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Anas Ahmad

  • LadyBug
    May 19, 2024

    thank you for the points! may i know the reason?

    anasahmad4565 It's simple, Rest Assured, it's kinda charity And I'm content with it. I love to share points
    May 22, 2024

  • LuminescentAnt
    Oct 8, 2023

    A belated welcome to YWS, and thanks for the follow!

    anasahmad4565 Same to you. Stay blessed
    Oct 9, 2023

  • spottedpebble
    Oct 1, 2023


    YWS is a great site. Thank you for joining us on your writing journey!


    anasahmad4565 Iam glad to have like you such an exquisite writers. I really appreciate you. Stay blessed
    Oct 2, 2023

  • alliyah
    Oct 1, 2023

    I hope you're enjoying the site so far! :smt006

    Some great places to start on the site are:
    * The Welcome Mat
    * YWS Rules
    * FAQs for New Members

    And if you're having any trouble getting started reviewing (how you earn points on the site) - The YWS Critique Sandwich is a method a lot of people start with. It's the review method of identifying positives, points of improvements, and overall impressions - a quick way to order reviews.

    Also if you're interested in staying up to date with poetry events and activities on the site, I recommend subscribing to the Poetry Club and the Poetry Jam Club. We'd love to have you join! :)

    Best of luck in your writing endeavors!


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