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an slightly more finished ~social anxiety art~

by zc927

After spending hours and hours- we're nearing the finishing line!

I used the suggestions from my rough draft the best I could. Does anyone have more suggestions to polish the piece?

(I know the words are hard to read- they’re metallic so photos don’t pick up well- it says “ALL HER EYES ARE ON YOU SO DON’T MESS IT UP. EVERY MISTAKE SHE’LL REMEMBER FOREVER”)

Also- I really appreciate your kind words- I think I kinda like the piece now!)

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Tue Jul 14, 2020 11:43 am
Hkumar wrote a review...

Hi there!

I have never reviewed an art but I am just going to write a short review on your work. Ii found itt really amazing because of the unique way you used to express the feeling of social anxiety through your painting. So many eyes gives an intimidating feeling that certain people may experience during social interaction that may cause irrational anxiety. It is also giving some horror and scary vibes as well because of all the details you added to give make it look more alive.

I like how all the eyes are staring in the same direction that gives more scary feeling. The little details like eye lashes are really perfect. Especially I like the eye inside the mouth. I mean that one really stands out. The dark colour of lips is adding more aesthetic appeal to it. The strokes of brush that you made for the hairs is also very nice. Those scribbled words in the blue background are also very effective and adds more to the overall art.

I am not an artist so I really can't comment on the technical aspects but as an admirer I can just say you did a very good job. I hope you will continue to share such work here.
Great work!
All the best :D

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Wed Jul 08, 2020 6:04 pm
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Seirre wrote a review...

Hey zc927! I really love the changes and additions you've made to the painting - it feels a lot more complete!

My overall impression of the changes you've made is that there are way more visual textures and as a result, the painting is more interesting to look at. The eyelashes, the lips, and the little curls of hair all work together to create the variety of textures. I think that with those small added details, the painting becomes a lot stronger! I especially love the details you added to the lips - it's not something I would've thought to add, but now that it's there I would never take it away!

I also like your choice to use blue as a background - it balances out the warmer orange tones in her skin really nicely. It's also a lovely touch that it fades to a lighter shade of blue higher up on the canvas! The words are pretty legible, and I think that even if someone can't read them they add another interesting texture and almost feel graffiti-ish - which I personally think is really cool on this painting.

I don't have much to critique - one minor nitpick would be that the left ear seems to be missing some shading. The shadows on the neck also feel a little abrupt, you could maybe consider blending them out more gradually?

But honestly other than that I don't see much to improve! I really love the changes you've made, and you should really feel proud of the effort you've put into the painting!

I hope this review is helpful, if you've got any questions about it feel free to ask (:

Keep painting!


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zc927 says...

Thank you for your helpful review! I definitely need to fix the shading on the ear and neck- thank you!

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Sat Jul 04, 2020 12:44 am
JesseWrites wrote a review...

Hello there,

I reviewed the last one, so I think this should be fun. It looks a lot better, so improvement is always a great thing.

Hmm. Not much here to review, so this will probably be full of praise and little words about things to fix because this is good like it is now, so have that little warning because most people don't like reviews like it.

The eye on the nose is a little weird. It looks less real than the other ones because the others have more lashes, which that one doesn't have. It seems more cartoon-ish, but I don't think that's what you are going for with it, so maybe add more lashes, or whatever seems like it would help a little bit.

Overall, it's scary in a way, but that is great if you wanted it to have that affect. i can't look away because it's oddly beautiful in a way that is still spooky. Good job capturing that feeling that is so far.
Have a good day,

zc927 says...

Oh- good idea! I'll do that now :D

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Sat Jul 04, 2020 12:08 am
starlitmind says...

Wow, it looks great!

zc927 says...

Thank you!

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