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    You can't stay focus on one thing you have 6 books that are WIPs you watch a movie and get another idea then you go to sleep and get an idea from your dream then you start 2 more books and then you remember this idea u had when you were 9 and now you have a bunch of improvements foe it.
    Your telling your mom about how you're going to finish writing that book this year that you said you'd finish writing 2 years ago AND NOW YOUR IDEAS ARE SCATTERED AND YOU ARE TOO STRESSED TO WORK ON THEM!

  • So apparently someone made a "English To Shakespearean" translator.
    I has't nay w'rds

  • herbalhour
    Apr 25, 2024

    hey coffee! could i use some of your lines from your napo thread for a poem?

    CapybarasAndCoffee Yeah sure knock yourself out!
    Apr 25, 2024

    CapybarasAndCoffee I have like over 2 weeks of it to catch up on so I kind of gave up
    Apr 25, 2024

  • CapybarasAndCoffee
    Apr 20, 2024

    Can someone watch this please and give me feedback

    Kaia It's so cute!!! I love how the stickers matched with the letterings! And the music was well-fitting :D My only suggestion would be to maybe speed it up a little bit? The video is on the long side. I also thought the introduction was just a little bit long, but I did find that it went well with the rest of it once I watched the whole video. The edits were really nice too and I loved the transitions! Wonderful job!
    Apr 20, 2024

  • CapybarasAndCoffee
    Apr 19, 2024

    I made a club for people who are interested in Politics like me!
    I would love if y'all could join!

  • Hey everybody!!!
    I'm thinking about making a club for people who are interested in politics if I did would anyone want to join?

    RazorSharpPencil I would
    Apr 19, 2024

  • CapybarasAndCoffee
    Apr 17, 2024

    Are there any other gen z girls who are interested in politics and for the well being of this country?
    I'm only asking n because I went to a political meeting tonight and there was NO ONE there besides old people.
    So I feel very down

    LadyMysterio i presume this is for american politics?
    Apr 18, 2024

    CapybarasAndCoffee well i live in america but it can really be politics anywhere
    Apr 19, 2024

  • You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth.
    found this quote and love it!!

  • Hey!
    So i'm starting a channel where I do little drawings with quotes on the inside.
    Do y'all have any quote ideaS?

  • Them: Who's your favorite Boyband


    fatherfig Omg
    Apr 13, 2024

    CapybarasAndCoffee @fatherfig You like them too? 😂
    Apr 13, 2024

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  • Yall what if someone made a spin-off of the huger games and called it the "Obesity games" and they were all fat and instead of killing each other they exercise

  • Fun fact at my church camp we call the blue cool aid Smurf juice

  • hey guys I'll be on here sometimes but I won't be publishing as much I have a real bust next few months ahead of me and I'm already working on other books.
    So until I find some extra time I won't be able to publish as much

  • Did anyone else miss out on the eclipse?

    yoshi if its any consolation, i was able to watch, but it was so cloudy that i only saw it for 20 seconds total scattered over a period of 10 minutes
    Apr 8, 2024

    CapybarasAndCoffee Yikes
    Apr 8, 2024

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For in everything it is no easy task to find the middle ... anyone can get angry—that is easy—or give or spend money; but to do this to the right person, to the right extent, at the right time, with the right motive, and in the right way, that is not for everyone, nor is it easy; wherefore goodness is both rare and laudable and noble.
— Aristotle