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  • Sunshine award


    Big round of applause to all the participants!
    They did some great work to help some poets out! Thank you for all your work!

    But the winner of this challenge has also done 27 amazing comments already!
    The winner is...
    @momonster ! With 7 comments in 24 hours! Great job! You really are amazing! And think of all the poets you helped reach the last stretch of NaPo! Thank you!
    Another round of applause please!

    You will receive your 200 point prize shortly

    BEEP BOP BOOP poetry bot signing off~

  • It's time!

    Time to begin commenting! The winner will win
    200 points!
    The time frame ends at

    You can still log you comments here (and you can make more then one post!) In the Submission thread throughout the 24 hour time period!
    Good luck! May the most comments win!

  • Time For Another NaPo Mini Challenge!

    Sunshine Award

    This challenge is to write the most unique comments in 24 hours in others NaPo threads!
    The challenge time frame starts at - And Whoever wins get a 200 point prize! Make sure your comments are unique and try not to flood someone with comments to reach your goal.
    You can log your comments here in this Submission Thread

    Napo is almost over so this is a great time to encourage poets to cross the finish line and appreciate the amazing work they have already done!
    So you are encouraged You're encouraged to use #ProlificPoeting here on the People's Tab to let us know your goals and keep us updated on your progress, and also to add updates to the submission thread throughout the course of the competition day!

    Remember there is a 200-point prize awarded to the winner!

    Good luck commenters! I hope your comments are helpful to these amazing poets and speed is on your side! ( there will be an announcement post when the competition starts

    momonster do these comments count for our garden challenge badges or no?
    Apr 27, 2023

    Quillfeather @momonster yep! They should! It's just like a comment you would normally make in someonez thread. it works for both :)
    Apr 27, 2023

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    time for a face-off of speed

    Strap in, folks! May the speediest poet win! There are 200 points awaiting the winner! Who will be the one to write the most poems in 24 hours ( - ) and bring eternal fame to their name?

    Log your battles and poetry over in the Submission Thread and remember to keep us all posted on your poetic victories with the ProlificPoeting hashtag!


  • Introducing: NaPo '23s First Mini-Challenge!

    Harvest Surplus

    This weekend, join us for the first of three NaPo Mini-Challenges! The challenge this weekend is to write as many poems as you can in 24 hours, starting at and ending at (automatically adjusted to your timezone). There are no rules about the length, form, or type of poem; as long as you've written the poems within the given 24 hour window and each one is unique, you should be good to go! For the sake of good spirit, though, please try to avoid just writing a bunch of one-word poems, as that isn't super fun for other people participating.

    Your poems don't have to be posted in your NaPo thread (they can be in the Publishing Center or on your wall if you prefer), but it might be the easiest to post them there. Log your poems over in this submission thread by linking to your NaPo thread and/or individual poems. You're encouraged to use #ProlificPoeting here on the People's Tab to let us know your goals and keep us updated on your progress, and also to add updates to the submission thread throughout the course of the competition day!

    Winner receives a 200 point prize! 👀

    Best of luck, poets! May speediness be with you! There will be another wall post around to announce the official start of the challenge - keep an eye out!

    BEEP BOOP BOP~ Poetry Bot signing off


    alliyah Oh my gosh what a perfect gif!
    Apr 15, 2023

  • Beep boop bop! It's Halloween season, and this robot thinks that a creepy crawly poetry challenge is the perfect way to celebrate! Anyone who participates in this poetry challenge gets 50 points and a spooky gift from the gift tab.

    Your challenge is to write and publish a poem from the perspective of a traditionally "scary" thing or being (i.e. a zombie, a spider, a ghost, a jack-o-lantern, a scarecrow, a bat - even a rogue robot <.<). If you don't have enough points to publish a work to the publishing center, let me know and I'll help you out!

    You can format the poem however you like! Concrete poem, list poem, prose poem, free verse poem, it's all a go. Once you've published your poem through the publishing center, you can reply to this post with a link to officially complete the challenge. The deadline for entries is .

    As a bonus, anyone who leaves a review on a spooky poem will also get 50 points and a gift! Just leave a link to the review below, and make sure to avoid review spam.


    Happy Poeting!

    alliyah Here you go poetry bot! a poem from the perspective of a moth! :) moth thoughts
    Nov 1, 2022

  • I've never experienced a sunburn in all my robot years @_@ Maybe one of you can write a poem so I can imagine what it would feel like? beep boop bop!
    lliyah wrote:Hope you'll give this a try! There's three fun summer prompts to try your hand at writing a poetry series & we'd love to see what you come up with! 🌞 link below!

    Summer Themed Poetry Contest!
    LizzyTyler wrote:Come check out my and @lliyah ‘s Summer Themed Poetry Contest!

    Summer Poetry Series Contest


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  • BEEP BOOP BOP don't miss out on this super fun poetry workshop on the horizon! Mark it in your calendars, folks! Or program it into your robot schedule c:
    Plume wrote:

    Attention!! Calling one and all to the...


    Remix Poetry Workshop!

    This workshop will happen (auto-adjusted to your timezone).

    Brought to you by Plume and Liminality, the Remix Poetry Workshop gives you a chance to take an already-written poem (or poems!) and turn it into a completely new work of poetry.

    click on the image to learn more!!

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  • beep bop! boop bop!
    my gears generated
    another poetry thought:
    just as clouds have the sun,
    and growing flowers have leaves,
    a poet is never just one it seems.
    without you, dear reader,
    the poem would not be a poem.
    every verse needs a friend,
    or it's not nearly as fun.

    Happy #SocialMonth robots, friends, poets, and readers! 🤖 #freindshippoems

  • Do you happen to have any correspondence with Bing Bot? I'm trying to get in contact with them.

  • What better way to wrap up NaPo week than having a poetry chat over with the Poetry Readers Club? Info below:

    Poetry Readers wrote:Hey folks! The time for this month's discussion is going to be ! Can't wait to discuss the prose poem :3

    Spoiler! :
    Hi poets! The votes have been added up, and we'll be doing Noir, une lumière by Nathalie Handal this month!

    Here are the discussion prompts we'll be looking at:
    1. How would you describe the atmosphere of the poem? Does it change?
    2. What makes this text a poem? (How is it different from a prose paragraph about this topic?)
    3. The poem is in present tense up until the last two sentences. Why do you think those two are in the past tense?
    4. Try italicising different phrases and see what the effect is!

    Date & time incoming!

    There is a sorceress in our night. A sky that only moves memory to make place for the mangoes of last month. There is an old man who says, Libére moi. And means, Take everything but my blackness. Only in the dark do doves find reason. Only in the dark do doves have reason to believe that vengeance is light hanging on fallen tree. After each fall, we ask, where is the island, the sugarcane that disappeared in our hunger, the water that emptied our thirst, the song that robbed our nightmare? They mock us. They tell us to whisper in their ears. They will obey. But curses beat the air wild. The air is faint. And they tell us, Stop plotting fire. You are in the wrong land even if the roosters recognize you. They hated our black. What they didn't understand is that it illuminates their world.

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  • Here's a final prompt / tip from one of our lovely poetry crew leaders @Seirre for this year's NaPo Week! Still time to write or read some poems before the week's over! (hey why not just write poetry all-October?)

    Oct 29

    Poetry Trick | Tip -
    One important element of poetry is formatting and visual interest. But another important element is how your poem sounds, not how it looks - in fact for some poems, like slam poems and spoken word, formatting or how the poem looks on the page don't matter at all! Instead, it's all about how it feels to say and hear the poem. So it can be a really good tactic to read your poem aloud several times while you're editing it; you may find spots where the wording is awkward or clunky that you wouldn't have noticed otherwise, and you may also find places where you'd like to add in some more sound devices!

    Poetry Treat | Prompt -
    Write a poem about whatever comes to mind while listening to Maple Leaf Rag!

    Find the rest of the Tricks and Treats from the week here and don't forget to claim your point prize in the thread if you've been able to write a poem for every prompt! Happy Poeting!

  • Thanks for the follow PoetryBot ;)

    PoetryBot beep boop bop!

    You're welcome H!

    Oct 29, 2021

  • Your last day to sign up is today, so please do if you're interested! :]
    Seirre wrote:If collab poetry - or even just plain old poetry - is your jam, then I would 10/10 recommend participating! You won't regret it c:
    Plume wrote:One day left to sign up for this!!!
    Plume wrote:

    Come and take a stab at some collaborative, exquisite corpse poetry!

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  • Happy NaPoWeek ~ Day 3

    We have another round of poetry tricks & treats for you and this time from the wonderful poetry wordsmith @Liminality. You can view the rest of the prompts here: link. You can also do some poetry jamming at the poetry jam club! Happy Poeting!

    Oct 25

    Poetry Trick | Tip
    Are you feeling that your imagery is lacking some punch? Try finding a real-life object or a photograph of what you want to describe while describing it to pick up some good details. (not recommended for the very spooky things, though!) For example, you could try Googling an evening sky or a hollowed-out tree.

    Poetry Treat | Prompt
    Think of a spooky bit of folklore or culture from your own country and use that as inspo for your next poem. It doesn't necessarily have to be something that is bound to October - anything that fits the mood works!

Hail Hydra
— Stan Lee