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'Just Go With It' Review (2011)

by redpen123

‘Just go with it’ and laugh out loud

It’s not every day that you find a guy pretending to be married in order to pick up chicks at a local bar. And it’s even more unlikely to find that same guy get webbed into a spool of lies that keep spinning just so he could finally settle down with the girl who caught him red-handed.

Of course this is the typical conundrum Adam Sandler’s character, Danny, portrays, giving the subtle homage to Seinfeld’s character George Castanza who once also used a wedding band to receive one night stands with beautiful women. Contrary to George, however, Danny seems to milk the cow for a little bit longer.

“At the beginning of the movie, my character, Danny, was going to get married, but he gets his heart broken,” Adam Sandler told Sony Pictures. “The night of his heartbreak he happens to have the ring on and a young lady is nice to him, because she thinks he's married and thinks he's harmless and won't do anything that other guys were trying to do. A light goes off in his head.”

In the romantic comedy, Just Go with It, Danny, a wealthy plastic surgeon, entangles his secretary Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) into playing the part of his soon to be ex-wife in the hopes of proving his availability to newfound girlfriend, Palmer. Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), a much younger woman, refuses to continue a relationship with a married man- but she only finds out about his marital status the morning after their rendezvous.

Danny, caught off guard by his blown cover, immediately retraces his footsteps by convincing Palmer that he’s about to be divorced for good. Palmer then hesitantly agrees to forge ahead with their affair, but with one condition: she must hear of his divorced status from his ex-wife.

Now knee-deep in a pool of lies, Danny brings Katherine into the picture, and Katherine’s humble, caring self agrees to “just go with it”. Soon a whirlwind of unexpected events lead Katherine and her two kids on a trip to Hawaii with Danny, Palmer, and Danny’s cousin (who pretends to be Katherine’s love interest) due to wishful family bonding and a bit of trickery.

While in Hawaii, to Katherine’s surprise, she runs into her former college frenemy, Devlin (Nicole Kidman), who has always held the spotlight. On top of having to play her role in Danny’s fake-family production, Katherine now finds herself in Danny’s shoes. As a struggling single mother, Katherine relies on Danny to be her husband, a momentary façade to wipe the smirk off Devlin’s face.

Sandler and Aniston are recognized as noteworthy comedians on-screen, and that continues for Just Go with It. Prior to the flick released on February 11, 2011, Aniston has had her fair share of roles in romantic comedies, like The Breakup (opposite Vince Vaughn) and The Bounty Hunter (opposite Gerard Butler), among several others. Sandler has appeared everywhere from The Wedding Singer to his latest, Grown Ups. Neither are amateurs to the romantic comedy field and their performance in Just Go with It reflects that.

Just Go with It was a refreshing twist on a romantic comedy. While Sandler and Aniston aren’t quite the ideal match made in heaven, there’s a believable sense of fondness between them that advances to their off-screen relationship. And although scenes can be a bit stagnant at times, cute jokes that range from note cards to Katherine’s son calling his bowel movements a Devlin, tied in with the breathtaking Hawaiian scenery make the movie more stuff than fluff. So just go with it and dare to be disappointed.

This movie is rated PG-13 for frequent crude and sexual content, partial nudity, brief drug references and language.

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Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:24 pm
xDudettex wrote a review...


I loved this film too! I saw it a couple of weeks back and I can say it's the funniest film I've seen in a while.

This review was accurate - in my opinion :P - and well written, really professional sounding. It definitely makes me want to see the film again :)

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Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:19 pm
DelanieHeart wrote a review...

I liked your review, since I never got to go see the movie, and I enjoyed it. It was more of a review on the movie than a persuasive review such as where you tell your opinions.

More informal, than emotional; do you know what I mean? Anyways, it was very proper and clean! Thanks :)

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Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:50 pm
Gracie wrote a review...

HI redpen123

This is quite good. It is very polished and effective, if somewhat bland. I felt like your opinions did not come through enough. I think you could have needed to have some more wit and edge in it.

However it is very informative and I can learn a lot about the two leads careers. The paragraph slide easily in to each other and the overall flow is good. This does have potential, just keep working at it.

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