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  • Dear whomever may see this comment,
    I have an idea. and whenever I have an idea its usually a bad one, but let me know how you feel about this one. So I wrote a poem a few months back and I was thinking: HOW ABOUT I TURN IT INTO A BOOK or at least a few chapters to see how it does and if its a hit I might keep writing and if its not such a great thing then idk if a few like it I have to look at my schedule and see if I have time. I was hoping to get a chapter or two out by around Thanksgiving. You never know. Anyway tell me how you feel about this and I might do it.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great day.

    Snoink You can always do a short story if you don't want to write a whole book! But you should do it. :)
    Nov 22, 2023

    Book I have sort of a beginning already and it's pretty silly
    we'll see how many like this idea btw how do you spread news fast around here?

    Nov 22, 2023

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    Hope you are doing well. I want to give an apsolutly unnecessary fact about planes for fun: on an F-16, the intake on the bottom is slightly lower from the nose to remove damaging the blade/s in it from the difference in airspeed from the body of the plane to the bottom of the intake. That's my completely random fact about planes! Anyways have an amazing day and enjoy the fireworks for the fourth.
    Probably seen as a nerd,

    Spearmint nerds are cool 8) thanks for the fun fact, and happy fourth!!
    Jul 5, 2023

    Book thank you
    Jul 5, 2023

  • starbean
    Jun 28, 2023

    Hi! Thanks for the gift! I love it! And belated welcome to Young Writers Society. Let me know if you have any questions! I'm always happy to help :)

    Book No prob! Have a great day!
    Also do you want to know a completely weird fun fact?

    Jun 28, 2023

  • Spearmint
    Jun 26, 2023


    Hiya Book, welcome to YWS! ^-^ This is a wonderful place for readers, writers, poets, roleplayers, and just people in general, and we're thrilled you're here! Here are some quick links you might want to check out:

    FAQ for New Users -> This post lists the basics of publishing and reviewing works on YWS.
    Knowledge Base -> This is a treasure trove of helpful articles about poetry, writing, reviewing, and more.

    Along with reviewing other ywsers' works and publishing your own works, you can have some fun in the Randomosity forums, join a roleplay, hang out on the People tab, or just explore the site. And of course, feel free to ask me or any moderator (junior or global) any questions you have! (You can hit the little black arrow below this post to reply right now.) I hope you'll like it here! =D


    P.S. "Book" is an awesome username, and I can't believe no one's taken it yet, haha XD

    Ichthys And here he was about to change it, lol.

    P.S. You are very hard to find, Book.

    Jun 26, 2023

    Book Hi Spearmint,
    Thank you for reaching out
    My name was kind of a joke and I didn't think it would work but hey I like books! And hopefully I'll LOVE this society of writers
    Thank you so much for the kind words
    Many thanks,

    Jun 26, 2023

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  • Ichthys
    Jun 26, 2023


  • Griffinkeeper
    Jun 26, 2023

    Welcome to YES!

    Snoink YESSSSSS.
    Jun 27, 2023

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