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Hello friend ;) Come. Relax. Let's sit for a while and get to know each other.. (:P)

Well! A tidbit about me is: I'm not your average writer. There's only a handful (or possibly two handfuls) of stories that I am absolutely driven to write. Other than those, I'm not one to just write about random stories anymore. Not now, because I've found the ones I want to write and complete. Maybe I'll be able to do that again when I finish the ones in my heart to write right now. Then, perhaps, I'll find another set to be driven to complete. Until then, it's not my thing.

I'm making great progress in the novel I've been working on for years (uh-huh. *sigh..xD* years!) Well, I've more so been dreaming about it for years. I've only recently made myself "just write" which is how I've made any progress at all.

So, finally! Much thanks to the marvelous writing tutorials provided by YWS. They're helping more than you know. c:

I hope to share all my stories here when their ready to be shared. c:

Oh, and, I know I may seem shy because I don't post much. But, it takes a little time for me to warm up to new communities and people I just meet. And I feel kind of new to YWS now because I had been away and I just came back. But, I'm lookin' to change that and get move involved.

Anyway, thanks for reading!


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