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  • Go check out my newest garbage fest! Cruxless! The AoaA Remake/Rewrite! It isn't much better than AoaA, but uh... I made it in like five or so hours total, so I dunno what I expected. I mean, go check it out guys! It's so good I promise (SO GOOD WOW.) It's a long one tho, four chapters in one since I didn't wanna grind for points. Yay! Also, special thanks to my cowriter who I just got to help me yesterday afternoon. Hasn't done anything yet in those four chapters. But she will be in the shadows from now on. All hail Fletcher!

  • Okie dokie people. It's been a LONNNNNGGGG while. Let me say that I have had a lot of stuff happen in life while I haven't been posting recently. I started a rewrite recently, or more like a month ago, I didn't do much with it and have found a lack of interest in writing recently. I apologize to all of you who actually, like... Enjoy my stuff? So hey I will think about doing more. Just been very busy y'know. Anyway, there is a lot of stuff I wanted to do with AL that I will do in the future, but I will probably be doing a rewrite and also, that might be a whileeeeee... So uhmmmmm, Yeah :) See y'all later. Just thought I would say hi before I forgot.

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    TheCornDogEnthusiast me personally, he a 9/10
    May 4, 2023

    Lexus2017RX350 10
    May 4, 2023

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    Lexus2017RX350 :D
    Apr 27, 2023

  • It's been a while folks, I have had probably the most eventful past couple months of the whole time I have spent in middle school combined, making it really hard for me to even focus on small projects.

    I wanted to make the Beta chapters as a way to understand the whole picture better, a sort of blueprint almost... But I don't think it is easy for you all to understand just how little I have covered so far of what I want in my story. I do wish to write, but with how much time I have been putting into outside matters, and with how long just the Beta is going to take, I need to take a longer break than expected.

    I wish I could type at light speed, but that is just not possible. I could come up with a trillion reasons why I can't right now, and I am sure that I am not letting down a lot of people... But regardless, this is just me sort of letting you all know of my circumstances.

  • Hey! I am glad to see you all have liked what I have been putting up recently! Though, I would love to have some feedback on what you all think individually. So feel free to leave some comments/reviews on my works!


  • Senior year with an AL one shot is out now! I spent a good long night on this so I hope y'all like it. @TheCornDogEnthusiast @Ari11 @4revgreen @Mageheart @tatteredbones @starshipgirl @yosh @Fletcher (Love you my bald buddy)


    TheCornDogEnthusiast this just made me bisexual
    Mar 29, 2023

    Lexus2017RX350 Sick
    Mar 29, 2023

  • I will be starting a new novel, I said that I would be taking a break from AoaA... BUT I never said that I would stop writing. Since I love my characters just so much I will be making a separate universe for fun, just so that you guys can get a better taste for what the characters feel like. This story will follow Cooper and Murphy on their adventures through senior year of high school. (In case you couldn't tell, none of this is canon ofc.)

    Lexus2017RX350 I lied, it turned out this idea will just be a one shot chapter, a 2,750 word long one shot :/
    Mar 28, 2023

  • I am glad to be in the literary spotlight for a second time! Thanks a ton!

  • My explanation for the meaning of what an AL is, has been uploaded. 90% of this is a little personal, so be warned. I tried to leave out all of the sad parts about my dear old Dad. @Ari11 @Mageheart @starshipgirl @yosh @4revgreen @Fletcher B)

  • BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!: I am going to be taking a break, I have a good few reasons why; but for starters I want to find a co-writer. I have too many ideas to keep all in my brain alone, and I have barely even scratched my story in the long run. My chapters; even at 2,000 words, are not enough to cover what I need. Also I need more time to get a clearer picture of EXACTLY what I want with my story.

    I mean, these are BETA chapters, the only reason why they exist is to get my footing for when I am ready to make the real thing; but with that I have barely gotten through 1/30 of the story that I have planned up until now. I think the best course of action is to come back with a co-writer, and then finish the beta chapters in high school.

    Anyway, I was glad to post for a little while, and I will work on that cover too. Hell I might even post some spin off chapter with the same characters just for fun every once in a while, but I need to focus on my real life, and find a better way to traverse my story.

    Lexus2017RX350 The first spin off thing I will be working on is a definition of sorts to what an AL is. Though work on that will be sparse and it might be a while.
    Mar 23, 2023

  • Current cover:


  • Also, I am going to begin work on a fully drawn cover, this will be done with one of my best friends Izzy. So yeah, Chapter 10 is out officially.

    Lexus2017RX350 I made a beta cover in case y'all wanted to know! final product will be made sometime this summer. I suck at drawing so I need to help my artist understand what I am going for in the character design department. I have all of it in my head, just need to work out some kinks y'know?
    Mar 19, 2023

  • Chapter one O done! Chapter ten is almost nothing but just straight fighting. I think it is the best so far and hope you all love it! @Ari11 @TheCornDogEnthusiast @4revgreen @Mageheart @yosh @starshipgirl @thebarbedwireman @Fletcher!


  • One other thing, I made a folder for other AL related things. I might make some spin off stories with characters in different situations later, and QNA, and lastly some different character views (people other than Cooper, Murphy, and Zach.)

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