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  • Soulkana
    Feb 28, 2023

    Pixie <3 hiiii

  • MailicedeNamedy
    Mar 3, 2022

    Happy Birthday!!! :D

  • momonster
    Mar 3, 2022

    happy birthday! <3

  • winterwolf0100
    Mar 3, 2022

    Happy birthdayyyy!!!!

  • Mageheart
    Mar 3, 2022

    Happy birthday! 🎂

  • Hkumar
    Mar 2, 2022

    Happy Birthday<3

  • Sometimes
    the short poems
    are the hardest
    to write
    change one word
    and the
    whole poem


  • they say Daisy is pretty,
    but Rose is sublime.
    now Daisy is melancholy,
    she wishes she were beautiful

  • By the end of the year I plan to complete atleast twenty more reviews. :)

  • My baby and I have COVID. It’s safe to say this is the absolute worse I’ve felt in my entire life! :( I’m having trouble breathing and so is my little one.

    Vicks is the only thing helping us right now. :/

    alliyah That sounds awful. Prayers for healing for you both, sending positive thoughts your way, and sorry you are going through that.
    Dec 15, 2021

    Hkumar <333
    Dec 16, 2021

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  • I've been on YWS for almost 11 years and I still can't wrap my mind around it. I grew up on this website and now that I'm older, when I look back at my work that I posted from 2011 It makes me cringe. My grammar was absolutely horrific XD

    PixieStix Oh, and, I guess I didn't know what a plotline was. I rushed right into the gooey and exciting parts a paragraph into each story. LMAO
    Dec 8, 2021

  • As some of you may know, a couple months ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby!

    We're doing great. I had to take a break from YWS to find myself as a mother and create my own traditions with my baby, as they're just now learning to sit up and walk and it's one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!

    I'm glad to be back, though, and I can't wait to write with all of you :)

    Omni Welcome back!!
    Nov 26, 2021

  • poke

  • Thanks for the follow!!

  • Thanks for the follow! To what do I owe the honor?

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that life's going to launch you into something great, so just focus and keep aiming.
— Unknown