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You're not supposed to give out personal info over the internet.
I've been here long enough to not care anymore: there comes a point in time when you can pretty much tell who's genuine, and who's being nosy. (Hint: the nosy ones ask for information up front; the genuine ones WANT your information, but are shy about getting it because they're aware of STALKERS OH NOES)
Seriously. Stalkers? Come at me.
I will eat you for breakfast.
Having said that, I'm just gonna leave this chatroom. If I'm there (as I'll probably be), ask me questions and stuff.
Stay safe, kids. Don't be like me.


Cartoons, Dragon Age, assorted other things.



Remember when dad's shoulders were the highest place on earth and your mom was your hero? Race issues were about who ran the fastest, war was only a car game. The most pain you felt was when you skinned your knees, and good byes only meant tomorrow? And we couldn't wait to grow up.
— Unknown