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a world of words

by sanu123

so this is purely a rough draft, something i struggled with for an hour until i gave up because my words stopped flowing. 

as terence mckenna once said, “the world is made of words. and if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish."

words can be used as a way to derive comfort and shelter from what is occurring outside the metaphorical window of one’s soul. however, although we all live in the same world, technically, we all live in different ones at the very same time.

the world is what you make of it. in the most simplest terms, for one person,the world around them is ethereal with a mix of colors. for another, the world is black and white, full of an emptiness that fills them to the brim with no hope for the future except a tiny glimmer of something that keeps them going. for others, it is an in-between of those two parts. most moments in our lives are significant to the path our lives take. every moment that has an impact on us can be used to add a block or two to the world we live in.

anyone can create a world they wish to live in. there are many ways, be it writing, creating, drawing, helping, etc. what is important is not how they attempt to bring about the world they want, but rather that they bring everything they can to the table, in order to make their world the very best it can be.

imagine a cow, standing in a green meadow, with the sun beaming down on its back as it digs its nose into the grass below. its ears and tail are annoyed by the various bugs that flicker around its body. that picture was created with words that are at anyone’s disposal. imagine anything, anyone, anywhere. anything that is brought to mind is expressed through some form of words, no? how else would we be able to create the image that comes to us.

words may not always come easily. for me, it does not come as easily as it once did when i was in the midst of my severe depression. maybe because my mind is now going a little rampant instead of the slow and drowsy that let me get my words out much quicker, but as my best friend said, i have to chew on it to make it accessible. and that is okay. a lot of things are more okay than we think, and we can also use our words to calm ourselves down so that we can access the headspace that we need in order to be our best, creative, or smartest selves. everyone has the potential to be something, do something. you just need to tap into it a little more if you have not been, and that can be done with the help of friends, family, or anyone you trust.

as i said before, words come in different ways for everyone. the key is to use the tools by your side in order to fill the world with the words you want people to hear, or not hear. in whatever way you want to do so, make the world your own. bring forth your voice so that everyone can hear what you have to say.

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Sun Dec 01, 2019 2:32 am
Horisun wrote a review...

This piece is very thought provoking. I like the idea behind this, and I like how you phrase things. Your grammar seems pretty solid, however, make sure you uppercase the first letters and your I's.
One other thing, this is a bit of an opinion, but I think you could really improve this piece if you add a bit more description here or there, like at the start, when you describe how some people see the world differently. It would be really cool if you added more of that throughout the piece.
Other than that, I love this piece. It was an overall smooth read, and a very interesting read. Keep on writing enjoy your day!

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Tue Nov 26, 2019 9:31 am
thepages wrote a review...

i like this piece. It's rather inspirational and empowering, it kind of encourages one to be oneself and original by the use of their own words to mold the scuffs of their surrounding to their liking. Not sure if that was your aim for this work.
it also kind of gives a glimpse of your emotional self, that's to say the paragraph that states "words may not come easy. For me, it does not come easy as it once did when i was in the midst of my severe depression..."
this work is realistic indeed, to my side_it's great work.

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