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The Forbidden


Camera zooms down towards the planet Earth, zooming down clouds and birds. The camera then zooms down a white building, inside, full of scientists and creatures of many kinds. A scientist enters the scene, seeing a doctor sitting at a desk, exhausted and frustrated.

Scientist: Dr. Ralston, how’s your search coming along?

Dr. Ralston: Not good. I can’t any of their species in this town. (He sighs softly, rubbing his temples trying to think) We must keep searching. Look for proof. Anything.

Scientist: (She nods in agreement) Yes sir.

The scientist leaves, while Dr. Ralston looks down at the papers on his desk.

Dr. Ralston: I will find them… I am sure of it.

The camera then zooms back up in the sky, was something was soaring in the air as black feathers were floating down from the moving object. This object was in a form of a person. The person was tall and muscular, having long blonde hair and green eyes. Wings spread out from his body and he was the one soaring in the air.

Cheshire: The human world… is so beautiful. I don’t know why they think the human world is such a horrible place. It’s so—hmm? What’s that?

Something caught the boy’s eye. Something beautiful and unique. His heart started pounding, feeling tenderness and desire in his chest. The scene then blacks out and goes to a different scene, showing a house. As the camera zooms through the second story window, an alarm clock went off as the time turned to eight in the morning.

Kira: (Groans and gently presses the snooze button)

A girl, with dark chocolate hair and bright ocean eyes wakes up and stretches as she sat up in her bed.

Kira: Ugh… it happened again. Mom is going to kill me for staying out so late. (She looks at her hand, having something imprinted on it) What is thi—

Kira’s mother: (Yells from downstairs) KIRA, COME EAT!

As Kira got up from her bed and went downstairs, she noticed her mother standing by the dining table with her arms crossed, looking disappointed.

Kira: Something wrong, mom?

Kira’s mother: You were out last night, weren’t you? I told you what will happen if you go out on a full moon, honey.

Kira: (Rolls her eyes) Yeah, mom. I know I know. Werewolves and angels are natural enemies and I can’t be out cause it’s not safe…

Kira’s mother: (Sighed softly, putting her hand on Kira’s shoulder) Our tribe is at stake. You are the princess of our wolf tribe. Therefore, we can’t risk losing you.

Kira: Why are the angels our enemies, mom? I never understood why they are.

Kira’s mother: (Glares into Kira’s eyes) Angels destroyed us and killed our ancestors. They even killed your father… Honey, promise me then when you see an angel, you call me.

Kira: I promise, mom.

The scene blacks out, going back to the laboratory scene, showing Dr. Ralston and a man chained up and caged.

Dr. Ralston: So you’re a werewolf? Interesting…

Jakob: Heh. What’s it to ya? Need to experiment on me or something, Doc?

Dr. Ralston: (Chuckles) Of course not. You see, I am looking for something… special and you are the only one who can help me. If you want your freedom that is. First off, what is your name?

Jakob: Jakob. Jakob Granger.

Dr. Ralston: Jakob. I need your help on finding this special something.

Jakob: And what’s that, Doc? (Struggling around the chains)

Dr. Ralston: An angel.

Jakob: Pfft. Good luck with that. Angels know better than to come to our territory.

Dr. Ralston: I know that werewolves and angels are in a feud. So you’re bound to have an angel’s scent on you.

Jakob: Nah. I don’t have a scent of an angel.

Dr. Ralston: (Grabs one of the chains and pulls Jakob against the cage) Do you want your freedom, Jakob?

Jakob: Heh. Of course I do.

Dr. Ralston: Then you shall do one task for me.

Jakob: What’s that?

Dr. Ralston: Find an angel and bring him to me…

Dramatic music starts playing as the scene blacks out. Then, the camera rapidly zooms up to the sky, showing people flying the air with their wing spread out. A man with white-feathered wings and a beard with red eyes and black curly hair comes swooping in.

Klaus: CHESHIRE!! (Growls softly) WHERE IS THAT BOY?!

Cheshire, an angel with black wings, having blonde hair and green eyes comes in, flying playfully and wildly.

Cheshire: WOOHOO! (Flying up in the sky, doing flips) Oh hey, Klaus. What’s up?

Klaus: You were in the human world again, weren’t you?!

Cheshire: Only to fly around. What’s so bad about the human world anyways? Geez, calm down, old man. (Lays

down on the cloud and sighs happily)

Klaus: Werewolves live there, you idiot! Don’t you understand?! They are the enemy!

Cheshire scoffed and flies down to the human world.

Cheshire: So what?

Klaus: (Grabs Cheshire’s arm firmly) They destroyed us. Killed the great one!

Cheshire: (Gets out of Klaus’s grip and flies down) Stupid Klaus… who cares about all th— huh? It’s her again!!

Camera points down to where Cheshire was staring. He saw a girl, a girl that looked exactly like Kira. It was Kira.

Cheshire: She’s so… beautiful.

Cheshire lands on a tree branch, where he saw Kira sitting on a bench by the tree and stared at her lovingly.

Kira: Who cares about that angel and werewolf stuff anyways? It’s in the past. Get over it all ready…

Cheshire: She knows about that? Unless… She’s…

One of the branches from the tree snaps as Cheshire falls down on the ground, landing right in front of Kira. Kira’s face became pale and jumped behind the bench, hiding from Cheshire.

Cheshire: Oww… dang. That really hurt. (Gasps as he sees Kira)

Kira: Y… You’re a… (Shaking in fear, was getting ready to scream)

Cheshire: (Covers Kira’s mouth with his hand) Shh… Shh, I am not going to hurt you.

Kira: Y-You’re not?

Cheshire: Of course not. (Grins)

Kira: I know what you are. I can’t be seen with you. My mother… she will—

Cheshire wraps his arms around Kira, giving her a warm embrace as he whispers in her ear.

Cheshire: I don’t care.

Kira: Apparently, you don’t understand. I am a werewolf. An enemy. You need to go. NOW.

Cheshire: I don’t care about any of that feud crap! It’s stupid.

Kira: You… think that too? So… you’re not going to kill me? Or anything?

Cheshire: Of course not. Dang, you are so dense.

Kira: (Pouts) Well then. I guess we both are. Uhm… Do you want to… uh hang out sometime?

Cheshire: Can we, right now?

Kira: But, your wings.

Cheshire closed his eyes gently as a green aura surrounded his wings, making them disappear. Cheshire now looks like a typical human being.

Cheshire: Haa! Now, we can hang, right?

Kira: (Blushes lightly) Y-Yeah, I guess so.

Kira and Cheshire started walking down the street as the camera zooms out, showing Jakob behind the bushes, looking angry.

Jakob: Well then. (Leaves the scene)

The next scene shows a few hours later, showing Kira and Cheshire laying on the grass, staring up into the sky as the sun sets. Romantic music from a piano and guitar start playing as Cheshire stared at Kira.

Cheshire: Hanging out with you was fun, uhm… I never got your name.

Kira: Kira. Kira Micheals.

Cheshire: Kira is such a cute name. My name is Cheshire.

Kira: Cheshire? (Giggles cutely) That’s so cute.

Cheshire: (Sits up, blushing madly) W-Whaa? No it’s not! You take that back!

Kira: Nope. (Stands up)

Cheshire: Well, I guess I gotta force ya to take it back. (Grabs a hold on to her from behind and laughs handsomely)

Kira: H-Hey, let go of me. (Laughs cutely)

Kira and Cheshire slowly stopped laughing as they stared into each other’s eyes.

Cheshire: Kira… I…

Jakob: Well well, if it isn’t my fiancé. (Says from off-screen)

Kira: (Gasps and moves away from Cheshire) J-Jakob!

Jakob: (Walks in the scene) Kira, why are you here with this dude?

Kira: He was just…

Cheshire: Kira, who is this guy?

Jakob: I am her fiancé. What’s it to ya?

Cheshire: F-Fiancé?!

Something grabs Cheshire from behind, gagging Cheshire, making him pass out. Jakob grabs a hold on Kira from behind as Kira screams in fear.

Kira: W-What are you doing to him?!

Dr. Ralston was standing behind Cheshire, gagging him and Dr. Ralston grins evilly.

Dr. Ralston: Taking him with me. He is an angel after all, and I plan on researching on him.

Kira: L-Let him g—

Jakob covers her mouth with his hand as she muffles, tears falling down from her face.

Dr. Ralston: You are free to go, Jakob. As promised. (Leaves the scene, carrying Cheshire)

The scene blacks out then shows Kira’s house. Showing Kira’s mother and Jakob sitting across from her. Kira had a

depressed look on her face.

Kira’s mother: Kira, why were you hanging out with… with an angel?

Kira: Cause I don’t see anything wrong with that! Now… I am going to go save him. (Gets up and goes to the front


Jakob: (Gets up and grips her arm tightly) Are you crazy?! You can’t save an angel!!

Kira: I love him, Jakob!!

Jakob: You can’t love an angel, you idiot!!

Kira: And why not?!

Everyone goes silent. As Kira leaves the house, Jakob punched the wall and rubbed his temples.

Jakob: Dang it!

The scene then cuts to the laboratory scene, where Cheshire was on a lab bed, strapped in and wings spread out,

still unconscious.

Cheshire: (Groans as he opened up his eyes) W-Whaa?

Dr. Ralston: Awake, angel? (Holding up a needle)

Cheshire: Where is Kira?!

Dr. Ralston: Now now. Let’s not yell. Now, I am going to mutate you into something wonderful.

Cheshire: Like what?

Dr. Ralston: I am going to put you in a special tube. Where I, Doctor Albus Ralston, can take away your abilities,

making you human and me… an angel.

Cheshire: Wow, and I thought I was the weird one.

Dr. Ralston: I heard a very important person in your kind died from a tribe of werewolves. I am going to rule the

heavens. And the Earth.

Cheshire: Yeah… good luck with that.

A door busts open as the camera pan zooms to the door, showing Kira, panting softly and sweating.

Kira: C-Cheshire! (Glares at Ralston and growls) Let him go!

Dr. Ralston: Well (sighs) I hate to do this but… (Presses a button on a machine)

Cheshire: (Screams in pain then gets silent, hiding his face as the straps come off)

Kira: C-Cheshire! (Runs to Cheshire)

Cheshire: (Opens his eyes as they glow red, growling) …

Cheshire grabbed Kira by the neck and holds her up high, squeezing her neck tightly. Kira starts choking and

shaking in fear.

Kira: W-What’s wrong with you, Cheshire? S-Snap out of it! (Says while being choked)

Dr. Ralston: He can’t. I injected him with something where I can control his mind. (Laughs evilly)

Kira: Cheshire… I know you’re still in there… (smiles weakly and tears up) I know you’re still in there because… I

love you. I love you, Cheshire!

Cheshire’s eyes widen as he grabs his head and screams loudly in pain, flying wildly around the lab. Cheshire then hits inside the tube and the doors to the tube closes. Cheshire returns back to normal, and looks around then bangs on the door. Kira falls on the floor and growls softly, fur comes out from her skin and her body became larger, turning her into a werewolf.

Kira: (Glares at Ralston) Grrr… (Runs to Ralston with her claws out)

Ralston hits Kira with a metal pipe, hitting her inside another tube and the doors of the tube closes.

Dr. Ralston: N-No! (Goes to his computer and starts typing) Abort the process! Abort!

The tubes start glowing bright as the machines starts making noises. Jakob comes in, in wolf form and attacks Dr. Ralston. Killing Dr. Ralston, blood dripping from Jakob’s teeth as he turned back to normal, turning off the machine.

Kira: (Comes out the tube, having white-feathered wings and is in wolf form) Ughh…

Cheshire: (Comes out also, still having black-feathered wings) That… was horrible…

Jakob: Well, you’re welcome!

Cheshire: Oh. It’s you again. (Sees Kira) Kira! (Runs to her and hugs her in a warm embrace) Are you alright?

Kira: I… I’m fine. I feel weird though. (Looks up at Cheshire)

Cheshire: (Chuckles and kisses Kira on the lips warmly)

The scene then goes to a different scene, still showing Cheshire and Kira kissing as bells start ringing. Angels and werewolves were sitting together staring at the couple. Kira was wearing a long white wedding gown, and Cheshire was wearing a black tuxedo. Cheshire picks Kira up gently and soars up to the sky.

Cheshire: I love you, Kira.

They kiss once again, thus ending the scene and movie. BLACKOUT.

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413 Reviews

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Reviews: 413

Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:21 pm
Cailey wrote a review...

hey there, Cailey here for a review.
Okay, overall interesting plot. It isn't every day that werewolves and angels are combined. I kind of like it.
My main criticism of this is the romance. Your dialogue was really believable and realistic, which is good, but it was believable for a middle school girl. I don't know how old you are, maybe you are in middle school, and if so, don't take any offense by this at all. But I think middle school "romance" isn't romantic and isn't necessarily sweet. Saying "hang out" just makes me think of preteens trying to date because it's cool. If you want this to be a sweet, swept off her feet kind of love, you need to take out the hanging out. Maybe have him just come down and start talking to her. Maybe have them go eat or go for a walk, just don't call it hanging out. That makes it sound awkward.
Also, is Jakob her fiance? That part seemed really random to me. And if Kira is engaged than why is she running around at night and falling instantly in love with angels?
Also, you switched tenses a couple of times. You'd go from this is what they're doing to this is what they did. That interrupts the story telling.
I don't think I have anything else to say. But overall you did a really nice job. Like I said before, I really like the angels and werewolves idea. It's refreshing to read the werewolf thing without any mention of vampires. Although, why is it that werewolves always have some enemy? I guess they just aren't peaceful at all. :D
Yeah, can't think of anything else. I hope this review helped.

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94 Reviews

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Sun Feb 24, 2013 3:11 am
Nook wrote a review...


I spent an hour writing a review for this and it just flipped on me. I hate when the Internet does that. Whatever. I'll start over. *feels kinda lazy* Basically, I don't have much experience writing or reviewing scripts, but your's was written really good in my opinion. Going neither too deep into details nor leaving important tidbits out of it.

I love romance, so I was really happy reading this. You rarely see good "paranormal romance" without there being some SPARKLY GUY that's a WOMANISER. >.> Haha, anyway, back to the story. Wearwolf and Angel? That's an interesting combination! I've seen humans + vampires, humans + angels (fallen), humans + ghosts, but never two supernatural beings together. ;) Props to you, my good lady.

I don't really know if I should comment on the structure because Soulkana already commented on it, so I'll just add in like ONE thing.

The camera then zooms back up in the sky, was something was soaring in the air as black feathers were floating down from the moving object. This object was in a form of a person. The person was tall and muscular, having long blonde hair and green eyes. Wings spread out from his body and he was the one soaring in the air.

I suggest you change it to something along the lines of this.

The camera then zooms back up in the sky,and shows a moving object soaring in the air, black feathers floating down from it. This object was in a form of a person. The person was tall and muscular, having long blonde hair and green eyes. Wings spread out from his body and he was the one soaring in the air.

I think this looks way better. ^^"

I don't understand one thing- the tube. What's the tube? It wasn't written very well. Something about hitting the tube and one door closing? That wasn't written good and made me really confused. -.-

I also don't like the progression of the love in just a manner of hours. I think it takes a lot more than that to say you truly "love someone." And the random suggestion Kira had, "Kira: (Pouts) Well then. I guess we both are. Uhm… Do you want to… uh hang out sometime?" Like they already know each other, like they don't have a rule dividing them. Seems a bit dumb. ^^"

I also think Jakob (lol) was an unnecessarily kept a fiancé. I mean, I didn't see any relevance to that title. The couple still got together in the end, there wasn't any fight over who gets to marry who. Seems kind of like a random, meaningless plot twist shoved right in the middle of the story.

I think that's it for me. But still, I really enjoyed reading this. It was engaging and my favourite piece this evening so far. :P Keep at it!

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378 Reviews

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Reviews: 378

Sun Feb 24, 2013 2:32 am
Soulkana wrote a review...

The script was intriguing. I can't wait to read more of this if you do make more. Anyhow, I am here for a review.

The Line:

Dr. Ralston: Not good. I can’t any of their species in this town. (He sighs softly, rubbing his temples trying to think) We must keep searching. Look for proof. Anything.

The word, find, is missing. I assume you meant it to say "I can't find any of their species in this town."

The Line:
The camera then zooms back up in the sky, was something was soaring in the air as black feathers were floating down from the moving object.

The phrasing, was something was, seems very odds and I don't know if you meant it that way. It doesn't seem to make sense to me.

The line:
Cheshire: Only to fly around. What’s so bad about the human world anyways? Geez, calm down, old man. (Lays

down on the cloud and sighs happily)

The spacing has been placed wrong. There are many others like this further down as well.

The overall conclusion is that I really enjoyed this script. Thought I don't read many I can't wait to read more of this one. If you write more, tell me! Hope this will fix things. Sincerely, Soulkana.

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51 Reviews

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Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:09 am
Glauke wrote a review...

Arggh, I posted a review on this earlier but I was stupid and I forgot to clarify that this was a review and not a commet, so the review was posted as a comment and therefore my team received no points. So I'm just going to repost my review. Sorry about the confusion.


Hi there. :)

I actually really liked this, and I understood it really well. (That can be an issue with scripts sometimes; they can be a little hard to visualize as you're reading them.) You did great with this one, though.

One thing that I would like to point out is that when Kira is sitting on a park bench, she says "Who cares about that angel and werewolf stuff anyways? It%u2019s in the past. Get over it all ready%u2026". It's not clear who she's talking to here. I assumed that she was talking on the phone, but then it occured to me that she could have just been talking to herself. Whatever the case may be, you should probably specify who she is talking to.

I did really like the way you fused romance with adventure and still made time to develop both plots independently as well as together. It made for a good story.

Thanks for writing and posting this. I hope I made my points clear. I really really enjoyed this, it was brilliant.

- Penprincess

P.S. My name is Kira in real life :)

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