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Cleanliness is Godliness.....

by shrishtiv

Cleanliness is Godliness

‘Cleanliness is Godliness’ is a very wise saying. Here cleanliness is equated to Godliness. Godliness is the quality of being devoutly religious. Cleanliness is the quality of being devoutly pure and clean. Being clean is an extremely important requirement as it helps to maintain a healthy mind and body.

A clean atmosphere has a positive effect on the mind. Individuals are able to concentrate better on their work in a clean surrounding. It keeps their mind and body fresh and healthy. A clean country is most likely to be a hygienic country while a dirty and filthy country is prone to infections and in turn becomes unhygienic. To maintain cleanliness in the country one must start from themselves than their house, and then automatically by habit they will keep their surroundings clean. Dustbins are a place where lot of germs and other bacteria get accumulated, thus they must be cleaned regularly else the house will be prone to infections. We must also practise personal hygiene. Next we must clean the roads in our locality and if we see people littering, we must make them aware of its adverse consequences. The Government has also launched campaigns like the “Swach Bharat Abhiyan” though it all depends on us and how we take it.

We must keep our surroundings clean or else bear the brunt of it. A clean person is not somebody who runs away from dirt but one who takes time to clean a dirty environment.


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Wed Apr 15, 2020 7:54 pm
Hkumar wrote a review...

Hi Shrishti and welcome to YWS!
It's a nice short article you have written here on a simple but a very important topic. You described the topic in brief in the first para and then went on to elaborate what it really means to achieve cleanliness. A step by step change that first starts with the person and goes on to bring changes around you. There's a lot of difference in just promoting this idea of 'Swach Bharat' and actually following a proper a lifestyle where we maintain a clean environment around us. It's quite a different scenario in the western countries where people are more cautious about these small things. But things are changing in India as well and we are becoming better every day.
The strong words at the end was also great. Overall it was a nice writing work with a noble message. Keep working on your writing talent.
Good luck :)

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Mon Apr 13, 2020 3:13 am
JesseWrites wrote a review...

The quote behind this is true. It is something people live by and still practice. You gave facts in the second paragraph that could be proven. A healthy body is made up of cells that need cleanliness. I think you stated that in the beginning.

This was simple and short. I would have liked a bit more to add to this snippet. " A clean person is not somebody who runs away from dirt but one who takes time to clean a dirty environment." is so mind-blowingly inspirational. (Mind-blowingly isn't a phrase.)


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