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Death Note of the Philippines

by Kazumi

All poor drug addicts, pushers, and suppliers.

Cause of death: murdered without trial.

(13 words)

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Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:57 pm
Catgilr2018 says...

I'm new to this site so this might not be the best review, but I'll try my best. With very few words this got me very interested. I might check out your other works now. This might not be a good review but like I said this was my best and I'll try to get better.

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Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:49 pm
MeisterChan wrote a review...

Hey, outvaders! Scythe here for a quick review, finally. I look forward to reading your work for the first time. :D

I'm not familiar with flash fiction (this is my first time reviewing some) so please excuse any mishaps I may make :)

All poor drug addicts, pushers, and suppliers.
Cause of death: murdered without trial.

Clearly the setting is the Philippines: "Death Note of the Philippines". I get the message that this flashfic is trying to suggest a key matter of people within the drug trade; in the Philippines, they are sentenced to death for their crimes, without a trail to claim their innocence and whatnot. However, I didn't see how it connected to Death Note. Sure, the anime is as you've described in the comments, but I have difficulty seeing how that storyline presents itself with this case? Perhaps you're suggesting Kira has killed those drug addicts;

"cause of death"

A statement that takes place within the anime. Even so, why would Kira be interesting in the Philippines of all countries? Sure, it may have an issue with drugs, but I imagine him resolving more lengthier matters and perhaps if drugs were a vital issue, he would first start with countries like Mexico/America etc. But, there's nothing to suggest that this is a fan fiction so I take it as some sort of reference. Still though, what is the reference? Why is the death note and the situation of the drug addicts a comparison?

So I hoped I did okay, I've never did flash fiction before. I'm sorry if I messed up!

Good job! :)

- ScytheMeister

Kazumi says...

Hey, welcome aboard the flash fiction train! It's a pretty niche market here since I'm probably the only guy doing it.

Thanks for that review though. I might come up with a revamped version of this bad boy sooner or later, so your review might help a lot. I don't really care too much if the review is "bad" or not though. Any comments are helpful for the next version of the Death Note of the PHL.

I see a little flaw in your analysis doe. By Kira, you must be referring to Light Yagami, right? If that's so, the story never really mentioned him being the owner of the Death Note. The epigram down there narrates the synopsis of Death Note, but it's not really part of the story.

Hmmm... maybe I should make the story less open-ended.

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Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:02 am
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Carlito wrote a review...

Hello hello!

I thought this was an interesting idea for a little piece of flash fiction. I love flash fiction that really gets you thinking, and the Philippines holds a special place in my heart. I set part of a novel of mine there and did a lot of research about some of the dark underbelly of the Philippines.

So your 13 words.

I really liked the simplicity of the second line. I think you were able to add a lot of power there and you were able to bring it home. I think more of my qualms are coming from the first line.

All poor drug addicts... - by saying "all" do you mean all of the drug addicts, pushers, and suppliers will end up dead or that all of those that have died are drug addicts, pushers, and suppliers? See you you can have a double meaning there and depending on how you read it the meaning can change? Is there a way to show which you mean and to make your meaning and intention clear? Same with poor. Do you mean poor as in poor without money or poor like sad/desperate? I know these are minute details, but when you only have 13 words to convey what you're trying to say, minute details matter :)

I think I want a little more setting. I know we're in the Philippines, but who is doing the killing? The drugs? The militias? The government? The people? You've targeted a select group of people, but how exactly are they dying? The murder without trial is a nice metaphor but I'd like some more cues about exactly who/what is killing them.

Hope that all made sense and that some of it was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions or if there's anything else you'd like me to comment on! :D

Kazumi says...

Well, when you write a name on the Death Note, they die (check my comment below). I suppose we can say these guys are dead. For the question of who is killing them, they're being killed off in many ways. Maybe you can look that up. Point is, they're ded without trial.

I think this one is super contextual, like it takes some research to fully appreciate it. But thanks for that short reminder of watching my words in these flashfics. I might have forgotten that lol

Anyways, thanks for the review!

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Sat Feb 18, 2017 12:59 am
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niteowl wrote a review...

Hi there outvaders! Niteowl here to review this very short short story.

So, from what I can gather, this seems to be using the format of the anime "Death Note" to make a point about the War on Drugs in the Philippines. I haven't seen that anime, but this could be a powerful piece and the concept is definitely interesting.

That said, I feel like you went for brevity here at the expense of being understandable and powerful. I had to Google to know what Death Note was, which is one thing since you did clarify in the comment and I don't watch anime. However, the piece itself doesn't seem to work with the format of the Death Note (which, from the description you cite, requires a name), is basically incomprehensible without the title, and doesn't pack an emotional punch.

This is potentially thousands of dead people we're talking about here--I want to feel more for them. I would include a little more detail. Name, age, how they ended up where they are. You could still do this in a brief list-like format, but I feel like having names and stories would add a lot of interest to this piece.

I like the point you're trying to make here, but I think building on it would make it more compelling. Keep writing! :)

Kazumi says...


I actually tried to make a statement there. So many people died. I checked the news last January or December, the survival rate was pretty much zero. These guys weren't really caught by the police; they were killed because they "resisted." It's as if the president (lol) poofed them all away in the death note.

But yeah, I think that's a great idea. I have a few names I can think of right now. Thanks for the review!

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Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:57 pm
Kazumi says...

“High school student and prodigy Light Yagami stumbles upon the Death Note and—since he deplores the state of the world—tests the deadly notebook by writing a criminal's name in it. When the criminal dies immediately following his experiment with the Death Note, Light is greatly surprised and quickly recognizes how devastating the power that has fallen into his hands could be.”

-excerpt from the synopsis of the anime Death Note, written by MAL Rewrite

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