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  • Skydreamer
    Jun 27, 2013

    :D So glad you met Sushi! HI! I love your work! Here to officially welcome you again! And you have a new follower! ;)

    ligaya Thank you! Actually, I had an old account which I made two years ago. And because I had been passive, I decided to make a new one. :) Thanks for following.
    Jun 29, 2013

  • SushiSashimi333
    Jun 26, 2013

    Hey ligaya! I see that you oh so recently joined and am here to welcome you! Being Sushi, I must give you some helpful links that will make your times here much more enjoyable and Sushiful. (even if you don't like sushi, this sushi is magic and tastes like food the taster likes. If you're a vegetarian then there is no meat, just stuff you like. If you don't like anything in sushi.... then it's a different food that is called sushi)
    The Buddy System this is for whenever you need a mentor, have a question or need a friend! People will be there for you!
    Sushi Critic This is my little thread where you can request a review from me, unless it is lyrics, I am useless if it comes to that.
    New Members well since you are one, I figure this would come in handy.
    Review Day! Can't wait for this! It is actually happening this weekend, you don't have to participate but we would love it if you could :) Hope this helps.
    Sushi :D

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