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E - Everyone

♡ indie/grunge/pale ♡

by w0nd3rstruck

You know when you do that thing you always do.

Where you say you're going to bed but you're really not.

Where you go to your computer and you go to

that website and you sit there for hours upon hours just

scrolling through pictures of people and places and things and quotes

and you realise how insignificant your life really is.

And how amazing all of these people and places and things and quotes

really are.

And how amazing you're not.

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Sun Dec 29, 2013 1:28 am
mephistophelesangel wrote a review...

Hi, w0nd3rstruck!

I should say, this poem IS a little depressing. But it is intriguing, and I know for a fact that some people (in my case, some of my friends) do that thing over and over again and become depressed... and I can totally relate to every single word in this poem.

'that website and you sit there for hours upon hours just

scrolling through pictures of people and places and things and quotes

and you realise how insignificant your life really is.'

This is a little bit sad.. but yeah... sometimes, truth. But most of the times, NOT. I would just like to say, in case that this is your own story, just MAYBE, that 'your' life is very, very significant, special, unique from any other ones. The internet just might make you feel better, but it might not, and if that is the case, just sit down, lay back, take a deep breath and try to find something you love, and find someone that will make you feel special.

I love this poem, w0nd3r.

Thanks, and keep on writing, mephis! :D

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Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:43 am
anshira wrote a review...

hi. I liked this poem and it is marvellous. This thought is really a common one and to change it into a peom is very clever of you. What i loved about this poem was the ending. I also like the parts reffering to the scrolling and looking at things randomly.

What I felt you could improve was the flow- some lines felt like they were forced.

Anyway, this was a really nice poem and I hope to read more of your work.

- Anshira

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Sun Dec 22, 2013 3:11 am
Jessheeran wrote a review...

I really enjoyed this poem! Is this a poem about Tumblr?
I have a feeling this is about Tumblr, haha.
I've felt that way. A lot of the time I spent scrolling through my dashboard looking at photos of girls I'd never look like, of clothes I'd never wear, of places I'd never be in, of poems I'd never write and food I'd never taste, I'd realise that my life was awkward and empty.
But it really does get better, isn't that what they say?
I just hope you can come out of this situation with your head up. Don't worry, most of the people in those photos are just... in the photos.
The girls try too hard, the clothes get out of style, the places get cold, lonely, they're always there, the poems are nothing like the things we write, from our experiences, and the food can be reproduced by just about anybody.
What I mean is, nothing is worth feeling down on, like you're not amazing.
You have your own look, your own clothes, your own special place, your own food, your own poems. And that's worth more than any reblogged post.

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