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Through the air, a CadiDragon, suddenly.

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There's Something About Cadi

I'm Cadi, your friendly neighbourhood purple dragon of indecision (every town needs one). Twenty-two years of age, assuming I've remembered to update this biography by the time you read it, I've been a YWSer since autumn 2011.

I'm an undergraduate student at a university in the south of England (the bit where it doesn't rain all the time), reading Computer Science, which admissionsfolk will helpfully tell you is "the science of computing". I'm also an admissions ambassador for my department, so be prepared to be convinced that it's the best subject in the world.

When I'm trying to avoid work, I usually find myself sat on the internet avoiding the decision of what to do with my time. I'd love to craft masterpieces of fiction, photography, conlanguage, cookery and sketch, but choosing to which to apply myself often proves a challenge.

If you'd like a review, throw me some fiction - short stories or first chapters for preference. If you want to win my heart, bring me Douglas Adams and a Tolkien conlang. Or chocolate. Chocolate's always good.


Writing, photography, drawing, conlangery, / cooking, spec fiction and puns. / Filling in profiles with poetic rhythm-ery, / 'cause that's just what I think is fun.


Computer Scientist and Master Procrastinator

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.
— Aristotle