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  • Ahhhh yes how much fun it is to yell at innocent rodents #teaser
    She just had to catch it.
    The Norwegian Forest swiftly stole across the ground, her tan fur with sepia stripes blending in with the sunlight.

    Her tail twitched excitedly.

    This is gonna make me famous!

    She thought.

    She pictured bringing the vole home and her mothers look of shock and pride, and her sister. Well her sister would have to acknowledge her now. The vole suddenly looked nervous, furtively glanced this way and that.

    Vermin, you are MINE.
    Fiorella pounced.

    The vole skittered away.

    Fiorella let out a yowl of frustration.

    God-damn prey always getting away from me. It would be nice if prey could sit still and and not run away from me for one second.

    She sped after the vole.

    She was going to catch that rodent. And her parents were going to be proud of her, and worship her name, and depend on her for all food and…the vole scurried up a bush.

    Fiorella started a moment in shock.

    I didn’t know voles could climb

    Lashing her tail with agitation, Fiorella marched around the bush, chattering.

    ‘’How dare you get away from me, you…you stupid creature! Climbing is supposed to be my thing! Now get down from there right now and let me catch you like a good little vole and no-body has to get hurt.’’

    The vole just stood in the bush and looked at her.

    Oh how it infuriated her!
    ‘’You listen here you stupid vole,’’ her voice almost rising to a screech, ‘’No body gets away from me, no-body acts like their so inferior to me, and here’s the important part, NO-BODY LOOKS AT ME WITH THEIR SMUG LITTLE FACE, UP IN THEIR SMUG LITTLE PERCH, WITH THEIR GOD-DAMN ADORABLE SMUG LITTLE EYES AND ACTS LIKE THEIR GOD AND I’M NOT’’

    She launched herself onto the bush but stuck her paw in between two middle branches.

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