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My story

by xsummermiax

So this is sorta like a diary but just me sharing my entire life(so far)

When i was born I adopted.I had pneumonia and hooping cough (so thanks to all of the nurses that helped me)Now I am 12(nearly 13) i have quite a few friends and one of them even told me to get this to read her storys.I feel like im only good at one maybe two things.Drama and maybe history...I really enjoy history but recently in class I havent been focusing as much and my grades have gone to top set down to bottom.I am a very emotional person(i cried because i failed a maths test)and I have something called discalculia which basically means I cant do maths at all and it doesnt make sense..I also read numbers the wrong way round so its diffucult.AND MY MATHS TEACHER WONT HELP ME!! but i feel bad for talking about this because I know people with actual problems and im just ranting on that i fidget all the time,dont notice im doing it and feel emotional right now as im writing

sorry this was a rant...and im here to talk about ur problems if u need help!

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Fri Apr 09, 2021 10:32 pm
chikara wrote a review...

Hello there!

I must admit, this would better belong in the blogs section which is made for rants like this because reviewing is aimed towards creative writing in the sense of short stories, chapters of novels, and any poetry. Essays are a part of that, yes, but this does not fit in the category of informational article / essay from a personal and academic standpoint.

It's really nice to meet you though; most people don't open up about their life in a way like this, so it creates a deeper connection to that person's writing and understanding of them as a human. I'm glad you feel comfortable being open like this too, which gives me more perspective to how much of a community YWS is.


Is there any way to contact another teacher or adult? Parents usually have some kind of math knowledge depending on the branch of mathematics you are working with, and teachers are supposed to be informed on all subjects no matter what. If you feel like you are bothering them though, that's completely understandable and your choice.

(Teachers do go to school to help their students learn the material they teach though, so if your reason for not wanting to bother them is because they will ignore your problems, that is a whole topic that needs attention from the correct higher-ups in the school.)

Anyway, not sure how to correctly review this because of what I mentioned above about posting in blogs vs. posting for reviews, but it was nice learning more about you!


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Fri Apr 09, 2021 9:11 pm
hannah0528 wrote a review...

Hi! A belated welcome to YWS. @hannah0528 here for a quick review. I don't really see the point in pointing out grammatical mistakes cause this isn't a literary work and it didn't seem fitting.

I am sorry about all of this, that sounds really hard. And don't feel bad, even if problems aren't as severe as others then that doesn't mean that they don't matter. Even if you aren't that good at math, you should just focus on things you are good at. I believe in you!

I hope this was helpful. Keep trying, keep writing and have a great day! I hope to hear more from you! Good luck!



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Fri Apr 09, 2021 8:02 pm
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Awe babez,

I am so sorry about all of that, I never knew about most of it. But hey, atleast your still here, happy and healthy hopefully: I wouldn't be the same person without you and your gorgeous smile.

Only you will get this but:
- I hate Gregory too
- Gregory is yucky
- I hate Gregory
- Let's yeet him to mars and leave him there

Y'all that maths test was hard. Remember that I am in top set and that uhh...MY GRADES WERE SHITE!! Anyway, u can text me about anything you know :) Im here to help you my bestie

Love from
That gregory hater
AKA Rhubarb :)

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