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King of the Court - 12

by yoshi

Chapter 12


The second quarter begins, and the game moves pretty smoothly, at least from Spencer’s perspective. He’s started to get his nerves under control, and he’s now feeling ready to do something.

Colin takes a shot, and Spencer moves toward the paint. Rebound!

The ball begins to fall, and some other defenders, like the Smiling Center and the bowl cut start closing in on the goal. At the moment, it’s only Malcolm in the paint. Being a guard, he can’t really do much in the paint, but he stays, boxing out an opponent.

Dwayne is off in the corner, and realizing his mistake, he starts running to the paint, but he’s already lost his position.

It’s Spencer and Malcolm against a six-foot giant who is apparently on par with Ethan Copeland of Saint Helena.

Spencer boxes out the giant as well as he can, putting all his force into it. For some reason, the Smiling Center isn’t as strong as Spencer thought he would be.

In fact, he literally feels like air.

Because he's no longer there.

The Smiling Center, who had simply done a quick spin, is now in the perfect position for a rebound. Spencer just falls backward and hits the floor.

The Smiling Center reaches his two huge hands into the sky and grabs the rebound effortlessly. He brings the ball down and sends a quick pass down the court for a fast break.

And Spencer sees the smile. He had gone into the game expecting it to be an evil smile.

It isn’t.

Spencer understands now– the Smiling Center doesn’t smile because he thinks he’s better. He genuinely looks as if he is having fun.

He then glances down the court, at the ball sailing toward their basket.

No way.

Spencer is already off the floor, ignoring the embarrassment of falling.

He may be a weak player, but there’s no way that he’ll let someone score off of his mistakes.

He quickly gains on the player on the fast break.

Spencer brings his hand up to interfere with the shot, and the boy misses his lay-up.

The Smiling Center is right behind him, ready to rebound.

This time, Spencer is ready for the spin. When the Smiling Center leaves air behind him, Spencer moves to follow. He successfully blocks the Smiling Center from getting the rebound. He jumps and grabs it easily. When he does so, the crowd cheers, amazed to see a smaller player grab the rebound from a larger one. Wait ‘till they see Dwayne, thinks Spencer, amused.

He glances at the Smiling Center, hoping to see maybe a little bit of the smile come off of his expression.

The boy smiles back even wider.

"That was good!" says the Smiling Center, seeming to forget that Spencer literally has the ball in his hands. Spencer throws the ball down the court, and the Smiling Center makes no move to stop it.

"My name is Levi," says the Smiling Center, "You’re Spencer, right?"

Spencer recognizes Levi as the boy who had asked if Dwayne ‘really played basketball’.

"Yeah," Spencer replies, then starts running back down the court, uninterested in engaging in conversation with an opponent. Every second he spends talking is a second wasted that he could have been playing.

Levi just runs after him, smiling.

Spencer decides to ignore this strange player.

He gets back in time for the offense– Marble Creek is playing their Root Beer Offense. Spencer remembers the first time they learned it. Just like all the other times that he learned a formation or play, Spencer had asked Coach Miller if there was a reason for its name.

Of course, there was none.

However, the Root Beer Offense, Spencer knows, is basically the most complicated of all of their plays, consisting of more screens and cuts than any other play they learned.

According to the play, Spencer needs to screen the ball handler’s defender, then roll into the inside, and cut to the corner. During this exchange, the other players will also be moving around, causing general chaos on the court.

Spencer screens Colin’s defender and rolls inside. He leaves his hands in front of his chest, to signal to Colin that he’s ready to receive the ball. A defender gets in the way, and Spencer continues the play, cutting to the corner, in which Alex switches with him and is left wide open.

Colin throws a fast bounce pass at Alex, and Alex catches it, spinning to the inside quickly. He’s about to raise his arms to shoot, but Levi is suddenly in front of him, with both of his hands in the air above the ball.

Alex reacts to this impressively, while still in the air. He throws a bounce pass to Malcolm.

Malcolm shoots.


A hand reaches out from nowhere and blocks the shot easily.

Who was that from? thinks Spencer, remembering that only Levi was in the paint, so Malcolm’s shot should have been uncontested.

To his surprise, Levi has his left hand outstretched over Malcolm, while still having his right hand over Alex, simultaneously blocking both of their airspaces.

Levi brings his hands down as one of his teammates picks up the ball.

The color seems to drain from Alex’s face.

"I’ve got two hands for a reason," Levi says, grinning.

. . .

They're all a bunch of idiots. Stupid, stupid, stupid, Dwayne tells himself, they don't know basketball like I do. I'm the only one who can beat this stupid team, so my stupid teammates shouldn't get in the way.

He vaguely hears Coach Miller tell him that it’s about time to get onto the court. Nearly fuming, Dwayne stomps away from the bench and onto the court.

After Spencer got that rebound, it seemed to the entire universe like that newbie had suddenly scored seventy points, because the audience suddenly started clapping, amazed. I can get rebounds, too! I get them all the time! Why don’t they clap for me?

Jackson Wills sucks. I can easily beat them. I don't need congratulations from the audience because they all suck anyways. Everyone sucks. Everyone's stupid.

When the ball starts, Dwayne lunges forward toward the point guard, playing as aggressively as he can. I need to take control of this game and to do that, I need to give pressure.

Blocking out the voices of his teammates screaming for him to get back on defense, Dwayne stares at his opponent intently. Dwayne watches every single movement, every twitch of his finger, and every slip of his red shoes on the shiny basketball court.

To Dwayne's delight, the brown-haired opponent whom he is guarding seems to be struggling with getting around Dwayne.

See? I am a very, very, very useful player!

The brown-haired point guard dashes back and forth and almost gets around Dwayne, but he manages to defend well. The squeaking of the shoes on the court seems to drown out everything for a moment, and the point guard shoots past Dwayne. In a towering rage, Dwayne sprints alongside the annoying point guard, but is time and time again swung left and right by his opponent's skill.

With a growl, Dwayne attempts a steal but only manages to grab the opponent's arm.


The sound of the referee's whistle pierces Dwayne's ears.

"No need to worry," Dwayne murmurs to himself, "It's just one foul."

The ball is started off again, in Jackson Wills' possession. The point guard dashes around again, and Dwayne continues chasing after him.

Wait . . . I need to play aggressively! thinks Dwayne. He lunges forward again, invoking yet another foul.

Unsatisfied, Dwayne decides to slink further back into the defense.

"What the heck were you doing?" hisses Alex, obviously talking to Dwayne, but keeping his eyes on the ball.

"I was playing aggressively. That's the only way we can get points," Dwayne replies.

"No. The best way you can get points is through rebounds," Alex frowns.

"Well you guys have Spencer already," Dwayne looks away. Instead, he focuses himself on Jackson Wills' point guard, who is dashing around Colin.

"We do," Alex says with no hint of sarcasm in his voice, "But we need you."

However, as Alex says this, Dwayne has already moved out of earshot, watching another player.

Dwayne continues to foul and foul and foul.

He doesn’t realize until too late that there’s a limit to how many times a player can foul.

. . .

"Everyone, calm down and stop looking at the scoreboard," Coach Miller growls, and everyone immediately looks at the ground. The game has just reached halftime, and Dwayne just got ejected for fouling five times. At that moment, Dwayne stares at the ceiling blankly, having completely lost all of his charisma.

Alex hates this. The score is 25 to 15, with Marble Creek down by exactly 10 points.

Alex was told by a senior teammate once that if a game reaches a twenty-point difference, then the game is basically decided. But it’s different with this team. If the lead even pulls past ten points, I doubt we’ll ever be able to get it back.

"I get it," says Coach Miller, sighing, "Comebacks are hard, especially in basketball, but don't let that stop you. When has anything in life been easy? Do you think we should just give up just because this will be hard? No, we'll fight back. We're going to give them a taste of what Marble Creek's full ability is."

"Sounds fine to me," Alex says, glancing at his teammates, "But how are we going to pull it off?"

"The current line-up is Alex, Malcolm, Colin, Spencer, and Jackson, because of Dwayne’s fouls," says Coach Miller, "For this next quarter, I’m going to switch it up a bit. We’ll keep Colin, Malcolm, and Spencer because you three are doing the best at Root Beer. At least Root Beer seems to work on them"

"Chris will sub in place of Alex," Coach Miller says, "This is also because I suspect that Jackson Wills is going to bring out their trump card."

"Connor?" asks Alex, "Why shouldn’t I be out there when he goes out?"

"Because I want you to observe him," says Coach Miller, grinning, "Don’t think I plan on giving up this game just yet. If that Connor boy goes into the game, watch his movements, and come back, ready to strike!"

Coach Miller looks at every player, "Let’s make this brief. I don’t particularly need you boys to be the best of the best. But what I do want is for you to be better. If you could run three laps yesterday, then run four today, then five tomorrow. You’ve probably heard stuff like this so much from adults in your life, but they say it a lot because it’s important. Get better. Get stronger every day."

I’m going to get stronger. Yesterday I could almost reach the hoop, Spencer thinks to himself, so today . . . ?

. . .

I hate ceilings. Dwayne stares upward, not even sparing a glance at the court. Ceilings mean limits, expectations, and impossibilities. Ceilings mean the blocking out of sunlight. Ceilings represent the highest point that I can see.

Coach always tells us to pay attention to the game when we're not playing, but what's the point? I can't do anything anyways.

The bench is cold. Hard. Unforgiving. The floor under the bench doesn't squeak. The crowd doesn't roar for him. I wish I was back on the court.

Dwayne looks back at the court. Colin is unexpectedly driving through the defenders. Good for him. Looks like he's getting better.

He takes a shot from close up and misses, the ball yet again getting rebounded by the Smiling Center.

Dwayne sighs, glancing at the scoreboard.

Clearly, Jackson Wills is getting all the rebounds, and yet Dwayne's jaw drops in surprise as the scoreboard shows a completely different situation.


We're closing the gap? But . . . how?

"How is this happening?" Dwayne asks Coach Miller.

Coach Miller looks at him, raising an eyebrow, "You mean the score?"

Dwayne nods.

"Because we’re good," replies the coach.

After a moment, Coach Miller starts laughing.

Coach Miller adds, "Anyways, what’s happening is that I’ve put the . . . well . . . hungriest players out there."

"What do you mean by that?"

Coach Miller shrugs, "The players who want to get better the most."

Dwayne jumps up, angry, "I do want to get better! I need to get better!"

"First," Coach Miller raises a finger to silence Dwayne, "You can’t play in the game anyway because you decided to foul five times within a few minutes. Second, do you really believe that?"

Dwayne responds immediately, "Yes!"

Coach Miller stares at him, and Dwayne falters.

"Y-yes," he repeats.

"All I’ve seen you do is try to prove your strength by selfishly doing whatever you want," Coach Miller says, a bit of irritation creeping into his voice, "I’ll be honest, I dislike ball hogs more than most coaches. What you did on defense is something a player with the mentality of a ball hog would do. After Alex’s little ‘engine’ mishap in the Pennel Creek game, do you know what I made him do?"

Dwayne shakes his head uneasily.

"I had him run," says Coach Miller, "For an hour and thirty minutes. He didn’t argue. He knew that what he did was wrong, and that is why he is still the captain of my team. I need players like him, who constantly look forward. Even now, sitting on the bench, he’s staring at the game intently, watching everything that the opponent does so that when he returns, he can play at his best. I didn’t see you do anything other than stare up at the sky."

Coach Miller’s voice softens, "Dwayne, understand that I’m not saying this because I’m mad at you. I think you’re one of the strongest players I know, and your effort alone is enough to make up for your height. It pains me to see you like this. This team needs you, but not in the way you are now."

Dwayne trembles, stepping backward slowly and sitting down on the bench.

But . . . but I love basketball.

Dwayne glances at the other players, confused. He stares at the court. Everyone is playing their hardest, but Dwayne knows that if he could stand on that court, then he would be able to prove that he wants that victory the most.

So why am I on the bench?

I love basketball. I may not be tall, but I’m stronger than anyone else.

Where did I go wrong?

Dwayne cranes his head back, taking a glance at the ceiling again.

He shakes his head, looking back at the court.

I’ll show you, Coach. I can be a hungry player, too. I can want the victory, too. I’ll show you that I’m strong enough.

Dwayne resolves that he will no longer look up.

He only looks forward.

. . .

Don't hesitate. Don't hesitate.

Colin dashes around a defender, feeling the ball comfortably rebounding off the floor from his right hand to his left. He moves forward and backward, side to side, moving in every direction in every possible way. A point guard is a playmaker! Don't just find the plays. Make the plays. Create the openings. Do whatever I can to put my teammates in the best possible spot.

He zooms towards the goal, past yet another defender.

Should I shoot? I think I should shoot. There aren't many defenders, and my teammates are slightly lagging behind. I'd have to make a risky pass to get it to Chris, and it'd be even riskier to attempt a pass to any of the other three. Their center is in front of me, but that's okay. I should be fine. Lay-up, or floater? Jump shot or fadeaway?

And suddenly, the light seems to be blocked out. The Smiling Center, towering over Colin, raises his hands in the pose to block a shot. Colin dribbles to the left a few steps and lunges back to where he originally was, still not shaking off the Smiling Center.

The pressure's too much. I've had the ball for too long. At this rate, I'm going to get stolen from.

Colin sends a quick bounce pass to Chris, and luckily, it's successful. Chris dribbles off to the side a few steps, diverting the defenders, and throwing the ball to Spencer. Spencer takes a jump shot and misses, the ball landing in the Smiling Center's hands.

Jackson Wills immediately begins the counterattack. The Smiling Center dribbles down, and Jackson steals from him quickly, but the Smiling Center slaps the ball out of bounds before Jackson can initiate the counter-counterattack.

The referee gives the gesture for substitutions, and Colin glances back towards the benches, noticing Alex walking onto the court to replace him.

"You're back? That was a pretty short break," Colin comments.

Alex shrugs, "I’m ready at all times. Connor never entered, so I guess they never felt that we were strong enough."

Alex says it casually, but Colin can see the fire in his eyes. Good luck Alex. You might as well be our only hope.

 . . .

This is it. This is my game. This is our game. This is the game that decides everything. This could be our last great game. This could be our first great game. This could be the one game that makes us famous. This could be the game that makes everyone hate us. This could be the game that brings us all together. This could be the game that shatters us into pieces. This could, this should, this can, this may, this might be the greatest moment of my life.

So why do I feel so trapped?

The bright red hoop feels so far away from Spencer, as he dribbles the ball toward it. It feels so tall, so distant, so unattainable. How could I reach it? How can I possibly reach it?

I'm too scared.

Spencer stops in his tracks and passes to Colin, even though he has an open shot.

Why am I scared?

He cuts out, in fear of Colin passing towards him. The one thing that Spencer doesn't want in his hands right now is a basketball.

Why am I scared!?

Spencer then runs away from the hoop, while Colin runs toward it.

Colin is brave, so why am I scared?

Colin takes a shot, but Jackson gets the rebound, despite nearly losing the ball to the Smiling Center.

Jackson is brave, so why am I scared?

Jackson passes it out to Chris, who shoots and scores, even though he is guarded. He immediately runs back to play defense, as if his life depends on it.

Chris is brave, so why am I scared?

Alex gets a steal and dashes around defenders, taking a shot.

Alex is brave, so why am I scared?

The Smiling Center jumps up, grabbing the rebound.

I shouldn't be scared.

The Smiling Center begins to dribble.

I can't be scared.

Spencer’s legs move on their own again.

I won't be scared!

In a moment, the ball is in Spencer's hands. He’s stolen the ball. He's running towards the hoop, with no one in front of him.

I'm not scared. I won't stop.

He can physically feel the opponents behind him.

I'm not scared. I will never stop.

And Spencer's legs blast him off the ground. He can feel the air beneath his feet, seeming to push him higher and higher, to surpass his limits. His arms are outstretched.

Almost as if he's an astronaut.

Spencer can’t help but let out a little shout as he brings his hand down forcefully, slamming the ball through the rim just like how Coach Miller had shown it to him in their practice session.

The ball seems to rip through the air like a bullet as it slams onto the floor, and Spencer falls down next to it.

Spencer remembers when Alex had done that amazing block in his previous game. He remembers thinking how cool it was when Alex slammed the ball onto the ground.

Spencer pulls himself off the ground, facing the rest of the players, the officials, the coaches, and the audience. He wants to reach them. How can I reach them? How can I get their attention?

And he already knows.

He raises a clenched fist into the air, making sure that everyone can see it.

Throw whatever you want at me! I’m ready!

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Wed Jul 12, 2023 7:15 pm
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OrabellaAvenue wrote a review...

Hiya! Orabella, here to review.

Oooh, this is getting good! I love when we get to see more of different character's thoughts and actions, and how they might justify them in different ways.

Spencer, even though afraid, still did something amazing! That moment was perfectly written, and every word had me grasping for the next. And the inner dialogue in every other line was, again, powerful!

Oh, and Dwayne's character. That moment with Coach was interesting, but the fact that Dwayne didn't seem to actually understand it made it better. He warps what Coach said, but in a way that still makes sense, especially with his personality. Coach wasn't trying to say that Dwayne had to prove that he was stronger. He was trying to say to learn and grow, and to continually try to get there.

In a way, Levi is definitely unsettling. But maybe others could learn something from him. It's not about winning or proving anything. It should be about having fun.

I would suggest adding more descriptions of characters. (Though, not pages and pages of description only) As far as I remember, you usually only describe a character once: when they're first introduced. But if you can add little bits and pieces here and there, then I might actually remember what they look like, which would make it seem more realistic. Also so every character isn't just a name.

For example, once in a while remind the reader of certain physical traits. Maybe not the exact shape of their ears, but other features. (Like height, which you do say often)

Of course, that's just me. If you don't describe them later on purpose, or you just want the reader to imagine what they look like instead of telling them outright, that's fine. (Especially because every reader will imagine the person differently no matter what you do)

Thanks for writing this series! I love reading it. Have a great day/night!

yoshi says...

tysm for the rev!!! <3333

In a way, Levi is definitely unsettling. But maybe others could learn something from him. It's not about winning or proving anything. It should be about having fun.

I definitely agree, but . . . 90% of all sports players will look at you like you crazy if u say that hehehehe

I would suggest adding more descriptions of characters. (Though, not pages and pages of description only) As far as I remember, you usually only describe a character once: when they're first introduced. But if you can add little bits and pieces here and there, then I might actually remember what they look like, which would make it seem more realistic. Also so every character isn't just a name.

oh you're definitely right! That's something that I still struggle with often. I create lots of dialogue and plot, but the elaboration is a bit lackluster, and obviously this is even more important since KotC has a huuuge cast.


P.S. you're almost done with the entire thing wowww

OrabellaAvenue says...

That's true! But if I'm almost done... that means I'm running out... well, at least you're still making more. (I assume)

yoshi says...

actually the novel is completely finished haha

but i am currently writing a . . . sequel? Not really sure what it should be called, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

OrabellaAvenue says...

Finished??! Noooooo...

Well at least you're writing a kind-of-sequel. :)

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Tue Jun 13, 2023 5:50 pm
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RandomTalks wrote a review...

Hi yosh!

RandomTalks here with a short review!

I really liked where you went with this chapter, especially the way you framed Dwayne and Spencer's personal storylines. I had been kind of expecting the game to be over by the end of this chapter but it seems like we have to wait a little longer to find out who wins. Although, with all the intense moments in between the game and the little glimpses we get into the players' psyche, I feel as though the match isn't even the primary focus of this chapter for me.

Spencer understands now– the Smiling Center doesn’t smile because he thinks he’s better. He genuinely looks as if he is having fun.

I really love the way you have created an air of mystery around this guy. At the beginning of the chapter, I was having a little difficulty in feeling engaged in the story because we were entirely just following the game. However, as soon as we got introduced to this character, I instantly became interested in learning more about him. In fact, I think most of his intrigue lies in the fact that we know next to nothing about him except that he always has a nice, non-evil smile and that he likes to engage in conversation in the middle of highly intense matches. He doesn't seem arrogant or overconfident and he doesn't really fit the role of 'antagonists' that you have introduced to us until now. Therefore, the constant and even insignificant mentions of him throughout the chapter always drew my attention. The scene where he complimented Spencer on getting the rebound intrigued me most because people on the opposite sides of the game don't usually do that (I wouldn't know, though). And then the scene where he singlehandedly blocks Malcolm and Alex at the same time contributes in building the air of mystery around him because we know that not only is he weird as a person but he is also weirdly talented in basketball.

Jackson Wills sucks. I can easily beat them. I don't need congratulations from the audience because they all suck anyways. Everyone sucks. Everyone's stupid.

While I didn't particularly like Dwayne in this chapter, I thoroughly enjoyed his storyline. Firstly, I had never imagined there to be any streak of arrogance in him so I was a little surprised by the change of tone in his narration. By the time I could really catch up with this shift, he'd already gone and gotten himself five fouls. But the beauty of this story is that instead of betting annoyed and impatient with his character I grew very interested in learning why he was suddenly acting this way. And considering how many times everyone, including Levi just before the game, had questioned his ability to play basketball because of his height, I kind of understand his aggressive desire to prove himself. And considering the way he reacted to Spencer getting a rebound and being appreciated for it, maybe he just felt a little bit threatened and vulnerable and that contributed in him developing a super aggressive and arrogant stance in the game. Its really amazing how beautifully you set up these little details in the story that end up making a complete picture of the characters for us.

Coach Miller adds, "Anyways, what’s happening is that I’ve put the . . . well . . . hungriest players out there."

Nothing much to say here, except thank you for gifting us with this golden scene. Not only did it make me appreciate Coach Miller a little more, but it felt like the scene I had been waiting for since Dwayne's tantrum on the field. The dynamics Coach Miller shares with his different players is very interesting, but I really admire how deeply and clearly he knows each of them. I liked how he wasn't even mad at Dwayne for getting five fouls and costing their team but he was more interested in holding up a mirror and showing him where he is going wrong. I think I am going to gush about Coach Miller in every scene where he is involved, so I am just going to repeat how much I appreciated this scene and stop here.

He raises a clenched fist into the air, making sure that everyone can see it.

Throw whatever you want at me! I’m ready!

This, for me, was the most satisfying scene of the chapter. From the very beginning, we have seen Spencer struggling with his insecurities and his self-doubts. We have seen being too hard on himself and at the same time, we have seen him trying to get out of the cycle of negativity. Therefore, when all of it culminated in him getting that rebound at the end of the chapter, it felt like the most amazing pay-off. In fact, what made the scene even more satisfying for me was that hand gesture he did to ensure that everybody noticed and knew that he is just as good a player as the rest of his teammates. The confidence he exhibited in that moment is perhaps the best character development we have seen in the story so far.

That's all for this one!

Keep writing and have a great day/night!

Until next time!


yoshi says...

Again, tyyyy for the rev

idk why but like, , , i feel like im getting a better understanding of my characters after reading your review ;-;

but lol anyways thank you so much for taking the time to review this mess

see you next chapter!!!!!! <3333

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Thu Apr 06, 2023 12:08 pm
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Euphory wrote a review...

Hey yosh! <3 here for the latte order!

Nothing much to comment plotwise, as we are in the MC × JW game, except that maybe you could reduce some of the descriptions going on! I'm not sure if it's just because I'm not completely familiar with basketball, and so my sense of imagination in terms of it is just not that strong, but for me personally, the game commentary and thought processes have just gotten a little redundant, as if they had been said many times


DARK HORSE SPENCER COME THROUGHUHH! So happy to finally see him getting his 5 minutes of stardom! He's been working so much harder than all of them, and his moment has been a long time coming, and it's AMAZING to see it! (Also he perfected his vertical!!! AHHH!!)

AND YES, in my last review I was wondering about Dwayne, and JUST LIKE THAT YOU'E GIVEN HIM SCREENTIME YAY! and WOW I can definitely see why Dwayne is an incredible player despite his height - his total passion absolutely makes up for it, which has been shown in a positive light so far.

So it's interesting to see how that same passion became total aggressiveness when he let his nerves get to him (guess he didn't have his head on as straight as I thought lmao) and also his reaction post the fouls, which is somewhat contradictory to Alex's - you really brought through Dwayne's character here, and I'm obsessed! (And once again, Coach Miller being the one to put both of them to task! CM has such a constant, wise presence in the story that I love)

Also I'm in awe of what you did with The Smiling Center, Levi. Not an evil smile, but a having-fun smile is somehow one of the biggest plot twists in your story and it's just perfect!

And that's it for this review, hope it was helpful! <3

yoshi says...

heya euph <3

I'm not completely familiar with basketball, and so my sense of imagination in terms of it is just not that strong, but for me personally, the game commentary and thought processes have just gotten a little redundant, as if they had been said many times

yeahhhhhh ive been wondering how to switch it up but honestly, i just felt like i needed to keep the game the same length as the previous ones, so i guess a lot of little 'filler scenes' and the sort kind of popped up, where there was just words and nothing really happened.

again ty for the rev

Euphory says...

hiiiii <3
that makes sense! maybe you could just try to work on that for revisions, for now, you gotta ourself on the back for a job well done!!!! <33

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