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Prized - Chapter One

by itsCate

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language and mature content.

Chapter one:

Zack's POV

My footsteps echo down the hall. I look down at my watch, it was too late to still be at work. I keep my pace and turn down another hallway. The white was shine and the lights are bright. The skyscraper is is quiet, most people left to go home. I grabbed my keys and unlocked the door to my office. Walking in, my eyes look up at the windows that look over the city. I was a beautiful sight, the tall skyscrapers and lights in the dark night sky. I sit in my chair and look out the window. There was a loud bang at my door, why so soon? Why didn’t they wait until morning?

“Come in!” I yell the door opens and Jack Walks in, Johnson behind him holding onto a girls arm. She was tall and dark haired, I couldn’t see her eyes. She looked up at me, her face gentle and her eyes an ice blue. She looked scared.

“Who is she?” I ask Johnson.

“She said her name was Katie, she didn’t give a last name. I don’t know what she wants she had requested to meet you.”


“Well you both can leave. Thank you.” I watch as They both leave then my eyes move to the girl.

“So, Katie,” I say slowly “What can I help you with?”

She smiled at me, her teeth perfectly straight.

“Everything Mr. Wood.”

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Tue Apr 16, 2019 9:13 pm
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GigiNicole17 wrote a review...


Hey girl,

I wanted to tell you some things about this piece. It's great! Like you said, it is really short for a fist chapter, but I know you'll add to it. I think you kinda opened on suspense which I think was a really cool idea. But you do have to remember with this kind of intro you'll have to really develop the characters throughout the story, which I know you'll do lol. Towards the end, it makes me think there's some romance going on there, but then Katie says Mr. LOL

It's great, though. Nothing to critique! I can't wait to hear more!!


itsCate says...

The thing that I love about you Giana, is that you make me want to keep the suspense up. And because you said that I am, haha, you asked for it.
Thank you for the review!

GigiNicole17 says...

LOL, thanks Cate! You're the only one who call me Giana, lol which is super cool!

I wanna ask you something pm me! I'm super excited for the suspenseful next part, so happy! No problem. ~Gigi

itsCate says...

Ok lol!

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Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:57 pm
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itsCate says...

This is very short. I know that, I purposely did that. It's more like a prologue maybe I'll go back and change that. Anyway, if you have any ideas of what should happen with Katie and Zack please give me an idea. I would love to have a Co-Author for this book.
Love you guys!

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