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'Til Everything Burns

by iEuphoria

She stood there in the pouring rain, her face turned up to the sky. Her eyeliner, once perfectly placed, smeared down her cheeks, a mixture of tears and rain. Her whole body shook with the pain she felt. The realization hit her hard: She had nothing left to lose. Her world had shattered. Her love was gone. Even her best friend of fourteen years, couldn't be bothered with her feeble, desperate cries for mercy.

She stood there in the pouring rain, her hands held up in the air high above her head, a symbol of surrender, salvation, in a mixture of fear and relief. Her whole heart shook with the breaking it felt. The truth hit it hard: She had chosen the wrong path. Made the right mistake. The mistake that would take everything away. Even her God couldn't be bothered with its stuttering, guilt-ridden beats, made in vain.

She stood there in the pouring rain, her eyes closed to the universe around her. Once seeming so big, now literally nothing but dust. A scattering memory, flying with the wind that whispers, "Will there be a tomorrow?"

Her whole conscious shook with the understanding she felt. The knowledge hit her hard: This was the only way. She had nothing left to live for, and nothing left to give. And there was so much she never should have taken in the first place. Like all that they gave. She'd taken it. Taken it for granted. She hadn't cared. They were supposed to love her. That's what they were living for.

He sped down the road in the pouring rain, his hands white on the wheel. His mind, once made up on leaving her, was now distorted with his love. A mixture of terror and shock washed over him as her figure loomed ahead. In the middle of the road stood the image of a goddess, an angel among men.

And he swerved...

...But not fast enough.

The screeches of tires filled her ears, but only a second too late. Her body now lay beneath the scorching hot metal that had once driven her to countless happy dates. But now, it would have created a new memory. That is, only if she had made it through that stormy night alive..

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