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  • happy cake day

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    Feb 19, 2022

    Happy cake day!!!

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    Feb 19, 2022

    Happy Cake Day!!

  • hello again, been veryyy inactive since moving but will try to start writing again!!

  • Happy birthday!!!

  • ok listen to Money game part 2
    i'm vibing to it right now

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  • About to republish Stormy Skies! Thank you so much to all who reviewed it, it really helped me clean it up! <33333

    MapleWay That's awesome! Can't wait to re-read it!
    Mar 23, 2021

    ayelenwritesstuff aww thx I think I did improve it
    Mar 23, 2021

  • Congrats on getting your first review star! ⭐

  • Congrats on your first review star!

    ayelenwritesstuff Thank you!!
    Mar 23, 2021

    MapleWay No problem! :D
    Mar 23, 2021

  • welcome to YWS! I am a little late, but thought I'd stop by.

  • here you go @Yoshikrab

    yosh huH?
    Feb 21, 2021

  • ayelenwritesstuff
    Feb 21, 2021

    Alright here is my energy drink and waffle fueled description of my time as an actor in a HaUnTeD fOrEsT (OOOoOOoOOOo)

    First of all- I was cast for a pretty big role. Since I can talk to people I don't know pretty easily, I was cast as a 'taken child' Basically that meant that I would sneak into a group of people that were going with my assigned leader (who was awesome btw he knew how to shut up annoying jerks while staying in character) and at almost the end, I'd get kidnapped!! Then I'd show up again in a cult circle and scream and stuff. But to really understand it, I can give you a plot summary and a list of really nice people there and or people who I remember.

    ------------------------Plot summary------------------------

    before start- (POV of me) It's about 8 at night. The last traces of sunlight are long gone. We are in the edge of a large field. Fog hangs above the (no not kidding) hemp fields. A ramshackle booth admits guests who are hungry and thrill seeking. A long fence stretches from here to the beginning of the woods. The woods look sinister, and you hear chainsaws and screams. I'm sitting on a haybale, in normal clothes. I have to blend in. I chat with my fellow kidnappees, who are regaling the past groups. Teens by far are the worst. They poke at the actors and mock them, but sometimes we do have good ones. They are few and far between, though. A girl with blond braid twirls a fire baton at the entrance, a section of fence that's tilted open. Finally, the guide arrives. He's the definition of redneck. He's about 17, to give you an idea. He has a bloody bandage around his hand, and dark circles under his eyes. Beckoning us in, he begins his tale. The guests are usually pretty rowdy around now.

    act one- So a disease has swept over a town and our protag is telling us the symtoms. The fog seemed to cause it. Dark circles under eyes, shaking, not speaking. Then finally, insanity. It affects adults and kids, but not teens. Protag has lost all his family members to this, they haven't died, but it's like they are brain dead. At night they go insane. We see some creepy redneck dudes around a fire in rocking chairs. One hot zombie dude that people keep asking what his snap is. And some bald man with a knife. He'll jumpscare you by holding it in front of you and yelling when you don't expect it.
    act two- meet ann
    We get to a shed, which is like 20 steps away from the fire. There is red light and a little girl with a doll. She sings ring around the rosy once. We are then introduced to ann, Protag's sister. Protag says she helped him around the house for a while but then she got infected. She got strange urges to go into the woods. We are then told that ann is only a memory, and that we are reliving Protag's memories of the woods. Apparently ann goes into the woods like something evil was beckoning her, and that was the last time Protag saw her. Bad things happen in the woods after dark.

    act 3- over the bridge

    We follow her into the woods, over the bridge. The walkway is lit with candles. You def get a creepy vibe from it. We see ann walk farther away from us . Then we see a disheveled, visibly insane girl start crying for her parents, then laughing demonically.


    We are told dangerous things lurk in these woods, and we don't want to wake them. Hot zombie jumpscares us with an axe, then chokes and spasms on the ground and dies. Other zombie dude whistles ring around the rosie. I chat with the people and we see ann noticing knife marks on a tree trunk. And SUDDENLY- A DUDE WITH A SYCTHE JUmps out and yells "where is my sON? WHERE IS MY SON? jOHNNAYY! And a dude with a chainsaw jumps out of the bushes and chases us. WE run quickly to the next section.

    act 5- violins and violence

    We come across a a yellow lit scene. A large tree has fallen at an angle, and two girls sit on the tree trunk. They stroke dolls that are ratty and broken. One plays a screeching violin. They begin to play and sing Rock a bye baby. The audience is very uneasy and holding on to friends to quell the fear. The girls slowly advance. The song ends, and they rush forward and scream in your face. Everyone runs! Protag says they're just memories, therefore they can't hurt you, but he looks unsure. Once everyone has calmed down, he starts talking about evil witches luring children into the woods. As we begin to walk, the girls run back up to us again, scaring everyone sh^^less. That's fun to watch :) Then ann returns and acts more erratically, weaving in the crowd and being creepy before running off.

    act 6- that yessum kid gets murdered

    (i disliked sitting through the witch scenes because there were no jumpscares and they weren't important to the plot. They were just fillers to show the evil lurking and the fates of two kids. I'll be quick for these.)
    We come across a shack, where we see a kid (who snubbed me the whole production so we shall call snub)
    who is lost. A witch comes out, looking very voodoo ish. The shack is littered with bones. She hints that she is making a stew, and he can stay for supper while she looks for his mom. But the stew is missing an ingredient. So she washed his hands and... chops off his finger. SCREEEEAMS ensue. Protag beckons us along. (quick note, protag is visibly affected by the memories, and wants to help but can't. Ann is in the shadows, also trying to help Snub, but failing after being scared)

    act 7- you stole my rabbit henry jepp little :(

    We come across another witch's shack. A boy is tied to a chair while a witch paces around it. Various macabre things are nailed to the wall. A cauldron sits in front of the boy. We find out the witch plans kill the boy for stealing and eating her food. Suddenly a strobe light flashes and the memory abruptly changes. Ann runs in, shouting No, Stop! We see she is now the one in the chair, crying. Protag screams. The memory fades and we see ann escape and run into.... FOG. SOme sad dialogue from Protag.

    scene 8- kidnapping time
    Protag ushers us on. We go through a cramped pathway. Trees close in. He notices the fog and tells the kids and adults not to breath in. Stay close, we're warned. Sickening raspy voices scream: why won't you help me? please don't go? Fog surrounds us. Suddenly, my arm is yanked. My kidnapper laughs and screeches.I wail, and I shout warnings. My kidnapper, who is literally so sweet, paused to check on me. I'm fine, I reassure her, and run the secret path the the cult circle. I arrive and put on a possessed look. There is a raised platform where a woman in black stands, muttering chants. A circle of kids surround her. Lights and fog add to the mood. As we wait, I let the kids know what the group is like. They in turn, gripe about people in other groups. Ann is there too, and we laugh about jumpscare reactions together.

    scene 9- cultssss

    The group finally arrives, and Protag notices me and ann. As he shouts her name, the leader approaches. Hand over the group, she says, and you can have this worthless child back. We close in on the group. I scream and wail, why didn't you save me? You'll be next? People recognize me and huddle closer. Suddenly, ann frees herself, and with powers, she kills the leader and leads the group to safety. We chase the group and scream randomly. The show ends, but a final jumpscare. As the people leave, a zombie chases them.

    Sorry if that wasn't too scary, it was more story than scare, but it was very fun!

    people i remember--- some girl refused to let go of me which was so sweet and she was like nooo that's my friend when she saw me in the cult
    --- some dude who thought i was his friend and hugged me because i had my hoodie up
    --- this girl my age who decided she didn't want to go in and we talked for a bit and she was so nice and she still wanted to know what happened so I gave her a plot summary

    and that is it :) thx for reading

    yosh *applause*
    Feb 21, 2021

    ayelenwritesstuff thx @yoshikrab this took a while to write :')
    Feb 21, 2021

  • OKAY so here i am with my haunted house description. since it's a bit long, i'll seperate it into groups

    First of all, in this haunted house, the actors are NOT ALLOWED to touch the audience at all, so it sounds like it would be pretty okay, right? think again.

    1st section

    In the first part, there's just a whole bunch of people going through a walkway that twists and turns and stuff. it's enclosed by a barbed wire fence and has a whole lot of tall fat guys walking around in villain costumes. the "villains" are actually pretty intimidating cause they go around, cornering the shorter people or the children and generally being threatening and terrifying.

    2nd section

    After the first part, there is a weird lady with a warped, disintegrating head who seems nice enough so i feel better. But after that, the "huge crowd" is split into groups of six that go further into the haunted house-- alone.

    (btw it's more of a haunted walkway than a house)

    First, we start with the weird noises. The fencing here is very narrow and unlike the barbed-wire fences, this is completely enclosed with wooden fencing. There are smashing noises and hysterical laughing everywhere. I even heard a chainsaw (you'll find out where the chainsaw came from later).

    3rd section

    After that, we entered a place that was just as tight as the last section, but had criss-crossed roofing as well. Then, there would be a bunch of crazy, drunk-looking men staring down and screaming "HEY PIGGIES". That was pretty traumatizing. :/

    4th section

    from there we moved to what we call the "road of surprises". There's just surprises everywhere, ranging from people jumping out of bushes when you think you're in the clear, or a wooden bridge that seems pretty but actually shakes when you get on it.

    Then, there's this girl laying on the ground in the middle of the walkway (the walkway is wider now). At first, we try to avoid her. Then, the lights suddenly turn off. When they turn back on, they're red and the girl is trudging towards us with a manic look in her eyes and she's telling us, "They got me. They got me. You're next."

    Well THAT pretty much get us sprinting away.

    After that, we entered a very dark hallway, which was enclosed in every direction. However, we had to go in, so we went in. After a moment of deafening silence a super-bright light turned on, revealing a man in a prison jump suit sitting in a chair (which i was guessing to be an electric chair) who was vibrating and screaming. There was also a really loud fan. Then, we glimpsed a doorway near the electric-chair-man, and each time the lights blare on and the man screams, we get closer and closer to the doorway. When we finally get out of the "road of surprises", we find ourselves in a much more precarious situation.

    The Clown House.

    5th section

    By then, I was basically wetting my pants. I was clutching the arms of my friend, who I also assumed was wetting his pants. We shivered and walked into the Clown House like a gay couple and were met with absolute terror.

    First, I'm not usually one to be scared of clowns, but that day, I think was the day that I developed a clown-phobia. The walkway in the Clown House was different from the rest. It was colorful and neon in a creepy sort of way. Every single time we turned a corner, there would be a clown to jump-scare us. By then, we had one guy in our six-person group who was the bravest, so he volunteered to continue through as the leader and guide. However, the clowns must have been prepared for this because they jump-scared the person BEHIND the first person, who was coincidentally me.

    There was even a clown who was running around and banging some pots and pans against each other, so we avoided him entirely.

    6th section

    Think we're out of the woods yet? Not yet. In fact, we're not even out of the Clown House. Well, I thought we were out of the Clown House that day, but when we entered a foggy hallway with little green lasers pointing everywhere, I basically knew we weren't safe yet. Every once in a while, there would be a clown walking down the hallway and commenting that they love our hairstyle or something. For some reason, it was creepy.

    Then, we entered the first "Clown Room".

    It was a guy wearing . . . ah . . . more feminine-y clothing. ANYWAYS, he jumped around screaming "AM I PRETTY? AM I PRETTY?"

    Did I mention that this haunted house in general traumatizes me?

    The hallway leading to the next room was PRETTY scary. It was a bunch of teddy bears hanging from the ceiling. Each teddy bear had blood-looking stains on it. OH and the teddy bears all looked like they'd been halfway through a shredding machine. Fun.

    When we left the room, there was a lone clown sitting in the corner and smiling vacantly. We cautiously approached him, looking out for jump-scares. The room was basically empty, but you can never be too careful. Anyways, when we were getting close, a clown suddenly fell from the ceiling. Literally. I am not joking. It might have been a lowered ledge or something, but a clown just landed in front of us and scared the living daylights out of me.

    The FINAL room was no less terrifying.

    It was empty. Completely empty. Why do you think it was terrifying? Because we were all prepared and very, very wary of our surroundings. When we exited the room unscathed, we didn't even want to feel good about it because you never know when you might get jump-scared.

    7th section

    Finally, we saw the exit. We saw the parking lot, the crowds of people waiting to enter the haunted house, and the streetlights.

    Were we safe yet? Not by a mile.

    As we walked towards the exit, a bunch of chainsaws started roaring behind us. (So THAT's where the chainsaws were from) Since I was too scared and traumatized, I didn't even dare look back. I just sprinted at 120% towards the gate, and continued sprinting all the way over to the parking lot, because . . . you never know.

    Anyways, that's where the entire haunted house/walkway ends. Hope you enjoyed that virtual tour!


If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood.
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