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Keith Robert Orie Has A Huge Team Of Highly Professionals

by keithorie

removed for spam

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Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:09 pm
Iggy wrote a review...

Okay, so I shall now review the spam as best as I can.

Well, you've got your facts straight. This is a nicely detailed article/essay, with all the information one would need on this Keith Orie. You do a good job of writing about yourself without putting too much focus on yourself. What I mean to say is: you write this like someone else is writing it. It's not narcissistic, nor do you uphold yourself in some sort of light. You made sure you were detached, and that's good.

This was hard to get into, but isn't all articles/essays? You did good with providing information that was too the point and clear and simple.

I do think you ended this a bit abruptly and could've done more to make the ending transition more. Perhaps end it with a question or something to make the reader sit there and think for a bit. But other than that, this was a good essay/article/what-have-you. :)

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Wed Mar 19, 2014 2:13 pm
Renard wrote a review...


I take it you have written a work about yourself?
I am getting really fed up with these spam things that have no explanation.
The writing is ok, the language is standard and the works are short.
Look: 'Keith Robert Orie, the owner of “Advanced Medical Sales LLC” which is a situated at Texas sells an extensive variety of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) at highly competitive prices. There are a wide range of product line provided by the company that include Portable Neck Traction devices that offer gentle stretch to the joints and neck muscles to relieve conditions such as tension headaches, neck pain, nerve pressure, etc; Portable Ultrasound machines which is designed to generate heat within the body tissues for treating medical conditions like muscle spasms, joint contractures, etc; Conductive Garments like electrode knee sleeves, electrode socks, electrode gloves, etc. to provide comfort to the patients, and many more.

All their products fulfill the highest quality standards and have been designed to keeping in mind the comfort of patients. Emphasizing on the product quality, he also makes sure to offer his clients matchless customer support. Currently, Keith Orie has a big team of highly knowledgeable professionals, who responsibly address all their queries related to the products. On receiving the enrollment forms by the clients, these professionals discuss with them the benefits of a DME service and satisfactorily answers all their questions. He also supplies Durable Medical Equipment ordered by the clients at their facility at no cost.

Such kind of professional approach has helped Keith to gain the trust and confidence of his clients and make a solid reputation in the industry. Currently, there are an assortment of professionals, who have enrolled in his DME service. Some of them include Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Family Physicians, Orthopedic Surgeons, Physical Therapists, etc. After enrolling in the DME service provided by Keith, a great number of professionals have significantly raised their profitability. Keith Orie is a successful professional who also a sports enthusiast and loves playing tennis in his free time. Besides this, he is really likes fishing, gardening, and trekking.

is this part of some sort of project?

The works are always posted twice with slight differences, which doesn't make any sense either.

Please clear up the confusion.

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