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I'll get to heaven standing on your shoulders

  • Snoink What is your favorite all time album?
    Nov 16, 2023

  • looseleaf
    Jul 7, 2023

    happy birthday! i hope it's as awesome as you!

  • Hkumar
    Jul 7, 2023

    Happy Birthday :)

  • Hattable
    Jul 6, 2023

    belated cake day, buddy

  • im like 10 in dog years but it’s YWS years instead

    Rook happy 10 years! 🎈
    Jul 5, 2023

  • DreamyAlice
    Jul 4, 2023

    Happy cake day!!!

  • LadySpark
    Jun 27, 2023

    hello friend i feel like i haven't seen you in one hundred years

    how r things

    LadySpark also happy cake day
    Jul 3, 2023

    Willard lmfao howdy pal, sorry about that. keep meaning to do a general update on yws but after ten minutes i just close the tab. but im good!! just…adulting, trying to figure shit out regarding art and life and whatnot. a lot of things and a lot of nothings simultaneously. how about you?
    Jul 19, 2023

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  • Hattable
    Jun 20, 2023


    Willard !!
    Jun 24, 2023

    Hattable !?
    Jun 24, 2023

  • great month to be queer :) happy pride :)

  • wish there was a way to access Anonymous reviews because i need to know who got so pressed about a joke poem I wrote when I was 15


    Hattable they're just mad bc you got 52 likes on it
    May 20, 2023

    Brigadier Everything we wrote as teenagers on this site is slowly coming back to bite us.
    May 27, 2023

  • introduce YWS to hardcore punk challenge 2023

    Willard listen to this like seven times and you'll get it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hDKFfcGNf0
    May 12, 2023

    Hattable Image
    May 12, 2023

  • hi!! i would’ve never thought that this would be something that would affect me but it is. of course it sucks to be out of work but most importantly it sucks for those that have to fight directly against poop heads who want lower wages for people’s hard work. Elinor put it together v well and I implore you to research more and continue fighting the good fight. WGA, DGA, good workers wanting more good in the world.
    Elinor wrote:Posting a personal plea/announcement to all of you --

    As you've probably heard, the Writers Guild of America, the union that represents working screenwriters, is on strike. While we can feel a little bit distant from it as a community of novel/poetry writers, this is obviously something that's very important to me and you should care about it too. When my time comes I think I'm going to join the DGA (Director's Guild) instead, since WGA is mainly for writers for hire, but it's still important to me.

    And for real, as much as I trash what I think is an epidemic of bad writing in Hollywood on this page (and in fact, I'm seeing a lot of anti-union sentiment that mentions this)-- in this case, it doesn't matter.

    A lot of us have talent, drive and voice, and if we want to make a go at this we deserve to be paid fairly. I've read tons of books, videos and advice about novels that have helped me with my screenwriting, and I've read screenwriting books that have helped me with my novel writing. It's almost as if the medium we choose to create in matters that the fact that we've chosen this crazy life of creation, and as hard as it is, I know a lot of us wouldn't have it any other way.

    "What they cannot take from us is each other. Our solidarity."

    I made this post about it on Cinderella Pictures: https://www.instagram.com/p/CrwC9kQPFLG/

    Essentially, they are making writers do more work for less pay while studio heads line their pockets. Support your fellow writers. Be informed. I'm still learning myself, but here's another good video too. I encourage everyone here to stand in solidarity with the WGA and I'm happy to chat about this with anyone who has questions too.

    phpBB [media]

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  • I just realized you didn't submit a poem for this round of April Madness and I'm so sad because I was really excited for my submission to be beat out by your amazing pictochat poem (or any other poem you've written this NaPo, you've been on fffirree) <3

  • tl;dr listen to my podcast and be involved if you want

    Spoiler! :


    i made a post about it awhile back and now that it's fully active again, i thought i'd boost it. most of my "creative" (?) energy now goes to Twinkledad's, the "emo advice show"/hardcore punk self-help podcast i run. listeners send in questions asking for advice, i talk about them at length, and then i pair the answers with a few songs that i believe will help them feel better. promoting it always feels dirty and vain because the show is for the listener and about the listener, yet you have to sell your art someway and somehow.

    without getting into the stickiness of it, it's a project that more or less saved my life over the past five years. it's made with all the love in the world and i want it to be an avenue for others to share their love. whether it'd be by listening or sending in questions, tdad's is here for you. people are always there for you.

    you can submit questions at
    @emoadviceshow on twitter or instagram
    775 710 5150 (not my actual phone number)

    new episode about unrequited love and substance abuse out today everywhere you find podcasts. thank ya'll so much :)



    LadySpark <3 followed, listening to the latest episode now! I love this and the concept!
    Apr 20, 2023

    Willard <333 thank you so much for the support pal
    Apr 21, 2023

  • hey, uh, i want to revive my will review for food thread to get the critique part of my brain ready and all juiced up. if you like how i review or want to get my very obsessive insight, please just post the work in this thread and i'll get to it. it's like homework but i have fun with it.

    Willard's 'epic' review slamboree

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