.

  • is 4K a lot for an opening chapter >.> I promise there was no good breaking point until then okee

    Favorite #nanobites line - She said nothing but locked his gaze with cold, blue eyes. Her jaw tightened and she straightened herself, smoothing her lavender, floor-length dress that, within the halls of this fallen house stood out with how well put together it was. Her hair, too, was curled around her shoulders, an antithetical picture to all things House Wynsley.

  • Anyone wanna do some 15 minute word sprints?

    spottedpebble Yeah but it's 7 hours too late. d3
    Nov 6, 2023

  • winterwolf0100
    Nov 3, 2023

    Happy birthdayyy!!

Who knew Kansas City had its own branch of the Yakuza?
— Jason Sudeikis