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  • Dossereana wrote:
    Liminality wrote:
    Liminality wrote:Here's the pad link!
    [quote="Liminality"]*TIME CORRECTION -- I changed the year, now it should be right

    [quote="Liminality"]Heads up, you could be discussing a Taylor Swift song at a poetry discussion!!

    Hello hello! With NaPo coming up, we're having a special song lyric discussion for our Poetry Readers pad this March! The date/time will be (adjusts to your timezone). You can bring song lyrics from any musical artist you like to discuss. Some examples of the things we might talk about would be favourite lines, how the language of the song makes you feel, etc.

    As usual all YWS rules and the content rating system will apply to the pad. Said pad will be posted in the Poetry Readers club and on the People's Tab.

    We hope to see you there!

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