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  • How are those #RevMoGoals going? If you're ready for a pep-talk, @Tuckster's got you covered over in the RevMo Club. You've got this reviewers!

  • Also @fraey had an excellent #ReviewTip yesterday -

    fraey wrote:Hey all - just wanted to say that a great way of encouraging others during Review Month is to like other users’ reviews! Whether someone gave you a great review on your novel or you found one that you absolutely loved, go ahead and spread the joy around with hitting that star button! :}

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    Liking reviews that are written well is a good way to encourage good reviewing!

  • Review Month has arrived! Don't forget to get involved in all of the challenges happening around the site, while keeping up your review quality! :)

  • Happy March Review Day everyone! :)


  • Anyone want to work on some Poetry Reviewing before NaPo?

    Workshop coming up this Saturday! You're all welcome to attend! :)


    The workshop will be Saturday,
    The link will be posted here .

  • Here's your February Challenge BRB members! :) Be sure to check out the checklist challenge this Review Day!

    alliyah wrote:February is short so Review Day is already here!

    Inspired by the Challenge Panikos created last year, I'm hosting my own Checklist Challenge this Review Day. There's a 1500 point prize for whoever completes the most challenges! :) If you want to work on reviewing some different types of works, in a friendly competition check it out!

    Checklist Challenge Instructions Here

    Spoiler! :


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  • Wow, January went fast! And Review Day is here!

    A Challenge to all BRB members:
    * Write at least one review for review day (we're about quality over quantity after-all, so why not write at least one great one for Review Day). Consider checking out the resources in the Knowledge Base if you're stuck or checking into the discord channel.
    * And your second challenge, read a couple reviews, and like them if you think the reviewer did well! Giving likes on reviews is an easy way, to recognize and encourage good reviewing - and on Review Day is especially good because these get recognized on the Review Day statistics forums at the end.

    Resources for BRB members:
    BRB Review Templates
    Knowledge Base Favorites
    Review Motivation

    Any BRB member who completes both challenges (writing one review and liking one review) can comment here and will receive 200 points courtesy BRB

    BluesClues Challenges complete! I've written 6 Review Day reviews and liked four or five other reviews, of which @fraey's review on @Cloudkid's literary work Marble Lungs / Draft 03 / Chapter 1.1 is my favorite. I like the way fraey broke their review down in sections and discussed how each element - setting, character, etc - made this an effective opening chapter.
    Jan 27, 2019

  • Hey Better Review Bureau! Are you all ready for Review Day? Don't forget to keep the quality of your reviews up while out there reviewing! Quality>Quantity

    *** Also the 12 Days of Reviewing challenges close at the end of December, so be sure to post in the main thread if you've completed any challenges before we turn over to the new year.***

    Have fun reviewing everyone!

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    We've made it to Day 12 of the #12DaysReviewing , but you still have until the end of December to complete any of the challenges and claim your 100 points. Check out the Main Thread to review the Challenges and Tips. Thank you for Reviewing in December and being a part of our Better Review Bureau community! Happy Holidays BRB! :santa:

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    Day 11 of #12DaysReviewing is here, and today's tip is about getting feedback on your reviews. Have you heard from your Review Mentor in a while? Consider checking in with them, I'm sure they'd love to hear from you! The full Tip & Challenge are over at the Main Thread. :santa:

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    Hello BRB! It's Day 10 of the #12DaysReviewing , and the Tip today is about Getting Motivated to review. That's certainly an important topic when it comes to reviewing - if you could use some motivation tips, be sure to check out the Main Thread and then try out today's challenge of completing a Green Room Review. Good luck! :santa:

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    We've made it to the 9th Day of the #12DaysReviewing ! Thank you to all who have participated so far - and remember there's still time to participate if you haven't. You can complete the past or current challenges any time before December 23, and post in the main thread to claim your 100 point prize. Today's Tip and Challenge are from the lovely reviewer and BRB member @tgirly - it's about asset based comments. Happy Reviewing!

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    Happy Holiday Gift Weekend BRB! A review is an excellent gift to give or receive! Why not complete one of our challenges and claim your points over at the Main Thread? It's Day 8 for #12DaysReviewing . :santa:

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    Day 7 of the #12DaysReviewing is here! And it's a very important topic today that I'd encourage everyone to take a look at - Gratitude and Kindness in Reviewing - check out the tip written by alliyah as well as the excellent KB resources over on the Main Page. And if you complete the challenge of thanking a reviewer on the Review Testimonial Thread you can even earn 100 points for doing so. Have a lovely day reviewers!

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    Half way through the #12DaysReviewing , but don't forget you can complete the challenges in any order and pick and choose which ones to do! Just post in the Main Thread before December 23rd. Today's Tip & Challenge are from concord and they're about Reviewing Middle Chapters. Check it out! :santa:

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