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Kai Shappley

by smak220

(Dan Patrick) “it’s not a controversial bill, and it doesn’t impact our economy and we just want to get it right. And it’s just Texas values!

You deserve your privacy! You deserve your dignity! You deserve your comfort and your safety when you go to the ladies room or the locker room.

We need a law that protects the privacy of our children in our public schools

We don’t want men in women’s ladies rooms. This had nothing to do with equal rights.


“So, one evening while we were getting our backpacks to go and my teacher said, ‘Girls get your backpacks,’ a girl named Lucy, she said, ‘no, you’re not a girl. You’re a boy,’ which made me upset. Then another girl, she just shouts out, “Kai’s a boy!” and I say ‘No!” and I yell right back at her when I say it.”

“Miss Ashlynn, do you know what the best thing I can do to cats is? I'm not just a cat's lover, but I can make the cats love me.”

“you know I'm a girl mommy, you know I'm a girl”

“They do do something mean to me sometimes.So, Miss Walker, the principal, Her boss says I cannot use the women's Bathroom. So I have to use a bathroom that Just to make me feel good they put two girls to go with me, and that still doesn’t help. I sometimes have accidents Because the door locks when it closes and some people They just put a magnet to keep the door open That doesn't work people keep stealing magnets for their teachers And I'm like holy Jesus, and then they do nothing about it And so I have accidents a lot. I feel embarrassed. And it wasn’t my fault, it was the principal’s bosses fault, not mine. Cause other girls get to go to the girls bathroom. And I don’t get to. And I a girl, so I should go to the girls bathroom.

When my mom let me start being a girl, it was more than amazing. It was gorgeous. It was the best thing that happened to me so far in my life.

The bible is for everyone to know to be kind and loving and caring.

And we pray for Donald Trump to be nice and kind

Kai’s Mother:

My earliest memories of Kai from the very beginning was this child was just - acted very different than my other boys. The kind of baby that Kai was was very similar to my daughter. All the little pieces were there very early. I just - I didn’t know what I was looking at. By 2 and ½, 3 years old, everything was very feminine. By three and a half, Kai was saying “You know I’m a girl, mommy, you know I’m a girl.”

Okay, Kai, Kaleb. “Good morning, Lord. This is the day that you have made, and we will rejoice and be glad in it. And Lord, we do pray for our leaders. We ask that you remove the wrong people and replace them with the right people. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

It’s hard when people I’ve known and have served in church with for many years who know that I love the Lord to suddenly, because my daughter was born transgender, then suddenly think that I’ve allowed Satan to take over my family. So it’s just being watchful to see which side of civil history my church is going to be on.

When Kai was born, I was leading a ministry at Lakewood Church, leading bible study every Saturday night, attending church and serving as a prayer partner every Sunday…. My beliefs about the LGBTQ community were that we needed to help them see the truth to save them from going to hell. I remember thinking before Kai was three that this kid might be gay. And I thought that that could not happen, and that would not happen. We started praying fervently. Prayers turned into Googling “conversion therapy” and how can we implement these techniques at home to make Kai not be like this. Putting her in time-out for acting like a girl, spanking her - really spanking her, everytime she said “You know I’m a girl.”

When Kai was four years old, she prayed to go home and be with Jesus and to never come back. All of the information I had read about transgender children having a 41% risk of attempting suicide came flooding back, and I realized that I had a four-year-old who was begging the Lord to let her die. I had a four year old who would rather go be with Jesus forever than to stay here and have to live as a boy for one more day.

And then the bathroom bill chatter started And then the superintendent notified Kai’s school that that was not the way it would happen. And then I got the phone call from the school saying “Kai will have to use the boy’s restroom.”

To the LGBTQ community, I want to say I am sorry. I’m sorry for every time I plucked a bible verse out of context and I hurt you with it. I was a hateful reflection of a loving God. Please forgive me.

Kai is the strongest willed person I have ever known I don’t think anyone thing could have broken me. If Kai wasn’t such a strong kid, I would have broken her. Me being broken put me together better, but if I had succeeded in breaking my daughter, the statistics say that it would not have turned out well for her.

At some point in all this, there was a little boy in Oregon who was 4 years old; his mom had beaten him to death because he had acted gay.

I am a bible-believing Christian. I love the Lord. God makes no mistakes, And my child is fearfully and wonderfully made, just as the Scripture tells us." 

I’m a really strict southern mom. It was a process. It took me three or four trips to Walmart to buy girl panties. I would go pick them up, and I would leave them in the store. I would leave crying. I would be so upset, and then I’d feel bad about not getting them.

a child psychiatrist who asked me, "If you and Kai were on a deserted island, would you let her wear girls' clothes?'" I said, "Probably." The psychiatrist told me it wasn't God I had a problem with, but what other people would think of my child and me. That really got my gears spinning. I thought, Okay, I could start with girls' panties. It's something no one else will see. It took me three or four trips to Walmart until I could finally bring myself to do it. I'd go pick them up and then leave them in the store, crying as I walked out of the automatic doors. I would be so upset, and then I'd feel bad about not getting them. It was something so seemingly small, but it was a huge hurdle to overcome.

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Sat Oct 20, 2018 6:06 am
Iggy wrote a review...

Hey there! So, this is a very confusing piece of writing because there is literally no context for what is going on. You start us off with a quote and then it seems like you're giving us dialogue from an interview with Kai and Kai's mother? It's easy to see that this is about transgender people using the restroom of their identified gender identity, but it's unclear to me as to what you're trying to accomplish here. Is this an article? An essay? A summary of an interview?

I highly recommend that you go back and add some context to this. There's a reason non-fiction essays are required to have an introduction. It's to give the readers a bit of insight, like what to expect, or to give a small summary of what the paper will be talking about. I am completely confused and I was not able to focus on the content within the writing itself because I had no idea what was going on. Unfortunately, this is all the advice I can give you right now. If you add further clarification, let me know and I will review this again. I hope this helps. xx

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Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:24 am
Lord Anzius wrote a review...

Now I'm not going to go through everything here in my review so I'll just be doing a kind of general review here:

So to put it into few words the work is a bit confusing. You don't always add the second quotation mark at the end of your quotes and sometimes you don't even put any quotation marks on speech.

I'm not exactly certain about what is going on here, but since this is a >>Realistic/political>> work, some sort of context text at the beginning would be good. Some level of explanation.
Like an intro.

So were the thinks that I noticed on a quick glance.

We are just a speck, on a speck, orbiting a speck, in the corner of a speck, in the middle of nowhere.
— Bill Nye