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Katie <3

People call me Pix.

Hey, name's Katie. I'm in 7th grade, but I'm 15. I got held back two grades because I didn't pass the writing FCAT, and have to do middle school alllll over again. AndI have an amazing boyfriend that I love so much. Manny <3
I write, obviously, but sing more. I plan to audition for X-Factor next year, and to hear me sing, click this.

I play guitar and piano, but when I sing, my friend usually plays in the background for me. I'm just trying to live life and get through with it, but enjoy the little moments that can't be replaced.

I have a dog named Woody, A kitten named Cleo, eight fish, and a hamster named Tassie. I know, this is animal kingdom. xD

I dance in my school's color guard and am Captain of my team. My major is Rifle and I hope to be in a world guard one day. To see our show, click [url= ]here.[/url]

So all, lets all join eachother on this marvelous journey known as YWS. :D


One Direction, Music, YWS, and alllllll my best friends.


Student, song-writer, singer, novelist, poetry-writer,older sister to a 10 year old brother, and future Mrs. Payne.

Love is so short, forgetting is so long.
— Pablo Neruda