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Oh, heck, let's see how well I remember BBC XD Um... let's see, using the letter I in brakets should make that appear as X D without the space instead of XD... if not, oh well :P

...hopefully that's coded correctly, too XD

Um, so, you're probably wondering who I am, and you have a right to know. I'm known by a few names as I had an old profile on this site, @Riverlight. I was known as Vilnius/Vil, and I will answer to those names still. I also answer to "Potato Thief," "Evil Potato," "that political guy," "the Meretican/Belecthorian dude," and "that crazy guy that placed second to Harry Hardy in the Great RevMo War of 2020."

(If memory serves correct, Harry won by less than 100 reviews; it was at that time I was introduced to review burnout and spent much time writing... and suddenly found myself a few months later with no points and having forgotten how to review. Ah, what a month!)

But enough bragging on something from years ago. You want to know who the heck I am and why I'm here. I can answer the first question; the second isn't so simple.

I'm Gandalf, and Gandalf means-- well, it means Vilnius, but also Eragon. Maybe I can't answer that. XD

I'm here to see friends. That might change when Camp NaNo begins; after all, nothing in life is set in stone.

I am the owner of the nations Meretica and Maugrym on NationStates. I am also a member of several political RPs. My Discord is The Southern Writer#8809, and it is always open. ^-^


Politics, writing, fantasy, alt-history, pad parties, limited role playing


Writer, Newspaper Assistant Editor, Campaigner, Local Democratic Party Secretary


“And how shall I think of you?' He considered a moment and then laughed. 'Think of me with my nose in a book!”
— Susanna Clarke, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell