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The Role-play Geeks

Do you wish you could be in another world? Have you ever looked through the eyes of your character and wanted to be them?

Well, here you can. This is the realm of roleplay, where we become those who we write in a casual, paragraph-style forum with roleplays everywhere from dungeons to spaceships!

Welcome to the Home of the Geeks; we hope you find it to your satisfaction. We ask that you read the rules (here: to posting or creating a topic, so that you understand the functions of the club.

We have recently added a Discord server (a skype-like place with a voice chat, though we primarily use text messages), and you can access it here:

It is open to both members and non-members.

Welcome to the club!

Queen of the Geeks


FalconryGirl9086: Creator
RavenLord: Admin
FalconryGirl9086: Admin
KaiRyu: Officer
AlexOfLight: Officer
DemonGoddess: Officer

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