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when you meet a crazy woman begins a mad crazy way

by maylizhong

when you meet a crazy woman begins a mad crazy way
by Mayumi Zhong
this book is dedicated to Elizabeth Gilbert,Julia Roberts and Adity Dyah Saraswati how always stay in my mind.
This book is a recopilacion of diferent things i usually wanna do exept some things wherever , this is a novel how talk about a girl whit dreams expectatives about what she wanna be in the future in the same time this novel became in something absolutly funny how gonna make laught to the more angry boy or girl in the world the mensagge i wanna give to my future readers are belive in your selft because you only need have a dream perspective and thats all your dream became true i hope .
Chapter 1
The beginin
wHATS I GONNA DO ,wHATS I GONNA DO THE QUESTIOn how a young brithish girl doing to herselft staying in a very stranger place , a place where the dreams supose became true a very reconolyze place call Hollywood.
But what that hell a girl from london doing in in a place like this well this have a history how gonna chance completaly the life of Anna Grant.
Anna grant before to stay in this big trouble she only have 16 years old and well she have everything because she coming from a family very rich how go to campester clubs ,partys for importance people etc, but Anna dont like thats stuff cuz well she thing thats stuff are stupids and yes thats is very true but she have to go for her stupid father Michael Wilian Grant how always stay scream she you have to go and blablabla . Wiliam is a great bussinesman and a one sucessfull man in fact , how married time along whit a ex phamouse actriz from hollywood Julianne Grant or better known as julianne potter how according to the tabloids who gave up her career for love, but the true is other everything was for Michael how hate the idea of if her wife is an actress well tecnicly gonna stay sleeping oor kissing every guy in a set like if she be a whore so that whitin a year so that within a year julianne so sadly pregnag hadto leave the spotlight and focus on raising her daughter but apparently that was not enough to lose the hope julianne shine again, little Anna meanwhile grew in height and beauty and increasingly resembled his mother who always told her stories of when she was actress, Anna Always apreciated that of her mother to the point of woke a one morning and say i wanna be an actress.
Usually when we have mony we can be how we wanna be in fct if we want we can be the united states prsidnt or the glamorouse queen Isabell and Anna well have money but no something call suporse, Julianne obviusly gonna suporse hr daughter but michael will gonna thing [my daughter can be aprostitute] showing also a way of being macho or somewhat illogical if Michael and admires Sean Conery and married an actress but finally his dream Anna decides to comment on the Thanksgiving dinner 1986.

Anna / Mom dad would tell you something.

Michael / if

Anna / "take a piece of turkey introduces you to his mouth"

Michael / daughter tell me that you want to tell us

Anna / "swallows turkey as if to swallow see its value and ends with another topic" know next week after this to be exact in 17 days there will be a camp, but rather a trip to central London where my group and I go to see the gallery.

Michael / As your teacher told me and because not all for art? for permission so do not worry about me and what you just tell your mother.

Anna / mom yes?

Julianne / only nods

finished dinner and collect the dishes to your room rregresa anna turns on the radio and start listening to Cindy Lauper and think it was cowardly but while tarateaba irls just wanna have fun an idea comes to mind as an idea so outlandish hair slash an idea that just a crazy girl would do ... hollywood escape alone, so here's the plan supposedly Anna galreiaanger towards London which is at the center where buses go to the airport.

So Anna takes a check from his father and changes in a bank so getting 20.000 Dollars and airfare to your dream, slowly began to spend hours and ended the first week only ten days away from the well was something so gross Caroline Turner as I call the crazy plan of Anna. Caroline is Anna's best friend since third grade, both have done everything together creating a bond between them increbrantable crossing barrier so poor and the rich.

Caroline / As suppose to travel without a parent signature.

Anna / Do not worry I have everything ready, in fact already voleto buy the tickets.

Caroline / ah, how?

Anna / easily made ??????my father sign a form that assumes the teacher asked Lewis to secure the permit, and as my father for his work never read things, just sign giving me permission to travel alone to LA.

Caroline / oh, right ... well I will miss you dear amiga.pero distance will not be a inpedimento for our friendship is forever.

The day has come aha Anna enlisted her bags to her mother goodbye with a kiss on the cheek and whispered a few words in his ear =

Anna / When I grow up I want to be an actress.

Julianne / Lose that's for sure and you can enjoy the ride. I LOVE YOU.

Michael always simple respect of farewells but this time it only took her daughter's hand and said, enjoy the ride, without embrace this time and asked him to come back safe and sound and proonto ...

Anna on hearing that he intended to stay but his heart did not allow him to think with your head if that embodied their hopes and dreams for a long carriage road, Anna got on the bus in the third seat of her friend RALP Caroline Turner. and djo all behind ...

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Sat Apr 19, 2014 4:19 pm
theatrenerd wrote a review...

I think this is a great concept for a story. I like to format of it; it's very creative, how it's sort of in a chatroom-like format. However, a few improvements I think you could make are on grammar and spelling. Sometimes it was a little hard to read. The ending was nice, though I think you might be able to add an extra sentence or an epilogue, as it seemed a little incomplete :P Overall, though, I love the idea and it's very well written! :)

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Tue Sep 03, 2013 11:07 pm
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cosplayJ2 says...

This story(no offense) needs some improvement. I think it could be better with punctuation and better grammar. I could not understand the following I just read. Anna's a pretty name though. Just try harder and let some juices flow.

maylizhong says...

i kow about my gramma mistakes!! i was 14, and i was trying to make something in english... but i have no so many bases.now i work even harder with my gramma... and i stay working with great writers so... i stay fixing all my mistakes, i also stoped to work into this history because theres another pretty name in my mind... by the way i guess that is not time for show Anna..is time for show Claire, that is teh name of my actual main character!!! still working with gramma!!! so if theres another mistake let me know!! as i say never we learn the enought a new language!! thanks for take yor time and read it, one of this days i will fix this huge mistake!!! blesses and thanks for the review, it help me a lot!!

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Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:08 pm
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wishuponafallenstar wrote a review...

Hey this could be promising but there are a lot of errors in your punctuation and grammar and your sentences tended not to make sense at some points.

But like I said you can build on this but you should make sure to sort out the other things.


maylizhong says...

thanks for the advice!!! i also feel shame by this, because my english isn't was the best, i was just 14, now i 15 and there so many things that i find in my own work.theres a lot mistakes. so it make me laugh, homewever i stoped to write this history for a while.. because i find something better, theres anew novel that i am working on, how could be even more promiseful than this one i start at my 12. i know it can't sound as a lot excuses but... i just wanna make smebody knows that i glad to remind me what is wrong!!! i also now i stay wroking with the sucesful writer elizabeth Gilbert, so she and otehrs friends help me a lot with my gramma!!!so thanks!!! thanks!! hope with time make this history back to life!!! so now i into another history so cheers up, for literature and thanks for read thank you!!!!

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