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Maleficent's Castle


Isabella / Bella, Izzy, Bee, Bellabear
Twenty. '93

I'm an aspiring author, but then again, who here isn't? I've just finished a three year course, studing travel and tourism and hopefully by the end of the next year I'll be an all-round seasonal holiday rep.

I am amused by simple things and yes, I am guilty of rolling as the adorable/dense yet strong willed and determined female in SBs. My forte is novels, especially of the fantasy and romance variety though I've recently found a love of dystopian fiction.


Reading. Writing. Travelling. TV Shows.

'Hush, hush!' I whispered; 'people can have many cousins and of all sorts, Miss Cathy, without being any the worse for it; only they needn't keep their company, if they be disagreeable and bad.
— Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights