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31 horrific Halloween Tales

by vampricone6783

*These are short Halloween themed stories I made. I’ll try to update every day.I have designs of the characters from the different stories on my wall. I used Gacha Club to create them.

TALE ONE-Liar, Liar, head on fire.

Once upon a time, in a little house in a suburban neighborhood, there were five teens hanging out in the basement. Two of them were arguing on how to say a popular phrase correctly.

“It’s “Liar, Liar, pants on fire! Not head on fire! Everybody knows that!”

“No, it’s “Liar, Liar, head on fire!” I heard someone saying that in my elementary school!”

The two people who were currently arguing was a boy and a girl. Their names were Charlie and Lisa. They’ve been having this argument since they first came there.

Lisa believed that it was “Head on fire.” Charlie said “Pants on fire.”

“You go with that fact after hearing something from elementary school?! We don’t even go to elementary school, we’re teenagers! Why would you bring that up?” Charlie asked.

“Why are you guys having this argument in the first place? This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever witnessed.” said one of the teens. Her name was Elli.

“I have a way to settle this!” shouted a boy. His name was David.

“What?” asked yet another teen. She was Maybelle.


“A good old fashioned coin toss!” David yelled.

“Coin toss? That’s for babies!” Charlie said.

“Well, you and Lisa are acting like babies, so we can only settle this in a baby way.” Elli said matter-of-factly.

“Alright, let’s just get this over with.” The kids surrendered.

“I’m head.” Lisa said with a devious smile on her face.

“Then I guess I’m tails.” Charlie said, shrugging.

David flipped the coin.

The coin hovered in the air.

They watched intently.

It fell to the ground…

It was still spinning…

It landed on…

“HEADS! I win!” Lisa squealed happily.

“Whatever. It doesn’t mean anything.” Charlie said.

“It doesn’t mean anything to you?” Lisa asked.

“It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a stupid co-“

Charlie’s head was on fire.

So was Maybelle’s, Elli’s, and David’s.

All of their heads were on fire except for Lisa’s.

Lisa sighed.

“It had to be done. Liar, Liar, head on fire.” She said.

She left them burning in the basement.

TALE TWO-My clown friends

Once upon a time, there was a sweet girl named Ariana. Ariana wasn’t one to judge people and she loved making friends.

So when she heard the legend of Zeze and Zuzu, she wasn’t frightened.

Zeze and Zuzu were two clowns who loved each other in life, who died together, in their clown costumes. Legend had it that they haunted their old house, looking for new people to stay with them, to share their sorrows.


Ariana felt like that was the most tragic love story she had ever heard and she wanted to meet them.


One day, she and her friends explored the haunted house, looking for their ghosts.

She heard large, thumping, thunderous clown boots on the floor.

Weird clown music playing…

Bright lights that appeared out of nowhere..

And then…


Ariana and her friends turned around.

A male clown with green hair and all of the other clown garb was standing with a female clown with yellow hair. They couldn’t describe the details of them. They were clowns and that was all that they saw.

“You’re Zuzu?” Ariana asked the male clown.

“Yup. That lady over there is Zeze.” He said, pointing to the female clown.

“Isn’t Zuzu a girl’s name?” One of her friends asked.

“Why, yes, but it’s just a name. What does it matter if I’m a girl or not?” Zuzu asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to be our friends? We’re so lonely these days...” Zeze sighed sadly.

“Ew, no!”

“Get lost, clowns!”

“Why would we?”

“Definitely NOT!”

“You kids are so rude these days.” They said.

“Well, go on. If you don’t want to be our friends, you can leave.” They said.

Then, Zeze spotted Ariana.

“You there. Young lady.” She said, pointing to her.

Ariana pointed to herself.

“Me?” She asked.

“You haven’t said a word.” Zeze said.

“Oh. Well, what do you want me to say?” Ariana asked.

“Do you want to be our friends? We’ll ask you again if you say no.” They said.

Ariana smiled.

“Of course! You guys seem so lonely, I’d love to be your friend!” Ariana beamed.

Her friends looked at her like she was crazy.

“No, Ariana!”

“It’s a horrible idea!”

“Why would you agree?”

But the two clowns just smiled.

“Perfect. You’re such a sweet and nice little girl. We’re going to have so much fun with you.” They said.

They each carried Ariana rather aggressively away from her friends.

Speaking of which, they tried chasing her, but they got lost in the house.


“Hey, it’s dark in here! Could you please turn on the lights?”

“Certainly.” Zuzu said to Ariana.

The lights turned on.

Ariana was in the basement. There were cobwebs everywhere. Rotting blood was on the walls and floor, dead bodies were decaying and a single torture chair stood at the center of it all, complete with torture weapons.

“We do this to all of our friends.” Zeze said.

“Our oldest friend is from 1945!” Zuzu squealed.

“Wait…I don’t understand...” Ariana was saying.

They hoisted and strapped Ariana onto the chair.

“Our new victim!” They yelled happily.

They grabbed pliers…

TALE THREE-Basement scares

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Edward, who was afraid of the basement.

Edward knew that he wasn’t the only kid in the world who was afraid of their own basement, but he thought that there was something evil about this particular basement.

Every night, when he’d go to bed, he’d hear loud groaning and moaning coming from the basement. Sometimes, he heard people screaming from the basement.

He’d go to the basement during the day, when it wasn’t frightening. There was nothing bad about it in daylight.

But at night…it was a different story.

It drove Edward crazy, he wanted to know what was in the basement!


One night, Edward decided to go check it out.

He crept downstairs to the basement…

He turned on the light..


“Huh. I guess it was just my own imagina-“

An enormous, hairy, gray-furred claw snatched him.


Edward opened his eyes. He was surrounded by tall, gray-furred, red eyed, cave-men people.

The cave-men people opened their mouths, revealing rows of sharp, canine teeth…

They advanced towards him…

Edward was never seen again…

TALE FOUR-Snitches get stitches

Once, there were three teens hanging out in one of their houses after school. Their names were Jacqueline, Jason, and Millie. They were all at Jacqueline's house, to be exact.

They were watching a movie together and at one point, Millie was going to get a glass of water,but accidentally dropped the glass cup in the process.

Her friends helped her clean the mess up, they promised not to tell anyone. After all, snitches get stitches.


When the movie was over, they didn’t know what else to do. They were utterly bored.

So, they went to jump on the trampoline, because why not? No one else was there to judge them.

Now, the thing with the trampoline was that it was next to an in-ground pool. If one pushed someone off of the trampoline, the unlucky victim would drown in the pool.

They didn’t worry about this and jumped on the trampoline with abandon.


Millie and Jacqueline were arguing over who took whose boyfriend while jumping on the trampoline. Jason tried to settle things between them, but they wouldn’t budge.

In a fit of anger, Jacqueline pushed Millie off of the trampoline and into the pool.

Jason ran inside to call 911 and Jacqueline…Jacqueline just watched Millie drown.


The police arrived and Jason was about to tell them what happened, but Jacqueline carried him away.

They were in the living room together.

“Why did you kill Millie?” Jason asked.

“She deserved it for stealing my boyfriend.” Jacqueline said smugly.

Jason had to tell the police what happened. This was a crime.

But, he couldn’t move his lips.

He grabbed his cell phone and went on the camera app..

His entire mouth was stitched shut.

“Snitches get stitches.” Jacqueline said, raising a knife above his head. He couldn’t scream for help.

Snitches get stitches…

TALE FIVE-The cats

Once, there were two cats who always fought each other, day and night. They never seemed to stop fighting.

At least, that’s how the story went. The young woman who told the story, Mariposa, never finished the story.

It only made her listeners want to hear more about the two cats who always fought.

One day, a girl named Marie dared to finish the story herself. Marie was the kind of person who felt uneasy when things were left unfinished and this story was bothering her to her core.

She had to finish it. She just had to.

Mariposa warned her that only the storyteller could finish it, if someone else did, something terrible would happen.

But Marie didn’t listen and finished the story anyway.

The two cats both died and came back as zombie cats, attacking every citizen in the town.

People were terrified of her story. Marie was proud. She wanted to tell horror stories of her own.


Later that night, when she went to bed, she heard faint meowing underneath her covers.

“Huh. I wonder what all this is about...” Marie said to herself.

When she opened the covers, a zombie black cat and a zombie tabby cat jumped at her and clawed her eyes out.

Then, the cats proceeded to mangle her entire body.

Marie screamed, but it was useless.

She was going to die.

She should have never finished that story…

TALE SIX-The toy

Once upon a time, in an old and dusty antique shop, there was a family of four, looking at old antiques.

A little girl, Anahi, was with her older brother, Nico. They were just hanging out in the store, waiting for their parents to stop looking at things, when, all of a sudden, Anahi noticed something in the corner of the store, moldy and forgotten, the colors faded.

A plush clown doll, sitting on a shelf in the corner, all alone. Seeing it in such a state made her want to burst into tears. No toy should ever be left in that condition!

Anahi giddily told her parents about the toy that she so desperately wanted, the old thing she wanted to take care of, but couldn’t reach, because she was too short.

Her parents agreed on getting her the weathered doll as long as she was happy. The doll also needed a good, long cleaning, too.


After the doll was bought, cleaned and lovingly named Binky Slinky by Anahi, all was well.

Or was it?

You see, Nico was getting annoyed and a little creeped out with how Anahi was devoted and obsessed with the toy.

Every single time he told her to throw it out and get rid of the old thing, Anahi simply stuck her tongue out at him and said:

“He’s sooo cute, right? Say hello to my bestest friend!”

Her “bestest friend” had a creepy clown smile and seemed to want to kill Nico when he looked into his eyes.


One night, Nico was lying in bed, wide awake, when he heard something on his door.

He at first thought that it was Anahi. Nico rolled his eyes and pushed the sheets away from him. She was probably asking to sleep in his room, yet again.

“Anahi? You want to sleep in my room again? I’m sorry, but I don’t feel like-“

It wasn’t Anahi at his door.

It was Binky Slinky, much bigger and more frightening than when he was a doll.

“What-“ Nico was saying.

“You’re the fool who bothers Anahi. Don’t worry, I’ll make your death fast and painless. No one will notice a thing. I’ll simply wear your skin as a..watcha you call it? The thing you kids wear on Halloween? Ah yes, costumes. I’m sure your sister will appreciate a nicer brother..” He said.

Nico braced himself for what was coming…

TALE SEVEN-The fearsome fangirls

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Ashton.

Ashton was fourteen years old and for the life of him, he couldn’t understand fangirls.

Girls who obsessed over one thing, like it was their life source, their water.

How could people obsess over something so much that they’d dedicate their whole lives to it?

For example, the new Halloween movie coming out was about a vampire Prince who got kidnapped by his ex-witch girlfriend and his human girlfriend was the only person who could save him.

Already the girls in his school were obsessed with the vampire Prince, wanting to be swept into his arms and have their blood sucked from him.


A vampire, a being that sucked the blood of humans to survive, now being fawned over by the crazy girls in his school.

Every day when Ashton went to school, all he could hear was the talk of the new movie and “the hot vampire Prince” as the girls called him.

It appeared that they didn’t care about the movie at all and only wanted the Prince.


News has gotten out that the actor for the vampire Prince didn’t want to be in the movie, he wanted to do different projects instead. But the trouble was that the trailer had already been released and the date was set in stone.

There was talk of deleting the movie and having somebody else, someone who was less handsome, play the Prince.

Ashton, hearing this news, couldn’t wait to see the reactions of the girls in his school.

They were crying and screaming at their fangirl friends:”They can’t replace him! He’s too good!”

Ashton smiled.

“Maybe they can. How can you say he’s a good actor? I saw him in other movies and he was terrible ,in my opinion. There are better actors than him. I’m sure the movie will still be good. That is,if you want to watch the movie.” Ashton said.

The girls turned to face them. A whole group of them surrounded Ashton.

“No one replaces him. No one!” They cried.

They looked around, to make sure no one was watching. One girl nodded to another girl.

The girl returned the nod and carried Ashton out of the school, to a bush growing behind the school, a bush that hadn’t been tended to since 1995.

It was 2019.

The girl who carried him was surprisingly strong for a girl, Ashton mused.

“You made fun of him. Now, you shall die.” She said.

Ashton laughed. A stupid fangirl was threatening him! What could she do?

Ashton tried to climb out of the bush, but kept falling and stumbling over the leaves and branches.

He was stuck.

The girl climbed out with ease.

“Hey, what are you doing?!” Ashton screamed. She simply smiled at him and walked away.

Ashton tried calling for help, but no one heard him. The leaves muffled his voice.

Ashton was going to starve to death. He’d die alone.

All because of the fearsome fangirls.

TALE EIGHT-Mommy’s last straw

Once, there was a kind and patient woman named Ember.Ember had two children,who were two years apart.

Celine, who was eleven years old and Jonathan, who was nine years old.

Her  kids, who always went to school and listened to her.

She did most of the work in the house and it was stressful for Ember because her husband worked in a police station and she had to do the chores of the house and take care of her kids while having little time for herself.

Day in and day out, the same thing. Work, kids, and sleep. Work, kids, and sleep.

Work, kids, and sleep.

Work, kids, and sleep.

Work, kids, and sleep.



It was October, the month of Halloween.Ember was sitting with her kids,in the living room, watching TV. Well, she wasn’t. Her kids were.

Also, Celine and Jonathan were bothering her nonstop about Halloween costumes, being afraid of scary movies, and the kind of candy that they wanted.

Ember was thinking about dinner. She had no idea on what to cook and she didn’t feel like going to the store to get food. She didn’t want to eat out.

Her husband was still at work.

She only had her kids with her.

Her very well fed kids.

They were right there.

The dinner.

Talking to her.

Ember smiled a most devious smile for a mother.

“Mommy, what’s so funny?” Jonathan asked.

“Come, kids. Let’s go make dinner together.”   Ember said. She turned off the TV and led them to the kitchen.

They followed her like sheep.


They had finally reached the kitchen. The lights were turned off.

“Hey, we can’t see anything!”  They cried.

Ember, still holding onto their small backs, carefully strapped them to the kitchen island. She knew her way around the kitchen, even in the dark, because she slaved away in there, for days, weeks, and years.

“Hey!  What are you doing?”  They asked.

She turned on the light.

Ember grabbed her sharpest knife.




“Ew, there’s blood everywhere!”

“Help me!”

“Mommy, what are you doing?“


Then, blessed silence. Ember threw their remains in the oven to cook.


Her husband was home. Good.

“Oh, my dear love, come and eat your dinner I worked so hard to make!”  Ember cried out, preparing the plate of fried children.

He came to the kitchen.

“Honey, where are the kids?”  He asked.

“Closer than you think.”  She said, smiling as she handed him the plate.

“This meat looks..hm..“ He was saying.

She knew that he knew what human meat looked like. He was a police officer, who knows what he would have seen?

But she also knew that he was standing right in front of the oven.

Ember opened the oven door and swiftly kicked him in,locking him in the oven.

She would have a splendid dinner that night.

Yes, Ember would.

Mommy had her last straw with her family. Now, they were her dinner.

TALE NINE-Insane video game lovers

Once upon a time, in a basement, there were three cousins arguing over a car video game.

The three kids were Elizabeth, who was twelve years old, Christopher, who was eleven years old and Lily, who was eight years old.

Elizabeth and Lily were siblings, and Christopher’s older sister, Isabella, a fourteen year old girl who didn’t care for video games, was going downstairs to check on them.

“You guys are still playing that game?”  Isabella asked.

They nodded.

“You’ve got to go to bed now. You’ve been playing that thing for too long.”  Isabella said.

“That’s the point of the game. To win. No one has won yet.”  Elizabeth said in her annoying, know-it-all, preteen voice.

“Isn’t the point of playing games to have fun?”  Isabella asked.

“No!  Are you crazy?”

“It’s to win!”

“That’s the point!”

“You don’t understand video games!”

Isabella wasn’t about to deal with their stupid talk of winning video games, so she left them alone.

Later that night, they were still playing the game.

“Hey, why are the game controllers vibrating?”  Lily asked Elizabeth nervously.

“Relax. It’s probably just a special vibrating thing the consoles do.”  Elizabeth said.

“Liz, I’m getting nervous. The screen is glitching.”  Christopher said.

“You guys are chickens. It’s nothing.”  Elizabeth said.

The screen went black.

Suddenly, a blast of light surrounded them.

They woke up in race cars, in a race track. The track looked exactly like the one in the game that they were playing.

“I don’t know how to drive!”  Lily cried.

“Me neither!”  Christopher wailed.

“We’ll find a way out, I’m sure. Let’s just call Isabella.”  Elizabeth said.

“Isabella!  Help!  We got trapped in our video game!”  Elizabeth cried, but Isabella didn’t hear her.

How could she?  They were trapped in a video game.

“On your mark...”   The video game announcer shouted.

“Get set…”

RACE!”  He yelled.

They had no choice. They had to finish the game if they wanted to get home…

TALE TEN-The pirate ghost

In a small seaside town called Moonbeach, there was talk of a female ghost of a pirate haunting the sea.

Her birth name was Adeline Claudia Josette. But to fellow pirates, her name was “Claudia of the sea.”

It was rumored that she became a pirate because she wanted to escape her life as a wealthy Princess. In doing so, she became the biggest scare of the sea of all time.

No member of royalty was safe from her wrath. Claudia of the sea and her pirate crew would steal millions of valuable jewelry, gold and anything else that glittered and was worth more than millions from the rich and famous.

She was never caught.

Until one day, when she was pursued by a rival pirate crew on a stormy night and her ship drowned, taking her, her pirates and the treasure with it.

Claudia was said to guard her treasure, threatening to drown anyone who dared to touch her loot.


A girl who heard of the tale, Karina, was enchanted by the story. She wanted to go to the sea herself and find Claudia’s ghost.

When it was late at night and her parents were sleeping, she snuck out to the beach, with the moon as her only light.

She walked up to the water and put her hand out.

“Claudia, oh Claudia!  I’m going to steal your treasure, Claudia. Claudia, come and get your loot. Or are you too stupid-“

Karina never got to finish her sentence, because she was screaming hysterically.

A rotting, barnacle infested, veiny haired Claudia was pulling Karina into the ocean.

No one touches me loot!  No one!  Not a darned soul!”  Claudia thundered in a rasping, rotten voice.

No one heard Karina scream as she was pulled into the murky waters…

TALE ELEVEN-Born in the wrong decade!

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Madeleine. Madeleine loved the clothes of the 1800s, the music of the 1980s and the movies of the 1950s.

Yet, Madeleine lived in the 21st century.

Madeleine couldn’t understand why she loved these things that were from years ago, but she just accepted it as a part of her personality, because she was unique that way.

One night, as Madeleine was dreaming, a voice said:

“Madeleine, you are simply in the wrong decade. Come, follow me.”

Madeleine followed the voice in the murky depths of her dream, but the voice lead her nowhere.

Madeleine is still wandering in her mind, searching for her correct decade…

…Will she ever get there?

TALE TWELVE-Clown girl ballerina

Once upon a time, there was an old, run-down circus,in a small town called:”Aliceshire Hills.”

The circus’s name was forgotten, holding broken dreams and faint children’s laughter in its grounds. The lights didn’t twinkle, the music didn’t play, the rides never worked. Graffiti decorated the walls. No one ever stepped foot in the circus.

At a small circus tent, there lies the dead, rotting body of a clown. He supposedly died in 1947, so he should be rotting bones and squishy maggots by now, but no. His body still looked the same, even in 2014.

Legend had it that police tried to move the body and medical professionals tried to examine it, but an unknown force had stopped them and they left the clown in its place.

Little was known about the clown himself, including his name. What was definite was that he never rotted away to bones, anyone who was sensible never bothered his resting place. However, rebellious teens visited him, trying to see if anything would happen.

To their disappointment, nothing ever happened.

But…a group of cocky teenagers plus one reluctant girl visited the clown.

The young girl’s name was Riley. Riley was known as “the stupid and sensitive” one of the group.

Riley didn’t believe she was stupid, she was just emotional.

That’s why she was reluctant to being there. She didn’t like the idea of fooling around in a place where somebody died. It was just wrong to her.

But Riley’s friends, Chayanne, Josh, and Kyle called her a scaredy-cat for thinking this. So, she talked herself into joining them, telling herself that it wouldn’t do any harm.

Now, she was doubting herself, wanting to go back.

“Guys, can we go home? I don’t like this.” Riley said.

“Really, Riley? Right when we’re here? Come on, he’s just an old and dead clown. Nothing is going to happen.” Chayanne said.

“Can we just go?! Please?!” Riley asked.

“No! This is our chance to be cool and you’re ruining it! We’ve never should have invited you to be our friend in the first place! You’re so weak!”  Chayanne cried out. The boys seemed to agree with her silently.

“Invited me? Chance to be cool? I thought we were friends. Looks like it was all a lie.” Riley said, walking away.

“No! You’re not leaving us! You’re going to do this dare!”  Chayanne threatened.

Each took hold of Riley and flung her body at a frightening speed onto a dormant carousel horse, causing her to bleed to death.

“I had to. She was being annoying.” Chayanne said with a smirk. The boys cackled at her statement, as if she were the funniest person alive.

They left her body there, not thinking of what would happen.

Somewhere in the circus, the clown heard Riley’s body crush against the carousel and had awakened to find her.

When he found her, he carried Riley’s lifeless body to a tent and fixed her up.

When Riley woke up, her body felt…different.

The dead clown who was standing (Yes, standing) in front of Riley handed her a mirror.

She took it.

Her skin was partly porcelain, there was a frizzy pink wig on her head and she appeared to be wearing a blue ballerina dress. She felt something huge on her back.

Riley turned around and found a windup screw there, the kind one would use to wind up a toy or a music box.

“What is this? Who are you? Aren’t you supposed to be dead? Am I dead?” Riley asked the clown nervously.

He just smiled at her.

“I’m dead and you’re dead. I saved you. You didn’t deserve to die, so I brought you back to life. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best I can do.” He said, gesturing to her porcelain-human flesh body.

“I’ll explain everything later. I promise.” He said.

TALE THIRTEEN-Maria the dentist

Once there were two kids named Mallory and David, who were going to the dentist.

Now, like some kids you may know, they were deathly afraid of the dentist. They didn’t trust them with their tools and the way they looked at your teeth.

But they had to go to the dentist.

So, they were at the dentist’s office, waiting for their names to be called.

The clock was ticking, only letting them know that impending doom was getting nearer.

Even more doom for David, since this was the very first time he would be going to the dentist.

“It’s okay, David. My dentist, Mackenzie, is always so nice to me. She gave me lollipops last time I visited her! Maybe you’ll get her too.” Mallory reassured.

David only nodded silently. Going to the dentist was still going to the dentist, even if they were nice to you.

Finally, their names were called.

“Mallory? David?” A fellow dentist asked kindly.

They sat up.

“Mackenzie is absent today, you have Maria.” He said.

“Absent?” Their mother asked.

The dentist nodded.

Their mother shrugged and waved them off.

The two kids followed him to a door labeled:MARIA.

“Maria? They’re here.” The dentist said.

He shut the door on them.

A young woman with more tools than what was necessary for her profession was smiling evilly at them.

“My, my, what lovely tongues you have.” Maria said.

“Tongues? Aren’t you a dentist? Shouldn’t you be worrying about our teeth?” Mallory asked.

Maria just laughed.

“Oh no, I’m going to drill your tongues out.” Maria said, bringing out a monstrous tool that looked it could drill tongues out.

“Mommy!” David cried.

The children slowly backed away from Maria…

TALE FOURTEEN-Vampire of the 80’s 

There was once a young girl named Serena, who was interested in the 80’s. She wanted to know what the 80’s was like, what they did during that time period, what they wore, everything.

One day, a girl named Elise, who was obsessed with the 80’s as much as she was, wanted to talk to her about it.

Elise even told her that she was a vampire from that time period.

Serena didn’t believe her. She thought that Elise was just having fun with her.

But one day, as Serena was looking at yearbooks of her school that were from the 80’s, she saw Elise in one of the photos.

“I told you so.” Elise said, cackling at Serena’s dumbfounded look.

TALE FIFTEEN-Children’s day

Once, there was a Mayor, who felt like there should be a new holiday in his town. Something that didn’t exist yet.

So, he created “Children’s day” a day celebrating children.

Everyone would have to listen to children, no matter what they requested.

At first it was alright, all the kids were asking for were more toys and games.

Then, the requests got more insane. Children wanted adults to drive themselves off cliffs, to see what would happen when they died. They wanted to tear their own eyes out to see how much blood would come out.

The children’s final wish was to eat the adults and consume themselves after, to see what would happen.

These children were too curious for their own good…

TALE SIXTEEN-Freaks in love

Once upon a time, there were two teens on Halloween night, hanging out with each other. They were deeply in love with each other.

One was a girl named Celina. Celina was loud and outspoken and always fought for what she believed in. She was a clown for Halloween.

Her boyfriend, Alejandro, was an elegant and generous gentleman, who wanted to save the world. He was a vampire for Halloween.

The two were just regular teens hanging out with each other.

But then, one Halloween, they became their costumes…

They were cursed to be this way…forever.

Every Halloween night, the two come out and cause some Halloween haunts.

No matter what, they’d always love each other.

Even as freaky, sharp-toothed, strange monsters.


Once upon a time, there was a family going on a camping trip.

A mother, a father, and a ten year old boy named Oscar.

Oscar wasn’t a huge fan of camping, so when he heard that they were going out for some “family time”, Oscar felt like moving to another state and not ever associating with them again.

But what could he do about it? His parents were the adults here, not him. It was up to them, not him.

So here they were, finally arriving at the camping site, Oscar sitting in the car, dreading the day.

The family of three got out of the car, planning to put up their tent, when, suddenly, Oscar saw three people hanging off of nooses tied to the tree branches.

The three people looked exactly like them.

“Mom? Dad? Do…do you see that?” Oscar asked quietly,pointing at the branches.The noosed family was gone.

“See what? Oscar, come and help us! Don’t just stand there!” His father yelled.

Oscar shook off the sick feeling of impending doom inside him. Maybe he was just imagining things.


Late into the night, when it was time to go to bed, Oscar closed his eyes…

He and his family were running, running from..

A camp counselor? Why?

The camp counselor was smiling manically and cackled:

“I almost succeeded in turning your son into a duck! Oh well, I must kill you now!“

The counselor caught up to them and hung them all on trees. They choked to death.

Their bodies were found hanging off trees…

Oscar woke up in a cold sweat. What was all that about? Evil camp counselors turning boys into ducks?

That was just plain weird. It felt like some kind of fever dream.


The next day, his parents decided to go on a hiking trip, where a camp counselor would be their tour guide.

When they got to the hiking site, the camp counselor was standing there, looking all nature-loving and overly friendly.

He reminded Oscar of the camp counselor who pursued him and his parents in his dream…

But it was just a dream, right? It wasn’t reality.

The counselor smiled.

“Come, right this way.” He said.

They began hiking through trees, mountains and bushes, the guy talking nonstop about the “wonders of nature.”

Oscar stopped worrying about his dream. This was just another boring camping trip.

But then the guy smiled and he walked towards Oscar.

“I just love ducks. They are such wonderful creatures. I wish that everyone was a duck.” He said.

“Dude, that’s...weird.” Oscar said, walking away from him.

“Oscar, be nice!” His mother scolded.

The counselor raised his hands, uttered strange words and duck wings sprouted on the boy’s back.

“Hey! What are you doing to my son?!” His father asked.

His mother pushed the counselor, causing his strange spell to no longer work and the duck wings disappearing from Oscar’s back.

“Let’s just forget that this ever happened, okay?” His mother asked.

Him and his Dad nodded.

With that, they proceeded to run away, but the counselor was already running after them, wearing the smile that all cheery camp counselors wear.

“I almost succeeded in turning your son into a duck! Oh well, I must kill you now!” The camp counselor exclaimed.

The guy caught up to them and tied the family of three to nooses, hanging off pf tree branches.

The moral of the story is, beware of camp counselors and ducks. They will come back at you, in the worst and weirdest way possible.

TALE EIGHTEEN-Excitement is on your way

Once upon a time, there was a young thirteen year old girl, sitting carelessly on her armchair in her bedroom, uninterestingly scrolling through the internet.

Suddenly, she came across a rather disturbing drawing of sort of boogeyman monster murdering a little boy. There was blood all over the drawing, the poor kid looked like he was screaming for help and underneath the picture, the caption read:

“Excitement is on your way.”

Excitement is on your way.

Excitement is on your way.

The girl knew it was just a drawing, but it still grossed her out and disturbed her deeply to see such a thing show up on her phone.

The girl couldn’t stop thinking about it. When she ate Dinner, she sat at the table, still thinking about the gory image.

When she went to bed that night, she dreamed that same monster came and did that to her.


She woke up the next day and just had to show her family the image.It was the only way she’d cope with it.

She took a deep breath and got the picture saved on her phone.

The girl walked over to the kitchen, to where her mother was making breakfast.

“What is it?” She asked.

With a trembling hand, the girl showed the image to her.

“I...I can’t stop thinking about it!” She cried out.

Her mother only recoiled in disgust and said:


Just then, her little brother came jumping into the kitchen.

She hadn’t meant to, but his eyes caught the image on her phone.

“What is that? Who is he? That’s nightmare fuel, I’m telling you.” He said.

“Nightmare fuel? What’s that?” She asked.

“A scary image on the internet.” Her brother said, backing away from her phone.

The girl didn’t have time to show her Dad the image.

She still kept thinking about the picture. So much, she decided to turn it into a game. Maybe then she’d get it out of her head.

So, she asked her little brother if he wanted to play a game outside. It was a snow day, so why not?

He came outside. She told him she wanted to play tag, but this time, it would be called:”Excitement is on your way.” The objective of the game was to be a “victim” and a “monster.” The monster would chase the victim in the snow and when the monster caught the victim, they would “remove their eyes and organs.” The caught victim would be the monster in the next round.

The little brother agreed. They played the odd game for hours out in the snow, but strangely, the girl was still bothered by the picture.

They kept playing it every time they went outside. It was a rather strange game, but people have created games that were an awful stranger.

One night…she heard screaming from down the hall. She followed the noise and ended up in the living room.

The girl screamed.

In the living room, there were corpses lying eyeless and organ-less on the floor.

Upon closer inspection, they were her mother and brother.

“Hey there, little girl...” A rasping, ugly voice sneered behind her.

She turned around. The same exact monster from the image was hulking, bloody, smiling sharp-toothed at her, standing right behind her.

“Excitement is on your way.” He said.

She screamed, but no one heard her..


……..Are you next?….. 

TALE NINETEEN-Don’t mess with them

Once, there were two adorable, kind and naive little eight year old children. Their names were Katie and Connor.

Katie and Connor were the best of friends, they always stuck with each other, through thick and thin. They’d do anything for the other.

Practically anything.

They both had older siblings, who were teenagers and declared through Heaven and back again that they hated children. Children to them were “annoying little brats who picked their noses and screamed for unnecessary reasons.”

They seemed to forget that they were once “annoying little brats who picked their noses and screamed for unnecessary reasons.”

But that wasn’t on their minds. What mattered to Katie and Connor was winning the approval of their cool, magical, awesome older siblings, because the last thing they wanted was to be unloved by their siblings.

One Halloween night, the siblings invited the two to hang out with them, in the dark woods at night. They couldn’t snitch on their parents, because if they did, they’d never forgive them and the kids wouldn’t be considered “cool.”

Both of them were highly suspicious of their older siblings’s plans of going out to the woods at night and tagging them along.

But both kids swore on a pact to never utter a word to their parents. This was a chance to get cool points from their siblings!  They wouldn’t mess it up!

Late that night, on Halloween, they went to the woods.Their siblings were wearing strange masks for some reason and carrying weapons, but they didn’t ask about them. The last thing they wanted was to be one of those “kids who ask too many questions.”

Katie and Connor were finally taken to a clearing in the woods. There was nothing there. Just a roaring pit of fire that licked the sky and blazed like an inferno.

“Ooh..are we making marshmallows?  That’s soo fun!”  Katie squealed. She couldn’t help herself. She just loved marshmallows.

“If we’re making marshmallows, then where are the marshmallows?”  Connor asked. He didn’t see any as far as he was concerned.

The teens laughed.

“Hey, what’s so funny?”  The kids asked.

They each grabbed a surprised, squirming child and threw them into the fire!



Their screams died down in the burning fire. The last thing they heard was the satanic, booming laughter of their older siblings as they burned to death.

When they were done burning, their siblings ate their corpses, talking about how cool it was to burn their annoying younger siblings and eat their corpses and that everyone in school would love them, praise them, for it.

But that wasn’t the end of Katie and Connor.

Their ghosts watched from afar, in disbelief, confusion and sadness as their siblings pigged out on their flesh.

How could such a thing happen?  How could they..do such a thing?  They knew that they were annoyed by them, but they didn’t know they’d go this far!

“They..they hated us! We were too annoying! They ate us!” Connor wailed,sobbing hysterically.

“Snap out of it!  It’s not our fault we’re dead!  It’s theirs!  They ate us!  We aren’t annoying, they are! Listen, Connor, I have an idea…”  Katie beckoned Connor over to her.

When Katie was done explaining her plan, Connor asked meekly:

“Do you think it will work?”

Katie beamed at her friend.

“Of course it will! Now, just hold my hand and we’ll play the skipping game while we follow them!”  Katie said, sticking out her hand.

The skipping game was a game where they held hands and sang silly, loud songs as they skipped. They always ended the game in laughing fits.

Now..now that might not be the case, given the circumstances.

Nevertheless, Connor took her hand and they skipped to their siblings, who were still disgustingly eating.

“Hiya!”  Katie said.

The teens looked up at them.

“We’re really mad at you for eating us!  We thought you loved us!”  Katie wailed.

They just foolishly and stupidly laughed at them.

The kiddos smiled a devilish, devious smile, the kind all mischievous, clever children wore.

“You know, people don’t give us kids a lot of credit these days. It’s sad, really. But now, you’ll get what you deserve! Connor!” Katie called out for her friend. Her little eyes gleamed with mischief on her bloody, rotting face.

Connor appeared, agreeing with her plan now more than ever.

“Tackle them!”  She squealed.

Connor tackled his older sibling and Katie tackled hers. It was an old game they played of tackling their older siblings.

This time,they had the intention to kill.

The kids slashed their faces, ripped their throats out, pulled out their hair, plucked their eyes out and then stomped on them.

When they were done, the only things left of them was blood, bones and clothes.

Katie and Connor high-fived each other.

They did it!  They gave their siblings what they deserved!

The moral of the story is:Be careful with what you say to kids. They will get back at you,in the most terrifying ways.

TALE TWENTY-No clowning around with love

There were once two teens who were deeply in love. Their story was just like any other cheesy teen romance tale.

The boy, Andy, was the bad boy who didn’t do his homework in time and had slick-back black hair and won the heart of many teens who laid eyes on him.

The girl, Henrietta, or “Henri”, as the school called her, was the smart and good young girl who just so happened to be Andy’s girlfriend.

It was Halloween night and their school was holding a Halloween monster mash in the turf. There would be animatronics, fright sounds, scare actors and actresses, music, food, and more!

It was the party of the decade. Henri hosted it and she was excited beyond belief. Halloween was her favorite holiday and she couldn’t wait to share it with Andy.

There was this one particular decoration she absolutely adored.

It stood at ten feet tall (meaning it would be the first thing guests would see when they went to the party), was pasty white, wore the most blinding clothes to exist, carried a freaking mallet, smiled like there was no tomorrow, teeth as sharp as death’s blade, eyes glowed and a murderous laugh would escape its lips when people walked by.

It was a Halloween clown animatronic. That would glow its eyes and laugh at visitors if people walked by.

Even though Henri knew it was just a decoration and had no personality of its own, she would imagine the clown-Chuckles, she mentally named it-would come to life at night and reign terror on the “measly humans” and then would come back in the morning to remain doing his duty as a Halloween decoration.

Henri imagined personalities and names for every inanimate thing she saw. It was a way to pass the time and bring some excitement into her life.

She couldn’t wait for the Halloween party so she could show Andy her favorite decoration, Chuckles.

When the day of Halloween arrived, Henri excitedly brought her boyfriend over to the monster of a decoration, laughing mockingly at the two teenagers.

Henri beamed. She loved the spirit of Halloween.

She looked over to her boyfriend and to her delight, he was laughing!

“See? Isn’t it wonderful? It’s just so horrifically lovely!” Henri exclaimed in delight. She was just too excited to contain herself.

“Me? Thinking that ugly thing is wonderful? It’s the worst and I don’t mean that in a good way. It’s ugly. I don’t understand how you could like it.” Andy laughed.

Henri knew that he wasn’t laughing in delight. He was laughing at Chuckles.

But she wasn’t too bothered by it. She would just gently explain to him why Chuckles wasn’t ugly, he was wonderful.

“First off, he has a name. It’s Chuckles. Second, he’s not ugly, he’s wonderful! He’s a crowd-pleaser! He’s-“

“Your new boyfriend, it seems! “Oohh! I’m in love with Chuckles the clown! He’s sooo hot, hotter than my boyfriend, Andy! I just wanna smooch his clown fa-“

“Cut it out! Let’s go get some food.” Henri said, annoyed at Andy.


So, they went to get some food.

But as they were eating and having fun, Henri couldn’t stop thinking about how rude her boyfriend when was when she tried to have a conversation with him about Chuckles.

Henri shrugged it off. Not all people could appreciate Halloween.


Henri was sitting by herself, in a bench. The party was a hit and she just wanted to spend a few more minutes there.

“Hey Henri! Aren’t you leaving? The party is pretty much done! Everyone else is leaving!” Andy yelled.

“Just a few more minutes.” Henri said.

Andy walked over to her.

“I’m not joking. We’re going.” Andy grabbed her hand. She yanked it away.

“Don’t grab me like that!” Henri yelled.

“Like what?” He asked, annoyed.

“Like this.” Henri did the same to him.

He rolled his eyes as if to say:That’s nothing.

“Come on, Henri. Me and my friends were thinking of egging the houses down the block. Are you up for it?” He asked.

This was be the first time she was allowed to egg houses with him. It was a big deal, to egg houses with the hottest boy in school.

But Henri shook her head. She wouldn’t enjoy vandalizing homes.

“Stop being such a nerd and join us! Or do you want to hang out with your clown boyfriend?” Andy asked teasingly.

“Stop it. It’s not funny and it never was. I just like Chuckles. He’s cool.” Henri said.

“You like him so much? Ugh, I’m done with you. I thought you were cool, but you’re just a nerdy, Halloween-loving loser.” Andy said.

“Fine. I’m done with you too, if that’s how you feel.” Henri said. She got up from her bench, ready to walk away, but he pulled on her arm.

“If you like him so much, why don’t you kiss him?” Andy asked.

Henri tried to escape him, but his arms were surprisingly strong for someone his age. He carried her to the animatronic’s leg.

She couldn’t do anything to save herself. She tried to, though. She really did. She even tried biting him.

But he already smashed her head against the clown’s leg.

This was the exact moment the school was taking Chuckles down.

Chuckles fell on Henri and crushed her entire body.

Andy killed her.


Henri woke up feeling bigger, much bigger and powerful. Like she could crush puny little boys with her bare hands.

Henri dusted herself off and stood up. Maybe it was the magic of Halloween candy getting to her.

“Wait. I didn’t eat any candy. Just regular food, no sugar.” Henri said.

Her voice sounded strange, too. Like a robotic clown..

..She looked down..

WOW! The ground was…smaller. It shrunk.

So did everything else around her.

Either the world shrunk or she grew taller. Both were extremely impossible.

Henri looked at her legs for ten first time.

“What on earth am I wearing? I’m dressed like a clown. Wait, I should feel my face.” She said.

Her face felt weird, too. Like she had a clown nose.

She wasn’t a clown, though..


Henri remembered last night. The clown crushing her body..darkness and then this!


Could it be true?

Was it really real?

“Am I possessing Chuckles?! Am I a clown now?” Henri asked.

Yup, it appeared she was.

“Huh. I don’t want to be in a dusty school basement for years, though. Maybe I’ll escape from this animatronic.” Henri said.

But she couldn’t. She was stuck inside of Chuckles.

“Well..I could just leave the school as Chuckles. Then again, they’d notice a ten foot clown missing, but maybe some dumb urban legends can tell of “the missing clown.” It’d be fun to be an urban legend. I can’t go back to my family, since they’ll freak and not believe it’s me. Then where shall I go?” Henri asked. She had a lot to ponder.

“I know! To Andy!” Henri squealed.

Andy treated her quite rudely last night and this was perfect payback.

She left the school, walked to Andy house’s and causally sat in his closet, like it was the most normal thing in the world.

Soon, Henri heard teenage boy footsteps on the floor. She didn’t know how she could tell the difference, but she could.

Andy opened the door.

“Ahhh! W-w-what is this?” Andy blubbered.

She smiled.

“It’s Henri! Your ex-girlfriend! You can call me Chuckles, though.” Henri-Chuckles, that was her new name-cackled.

Andy just stood there, quivering. For such a bad boy, he acted like a little shrimp.

“You were so rude to me last night! You didn’t even give me a kiss! Kiss me!” Chuckles said, puckering her lips.

She knew that he would rather die than kiss the clown animatronic.

He backed away.

“No! Kill me, but don’t make me kiss you! Eww!” He screamed.

“Kiss me or you’ll regret it. No clowning around.” She said. She was loving this whole possessing a clown thing.

“W-what w—will y—you d-d-do i-if I-I d-d-don’t?” Andy stuttered.

Chuckles smiled deviously.

“You know how your Mom is fascinated and obsessed with animatronics? So much that she kisses them when no one else is around? But I was. I was with her when you were with your friends and your Dad was at work. She never wanted me to tell anyone, because she didn’t want people to think that she was crazy. I agreed. That doesn’t apply now.” Chuckles said.

“What? What is your point? You just told me a deep, dark secret that might not be true.” Andy said.

She knew it was true. She’d seen his Mom do it.

“I’ll just..lie on the yard, wait for your mother to find me and then I’ll kiss her! The whole thing will seem like a dream when she wakes up!” Chuckles cried out.

“You..you can’t kiss my Mom! That’s just..wrong!” Andy yelled.

“Then pucker up those porcelain lips, pretty boy.” Chuckles said.

“Ugh..fine…eww..” Andy said.

He puckered up…


Once, there was a Mom driving her son to the grocery store. He kept asking her questions.

He always started his questions with:”Hey, Mom?”

Every second, the same thing.

It never ended.

As the boy kept asking, she saw a dark force creeping toward them...

“Hey, Mom?“

The dark force grew teeth-

-and swallowed them.

The last thing the mother heard was:”Hey, Mom?”

TALE TWENTY-TWO-Laugh your guts out

Once, a girl told her friend a joke.

The friend laughed so hard, she ended up laughing her guts out!  Literally!

That’s it. That’s the end. The friend died laughing their guts out.

Yeah. Unfortunate, isn’t it?

TALE TWENTY-THREE-A clown’s revenge 

Once upon a time, in the 1950s, there was a lovely and caring woman named Lilac, a little girl named Helen, a teen named Desmaire, and a man named Frederick.

Frederick performed as a clown. It was his passion and he loved to see people smile and hear their laughter.

He loved his family just as dearly-more, actually-they were the light of his life.

But this is a Halloween tale and Halloween tales do not end in happiness.

A young girl around Desmaire’s age moved into town, by herself. She had no guardians to take care of her, she just sort of…appeared.

Her name was Lucille.

Lucille may have been a lonely young girl whom people should have been suspicious of, but..

..She happened to have a beautiful singing voice and they loved her. They thought she was a darling.

She wanted to perform, like Frederick, for singing.

Lucille..took his place in the crowd’s hearts. When he looked at her, he didn’t look at her with jealousy.

He looked at her with overwhelming suspicion. A young girl appears one day and everyone loves her? Where were her parents? Why? What..could she have other motives?

When he expressed his concerns with his family, they simply told him he was just jealous, which he wasn’t, but it was no use.

Lucille even started visiting his family and seeing Desmaire. They were becoming the best of friends.

He was all alone in his growing suspicion.


One night, when he was back from performing, he went to his house..

…and to his horror, his entire family lay before him, dead as doornails.

Rouge, rotting blood was covering the walls of the house and the disgusting, mangled bodies of his dear family..now no more than mangled corpses..

…at the center of the wreckage was Lucille herself, carrying a bloody knife.

She looked at Frederick and smiled.

“What..I knew there was something up with you..I just..I never knew..you’d go so far as to kill my family! I thought that you were just…different.” Frederick said.

“Hm..I killed people before. My family, if you will. They were rather..bothersome. I left them for a new life. To sing. To be free. But then I came across your loving family. So sweet..so kind..I wanted to rip them apart. It’s so much fun to kill people and never get caught! I especially had fun killing little Helen and hearing her desperate screams for help that would never come!” Lucille said, laughing.

Frederick didn’t understand. He never knew a young girl such as Lucille would be capable of a disastrous and heinous crime-murder.

The evidence lay before him and she said it herself. She was a murderer. Even at her young age, she had killed.

“You made a mistake in telling me. I’m going to report to the police all that you’ve said to me.” He said, smiling.

But his smile faded as Lucille laughed at him.

“Go ahead. No one will believe you. You’re a weird man who performs as a clown and was scared of a young girl. I’m a sweet and kind teen, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Lucille said.

She was right. They probably wouldn’t believe him, but it was still worth a try.

He told the police about what happened. Just as he feared, they didn’t believe him. They believed Lucille, who declared that he was insane and killed his entire family, then tried to kill her.

He was given the death penalty for a crime he didn’t commit.


Right after his death, Frederick found a little child, with rotting, bloody skin and lifeless eyes…

…This child was none other than Helen. His daughter.

Even though she was a maggoty, lost ghost, she still felt the same love for her father and hugged him.

“It’s okay, Daddy. We’re together now. Soon, we’ll find Mommy and Desmaire. Then, we’ll all be together!” Helen exclaimed, all too happy considering the situation that she was in.

He felt like crying, but he didn’t. Not in front of Helen. She…was so young…so innocent..she had her whole life ahead of her.

But now? She couldn’t have that. The opportunity to live. She’d never have that.

He had to do something.

Frederick had to kill Lucille. There was no other way.


Lucille, home alone, washed her hands of the backyard dirt (from gardening, of course). Just a moment ago, her hands were stained with the blood of Frederick’s family.

She smiled. It was all too easy. They all believed her. They all fell for her trick-

Someone knocked on the bathroom door.

Huh? Who could it be?

She dried her hands on a towel that hung on a rack nailed to the door.

Then, very carefully and elegantly (like her mother taught her once), she opened the door…

And found Frederick, all bloody and rotting, standing before her, with Helen at his side.

“You hurt my family. Now, you will die!” He cried out in anguish.

Frederick pounced on Lucille and killed her.

After Lucille’s death, he heard his family calling out to him. He could see them, too.

He ran towards them.

Maybe Halloween tales can have happy endings after all.

TALE TWENTY-FOUR-The dandelion 

Once, there was a girl who tried to make a wish on the dandelion.

But the dandelion was alive and ate the poor child.

She’s buried somewhere in the dirt, calling for help...

TALE TWENTY-FIVE-Clown neighborhood

Once upon a time, there was a teenage boy and girl (they’re just friends!) taking a walk in the neighborhood. Their names were Evan and Desdemona.

It should have been a normal walk in the neighborhood, but all of the houses were one color.

To top the weirdness off, there were two male clowns washing what looked like their own cars, staring lifelessly at the teens.

They didn’t speak to them, but a whole group of little children ran up to them.

They kept hearing stories of kids disappearing every time they went to the strange neighborhood.

So, they decided to explore the place. What harm would it do?

They stepped inside one of the colorful houses.

There, the two clowns were waiting for them.

“It’s so nice of you to stop by for dinner!” They said.

Before they could even run, the clowns grabbed them...

TALE TWENTY-SIX-High school hell

Once upon a time, there was a twenty-two year old man named Ezra who was still in high school, as a student.

That should be terror enough, right?

But there’s more. Ezra couldn’t leave the school, ever. If he tried to step outside, he was pulled back in by some invisible force. If he passed tests with an A+, he’d still be in school.

This went on for what felt like years, decades.

One day, Ezra woke up in his middle school. He was no longer twenty-two, but thirteen.

When he tried leaving middle school, he was pulled back in.

Why was Ezra trapped in different schools, at different ages?


TALE TWENTY-SEVEN-Don't be a bully

Once, there was a young girl named Crimson. Crimson was fourteen and bullied her peers to pass the time and because it made her feel better about herself.

This went on, uninterrupted, for months. Crimson would bully those who were different from her, no one would do anything about it.

But one day..she began bullying a young girl named Shirley.

She bullied her because her name sounded “old” and she always hung out by herself.

Every day after school, Shirley would go to an abandoned circus. No one knew why she went there or what she was doing there, but it caused attention from her peers.

It was on a Friday of June that Shirley asked Crimson to come with her. Crimson smiled and said yes, because she foolishly thought that she had the upper hand here and that she could find out secrets about Shirley to gossip to the whole school.

Shirley took Crimson to the circus after school. They went past decrepit Ferris wheels and rusted cotton-candy stands, finally walking inside of a circus tent that barely held itself together. There was a large tear on the top of the tent.

Right before Crimson’s very eyes…Shirley was morphing, growing taller, turning evil-looking..

“What in the world?!  You’re a..A FREAKING FREAK!  A DEMON CLOWN!”  Crimson screamed, pointing at her.

Shirley smiled. Her smile reached her ears alright..too much. It was as if she couldn’t stop smiling, ever. Even if someone was deeply frightened, like..Crimson. The bully. The one who brought fear to others.


“Yes..I am a demon clown. A 489 year old demon clown.”  Shirley said a little too proudly.

“You’re 489 years old?!  How?!”  Crimson asked.

First, Shirley was a demon clown. Second, she was 489 years old. What was next, she lived in the depths of Hell? 

It seemed to Crimson that Shirley was a right old horror villain and that this time, Crimson herself would be the victim of such a creature.

“I look good for my age, I know. I don’t look a day over 276. Those were the good old days...but let’s get to the chase. I’m going to EAT YOU and you have nowhere to run!”  Shirley cackled.

She cornered Crimson and grabbed her by the leg. Crimson dangled pathetically in the air.

“Why me?  Why not eat any of the other weirdos from school?”  Crimson asked, for she certainly didn’t like being on the receiving end of such torment.

“Because you’re a bully!  You see, humans who are bullies have extra salt in their blood and I like salt!  Lots of it!  So, I’m going to eat you, because you’ll taste good!”  Shirley exclaimed.

“Fine.Whatever. Let’s just get this dumb thing over with.”  Crimson said.

At this point, she was too tired and weirded out to be truly terrified.

TALE TWENTY-EIGHT-The children’s revenge 

Once there were four little girls at a sleepover.Their names were Natalia,Katherine,Sophia,and Scarlett.

They were at Scarlett’s house and they had permission from their parents to hang out together!

They planned to play so many games,watch TV all night,dress up in the prettiest costumes and eat every article of junk food they could sneak from their parents!

But those plans would be cut short.

For when they were going to watch TV in the living room,a sudden thumping noise came from upstairs.

“What’s that?” Natalia asked.

“It’s nothing.Let’s get back to playing!” Scarlett said.

But the thumping noise grew louder.

The girls were silent,frozen in fear.The adults were out at some grown-up thing and Scarlett’s older sister was at a party.

They were on their own.

The thumping noise was closer,more threatening.

It drew closer…closer…


Natalia was screaming hysterically as a disgusting,hairy and spiky monster grabbed Natalia by the foot.She was just dangling helplessly in the air.

Her friends could only watch in mortification as the monster ate Natalia in a blink of their eyes.

The three girls that were left screamed and ran in every direction,knocking down some grown-up decorations for the living room in the process.

One by one,the monster grabbed each girl and ate her!


They woke up in the house,staring at the monster licking its bloody claws,disgusted at the sight.

“Wait...didn’t he eat us?” Sophia asked.

“I think we’re ghosts.” said Katherine.She believed in this kind of stuff.

“You’re right.I think we’re ghosts.” The girls agreed.

“Why did we let him eat us? Now that ugly monster is licking its claws.It’s gross.” Scarlett retched.

“We should teach that meanie a lesson.” Sophia declared.

The little children nodded.No monster would escape without suffering! Not in their hands!

So,they surrounded him when he wasn’t looking,possessed him and made him punch himself so hard,he fell in a heap on the floor and disappeared forever.

The girls smiled.Even though they were dead,the stinky monster got defeated!

TALE TWENTY-NINE-Twisted kiddos

Once upon a time, there was a man and a woman who loved each other dearly. Their names were Giovanna and Dylan.

Giovanna and Dylan wanted children. Children of their own.

So, they decided to make children.

But when Giovanna’s first child was born, the little baby girl was not a human, but a pale, soft pastel colored-haired, purple lipped (it looked like lipstick, but it wasn’t), yellow eye-shadowed (again, not makeup, but it looked like it), red nosed, sharp toothed, sharp clawed..




“Clown?!”  Dylan asked in disbelief.

He fainted right there on the hospital floor.

“I...I gave birth to a clown.”  Giovanna said in amazement.

The nurses just stared at her.

“Okay. No big deal.”  Giovanna felt like shrugging, but she couldn’t underneath all of the hospital blankets.

The doctors stared at her as if she had two heads. Giovanna frowned. Why did they have to care so much?

“You’re...you’re not alarmed?”  The nurse who helped her pull out the baby asked.

“Nope. Not at all. That’s my kid. I’m not going to get rid of her just because she looks different. By the way, what do you think of the name Samantha?”  Giovanna asked them.

Well, not really asked, because she was going to name her Samantha anyway…


Of course, life wouldn’t be easy for Samantha in a completely human world. Giovanna didn’t want to give Samantha a human disguise, because Samantha wasn’t human and she didn’t have to change for anyone. If people saw Samantha, they thought she was some kid wearing a costume,”too scared to show their real self.”

Fine. Let them think she was wearing a costume. That didn’t matter. What mattered was Samantha being herself.

Giovanna and Samantha had a wholesome mother-daughter relationship, for the most part, but Samantha wouldn’t be her only child.

Giovanna and Dylan had another kid. This time, she was a female vampire whom they named Adelaide.

It was quite interesting, how a human could give birth to Halloween monsters. But that’s beside the point. The main point is how Giovanna loved her kids dearly.

Of course, Samantha wasn’t used to having another kid around, especially since she was another girl. However, she began to love and appreciate Adelaide over time.

Samantha and Adelaide weren’t going to be the only two kids in the house!

There was a boy introduced!  Guess what, he wasn’t human either!  His name was Alastair and he was a werewolf.

Same story goes for Samantha and Adelaide. They had to get used to someone else in the house, like most siblings and over time, they accepted him as one of their own.

But wait!  There was yet another child!

This one was another boy, his name was Aiden. He was an alien.

Now, by this time, Samantha was used to other kids in the house. Adelaide and Alastair, however…they had to take some time to get used to it.

Finally, Giovanna gave birth to David, who was a demon.

In total, Giovanna had five kids whom she adored, even though they weren’t human.

And how did Dylan feel about this?  Did Dylan love his children?

No, he didn’t. It was hard for him to love kids who were so different.

When Samantha was born, he tolerated her existence. Not accepted, but tolerated. There’s a difference.

When the others were born, however,he couldn’t take it. Why did he have to be burdened with such monstrosities?!

The woman who was responsible for birthing those creatures would certainly pay,

Dylan and Giovanna had fights about their children, him wanting to get rid of them, her wanting him to accept them.

They didn’t know it, but Samantha would watch them fight. She’d watch them and then she’d pretend everything was fine and that no one was fighting, just to make them happy.

But deep down, she hated her father.

The others weren’t as observant as Samantha. When you’re the oldest among four other kids, it’s easier to observe the world and go unnoticed. You’d be surprised by how much Samantha has picked up over the years.

She knew her parents fought each other, she knew that Dylan (she wouldn’t call him her father) didn’t love them. He was like the people who judged them. Only their Mom cared for them.

But Samantha never knew that Dylan would do something as horrid as what he did to their mother.


It was late at night. The children were sleeping, as they should. But Giovanna and Dylan were having another argument regarding the very children who were sleeping and..


The sound of shattering glass rang in the kids’ ears.

They crawled out of their beds and stared at the grisly scene in disbelief and horror.

Their Mom lay on the kitchen floor, covered in glass. She even had a thick piece of glass sticking out of her bloody eye socket.

Dylan laughed, crushing the glass with the sole of his boot.

“You killed her!”  Samantha screamed.

“And what are you going to do about it, clown?  No one is going to believe you.”  Dylan said.

She knew that he was probably right, but it was still worth a try.


The police were utterly useless!  They didn’t believe a single thing she said. They had “other things to do than listen to dumb kids in Halloween costumes.”

So, Samantha took things into her own claws.

She got her siblings and told them her dastardly plan to kill Dylan, then torture him in the afterlife. She knew they’d be orphans, but everyone agreed they’d rather be orphans than live with Dylan.

The next day, when Dylan came home from work, they dragged him to the garage, with him being a mere human and them having monstrous strength.

Next, they tortured him to death.

As the kids stared at his body, their mother appeared to them. Not as an angel, not as a devil, but a corrupted angel.

“Why are you like that, Mom?”  The kids asked.

“Heaven and Hell wouldn’t accept me. I’m a corrupted angel.”  She said.

No matter what she was, they were glad she was there with them.

Because she would always be their loving mother.

TALE THIRTY-The experiment 

Once upon a time, there were two teenagers named Nina and Addison.

Nina and Addison were in Nina’s car, going to a party.

But…their car crashed into a tree and they ended up in the woods.

The two girls found a cabin, with dim lighting…

…They knocked on the door..


The girls woke up on a lab table, with a pale boy standing above them.

“Yes!  More humans to suck blood from!”  He exclaimed happily.

“What are you-“ They asked, but darkness came yet again..

TALE THIRTY-ONE-Halloween with the ghosts

Once upon a time, there was a twelve year old girl named Loraine Smith.

Loraine lived in a haunted house.

There was a clown ghost named Alexander, who had his own daughter living there with them. He treated Loraine and his child like his own two daughters ever since the day Loraine moved in and met the ghosts.

His little daughter’s name was Mallory. She haunted the house with him. She was five years old and looked up to Loraine like an older sister.

Next, there was a woman named Lydia, Alexander’s friend and Loraine’s  “Aunt.”

There was a man named Michael, Alexander’s other friend and Loraine’s  “Uncle.”

Now, there was another ghost, a demon, actually, who was rumored to be not as nice as the other ghosts. This demon was said to be Alexander’s ex-wife. She lived in the basement and never showed her face. Apparently she tried to kidnap five year old Loraine and Mallory years ago. (Alexander kept reminding Loraine just how terrifying the experience was).

But Loraine herself couldn’t remember. Perhaps because it was so long ago…

That was alright. Loraine  didn’t have any desire to speak to her anyway.

The ghosts (not the demon) could go to Heaven when they wanted. Most of the time, they stayed in Earth.

Now, it was Halloween!

Loraine planned to go as a ghost bride. With her living parents’ (and the ghosts, of course) permission, she could go to her school’s Halloween party!

Before Loraine left, Mallory dashed over to her and yelled:

“Lolo!  I want to show you something!”

“Okay.”  Loraine said.

Mallory grabbed a pale clown doll with black hair and a red dress.

She disappeared into thin air. Just disappeared. 

“Mallory!”  Loraine yelled, wondering where she went.

“I’m in here!”  The doll said.

She looked at the doll.

“I can possess this doll. Isn’t that cool?  My Dad made her for me, when we were alive. She was in the funhouse, at his circus. She’s the funhouse doll. She’s my favorite, because she’s so pretty and she’s a clown, like Daddy!”  Mallory said happily.

“I hope you have a good Halloween.”   The little girl added solemnly.

“You too, Mallory.”  Loraine smiled.

With that, she went on to have the Halloween of a lifetime.

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Wed Oct 06, 2021 4:54 pm
Sunflowerdemon3712 wrote a review...

Sunflower here to leave a review case I really liked this!

So as I said I really liked these stories I mean even the title alone was enough to draw me in because I love spooks and Halloween, so already great marketing stratagy ; ).


I do have a couple complaints though, number one being the lack of description. Now don't get me wrong your stories were pretty good but I feel like they could have been better with a bit of description. Adding description can also make the creep factor even better like describing the rotting creaking floorboards of a house or the crazed face of a killer that kind of thing. They stories just would have been much more horrific with a little more description of characters too, like is you had said "Marie was a girl who always wanted things to be perfect, including stories and since the story was never finished she decided to finish it for herself" it adds character and makes your story seem more in depth.

Over all I like the premise of all the stories and I think your writing is very creative and your work would be even better with description. Anyway keep on writing and have a fantastic day/night! : )

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FourLeafClover wrote a review...

Hey there! I'm here to review your first story! (Just the first one, since I don't want to take up so much space by reviewing two stories.)

I noticed some grammar errors in them, such as no spaces between the commas and periods before the next part of a sentence or next sentence. Other than those minor grammatical errors, they were both really good!
Let's dive in a bit deeper, shall we?

TALE ONE-Liar,Liar,head on fire.

This is already really interesting, which is good because it draws the reader (in this case, me) in from the start.

Once upon a time,in a little house in a suburban neighborhood,there were five teens hanging out in the basement.Two of them were arguing on how to say a popular phrase correctly.

“It’s “Liar,Liar,pants on fire! Not head on fire! Everybody knows that!”

“No,it’s “Liar,Liar,head on fire!” I heard someone saying that in my elementary school!”

Honestly, this seemed really realistic. People (including me) tend to use things like this a lot in stupid arguments such as this one. The fact that you're making it seem really realistic like this adds to the moment when everything gets all freaky, and that's always a key thing for horror stories set up the way you have it set up.

“Why are you guys having this argument in the first place? This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever witnessed.” Said a girl.Her name was Elli.

This was also really realistic, which, as I said above, is key for the way it's set up. There's always that one person that's telling you that the argument is stupid.
Also, after the end of somebody's dialogue, you don't have to capitalize the word "said" or anything else people use to show how somebody was talking. I noticed this at multiple places throughout the stories.

“Coin toss? That’s for babies!” Charlie said.

“Well,you and Lisa are acting like babies,so we can only settle this in a baby way.” Elli said matter-of-factly.

This is also realistic for somebody to say. I think I'll stop pointing out the realistic stuff now, since you most likely get the point by now.

“I’m head.” Lisa said with a devious smile on her face.

Ma'am, why are you grinning like that? Clearly, she knows something.

“HEADS! I win!” Lisa squealed happily.

“Whatever.It doesn’t mean anything.” Charlie said.

“It doesn’t mean anything to you?” Lisa asked.

“It doesn’t mean anything.It’s just a stupid co-“

Charlie’s head was on fire.

HOLY. FREAKING. PELE. WERE THE PHRASE AND COIN CONNECTED OR SOMETHING? Okay, and clearly Charlie was lying about it not meaning anything to him. Also, this is making me really suspicious of Lisa....

All of their heads were on fire except for Lisa’s.

Lisa sighed.

“It had to be done.Liar,Liar,head on fire.” She said.

She left them burning in the basement.

What the sharks in a school bus? Lisa, if people find their ashes or smell the fire, and they see you leaving the basement, they're gonna investigate and realize what happened to them. If you're gonna have people burn, do it right.

Nice job on the stories and thanks for reading!

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