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Smokers die younger!!

by j3vrma

Hey friends! Today, I am here to share my personal reel of mind-a part that itself got recorded. Grasped by my mental recording system from certain mournful real incidents and the facts and figures I read in the newspapers and magazines and heard from the scholarly doctors and medical experts around me. I intend to share it with you because it's my personal intention to make you too reflect upon the dialogue that took place between my own thoughts--the characters generated and created by my own mind. It is something that made me realize how significant it is to be in the tune with one's inner conscience--one's Pure Consciousness--one's true self!  Would you like to be a part of my eye-opening experience by reflecting upon it?  Would you too like to participate in this drama, staged by my thoughts in the theatre of my mind? Don't worry! You yourself would be a part of it once I recount the whole tale before you. I am sure that just like me, you too would be compelled to wonder--why so? How come that... But only if you take your life seriously!!! 

  So, dear friends, here I go... 

  Last evening, this 'Little me' paid a visit to, a shopping centre(not mentioning the name of store), to purchase a few things of my need and requirement. I kept on strolling from one lane to another, seeing all the displayed and shelved products and gathering those of my concern into my trolley. Thus, while I was shifting from one lane to another, suddenly but not deliberately, I happened to turn my trolley into the lane where there was shelved a huge stock of cigarette cartons of varied brands. Seeing the whole lane full with cigarette cartons, I was startled for a moment!!! 

"Gosh! Where have I turned? 

I have turned my trolley into a wrong lane," I soliloquized. 

I reversed my steps! Suddenly, I realized that my inner attention was reversing my mental reel, trying to reach the records where some facts and figures related to 'SMOKING', were stored. 

Otherwise, friends, it's not a big deal. It happens with everyone. It's not anything abnormal!  It's the in-built process of recollecting something stored in the memory cells upon undergoing the related perception. And the same happened with me too! Thus started the play of my mind... 

O poor Deepak! A young man who lived in our vicinity had passed away last week. 

O God! Why did you take his life away so early? 

He was just 28! 

Is this the age to die? 

Someone has rightly quoted--"Death has no age-barriers!"

But, O merciful Lord! Why? 

You should not be so cruel to your creatures! 

"Hey, you stupid mind," I soliloquized, "Why are you blaming God?"

It was all due to Deepak's own mistake--his own indulgence! 

In fact,  overindulgence into the vicious habit of--SMOKING! 

That too the life shattering CHAIN SMOKING! 

'Hey! Do you remember what you read in the morning today?' I tried to remind myself... 

O yeah! It was something related to smoking and its hazardous consequences... 

All that it emphasized was:-

"... Smoking is injurious to health. It leads to not only breathing ailments but also cardiovascular diseases. It has been found to cause asthma, bronchitis, etc. and has been recognized as once of the causes behind the elevated risk of cardiovascular diseases. Above all, it instigates and stimulates lung cancer. Smoke produced by a cigarette, carries several toxins, affecting our health dramatically. The habit of smoking, if not curbed in time, culminates in addiction. Dr. C. Everett Koop, (U.S. Surgeon), declared it to be an addiction rather than a normal habit. The evidence reveals that the addiction to smoking(nicotine) flourishes very rapidly, in merely two to three weeks. Those addicted to nicotine, find it much harder to quit smoking, than those who are indulged in alcoholism. In addiction, where cigarette smoking is injurious for the active smokers, there, at the same time, it is equally hazardous for the passive smokers--those who otherwise do not smoke themselves but somehow breathe in the smoke released by active smokers. Meaning--it can cause asthma, heart attacks, etc. etc. even among the non-smokers who somehow inhale the smoke released by the cigarette puffs of the smokers... "


'Hey! So be careful! Though you don't smoke, yet you may become a prey to it; for, it is equally hazardous for the passive smokers'--my thought-corns popped up, alerting me. 

O that's why, Dr. Naryal, one of our family-friends, infact, our relative, too gave us a tokenod advice--'Try to keep your-self at a distance from the places where people smoke. Avoid getting exposed to the air in the areas where you find a group of people smoking!'

Thus, dear friends, my thought-corns reminded me of all tbe facts, figures and instructions regarding the fatal effects of smoking! Recalling all that, I found myself in such an empowered state that I was ready to launch an awareness campaign at the spot--right there in the shopping centre! 

However, out of a sudden, my eyes struck the boldly indented warning on one of the cigarette cartons shelved there- 'Smokers die younger'

I picked up the cartons-one in each hand. 

Turned them all over to find if any other warning was written! 

Oh yeah! I found few other cautions too-

'Smoking seriously harms you and others around you'

'Smoke contains benzene, nitrosamines, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide'. 

Reading all those warnings and cautions, I, feeling a sense of relaxation, took a sigh of relief--'O that's really great! Each cigarette carton is itself carrying an awareness campaign regarding its own injurious effects.'

we can say that, "Smoker's every single puff is a step taken by him towards his grave...."

Thus, recalling all the facts and figures revolving around smoking, I stepped forward to make the payment for all that I purchased; finally, I stepped out of the shopping centre. As soon as I took to the road towards my home, I saw a group of brats, each holding either one or two cigarette cartons, which, perhaps, they had purchased from that shopping centre. All of them were enjoying the puffs of cigarettes, which they were holding in their hands. 

Seeing them smoking, again my thought-corns started popping up one after another.. 


Are they crazy? 

Have they gone blind or have they blindfolded their eyes? 

Can't they see the warning highlighted so boldly on those cartons? 

So clearly it is written--'Smokers die younger'

Is their life not dear to them? 

I think the whole world has gone mad!.. 

Thinking thus, I came back home.. 

At night, before slipping into my bed, as per my fixed routine, I sat for meditation... 

During meditation, I got all my answers... 

Oh how can they pay heed to any good advice or instruction! 

Before getting warned by outer cautions, they get a clear-cut warning by their own conscience. 

But... they can't hear their conscience! Their inner voice! 


Because-they are not tuned to listen and understand the signals from their conscience! 

They don't have Divine Knowledge-the only way to establish a perfect communion with one's conscience, one's Pure Consciousness! 

So, friends, if you earnestly wish to lead a pure and healthyife deep-rooted in Truth-the life which is free from not only all sorts of ailments but also all viscious activities and tendencies, first learn the technique of being in perfect harmony with your inner conscience! Remember!  This technique is none other than Divine Knowledge, the one involving the direct realization of your True self, and this technique can be achieved by the grace of a Perfect Master!! 

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Sat Apr 16, 2016 8:50 am
Sujana wrote a review...

An interesting look on cigarettes and smoking in general. I'll be honest, this is a very cliched subject to talk about, and very few essayists will approach it without coming off as cliche, but you had a couple of good ideas in here that made this somewhat interesting to read. But never mind that, for now. Firstly, my name is Ellstar. And here are the highlights of your work:

-"Seeing the whole lane full with cigarette cartons, I was startled for a moment!!! " I think it would be better if you said 'seeing the whole lane filled with cigarette cartons' or 'seing a whole lane full of cigarette cartons'. Also, calm down on the exclamation marks. This is an essay, and three exclamation marks is usually associated with internet chatrooms. Long story short; we do not want to be associated with internet chatrooms.

-""Gosh! Where have I turned?

I have turned my trolley into a wrong lane," I soliloquized. " Of course I'd be the sort of person to complain about this, but unless you're writing a poem, please keep the dialogue inside the quotation marks in a single line (ie do not put them both in separate paragraphs, do not enter 'ENTER' after writing one sentence, etc..)

-"I reversed my steps!" Reversed my steps is a weid way to describe things, but alright. On a second note, why does this warrant an exclamation mark? I feel like you're under the impression that the more exclamation marks, the better the work might be. But exclamation marks, like most things, need to be controlled in their numbers. Use too many and they'll lose their power, become more of an annoyance than a powerful motivator. Reversing your steps does not need an exclamation mark, is what I'm saying.

-"However, out of a sudden," 'All of a sudden' is what you probably meant. Or 'out of the blue'.

A Short Comment:

Overall, this was extremely interesting. I liked how you put an emphasis on discovering yourself to avoid the pitfalls of smoking, instead of just saying "it kills u dont do it!!!" like most people would. This essay seems to have a lot of good ideas going for it, it just needs to sharpen how it delivers it.

Good job on that front.

Signing out,


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j3vrma says...

firstly, thanks.. i'll take care of my mistakes, next time..
And again thanks for pointing my mistakes and you are right some points are really to be noted..

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Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:00 pm
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AkeliaTaske wrote a review...

Wow, that was really deep. I have not had an experience with smoking, but my uncle, my friends, and my cousins do. This whole story is really inspiring NOT to smoke, and I'm glad you wrote it, so all those people out there that still do smoke will hopefully come to realize that smoking kills you, and it is dangerous to puff tobacco. Thank you for writing it, and you did a great job with it to! Keep it up!

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j3vrma says...

Thank u so much.. #AkeliaTaske

AkeliaTaske says...

You are welcome. :)

— BlueAfrica