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The Truth

by iEuphoria

Disclaimer: I had to write a persuasive essay in school about the Holocaust, so I chose to take it from the angle of non-believers saying it never happened, or atleast not to the extent it is claimed to be. These are NOT my real feelings. Thank you.

How will the Holocaust be remembered in history: As a historical horror or just a historical hoax? For decades, most people accepted the Holocaust as being entirely true. There were some doubters, and those who doubted were looked upon as being Anti-Semitic.

“The Holocaust never happened. It was all a conspiracy by the Jews to trick the nations of the world into giving them the land of Israel back. It is just a story they tell themselves in order for fame and attention.” Said a wise man, known as Connor Rallen.

But just because you are told something, does that automatically mean it is true? When you were six years old and your mother asked if you had eaten the last cookie, and you told her no, does this mean she should believe you? What about when you were in Elementary School and when told about the Civil War, and you were told that the reason it occurred was over slavery, does that mean it is true? Yet now, we realize it had everything to do with state rights, and nothing to do with slavery. Do you remember when you were in Elementary School in science and your teacher told you all about the Triceratops dinosaur? Well, now, Scientists are saying that the Triceratops dinosaur was actually a juvenile form of a Torosaurus. This, once again, shows that just because you were once told something, it doesn’t mean it is entirely truthful. As we become more sophisticated and look into things deeper with age, we realize that not everything we are told in life is exactly the truth.

For decades, Holocaust believers have claimed that six million Jews died from 1940 until 1945. But, according to an UN Database, 3.8 million people died in the following extermination camps:

Camp Name Total Deaths Number of Jews Dead

Auschwitz 1,400,000 1,200,000

Treblinka 870,000 740,000

Belzek 600,000 510,000

Jasenovak 600,000 Few Jews

Chelmno 320,000 272,000

Majdanek 250,000 306,000

But, when you read UN Database’s articles on the individual camps themselves, there are clear errors throughout the numbers.

“In 1989 Auschwitz corrected its monuments and reduced the number of deaths from 4 million to 1.1 million yet the 6 million total never changed (the savings at Auschwitz were picked up in other camps). Also, the International Red Cross and detailed German death records indicate that only about 150,000 died at Auschwitz of whom 30,000 were Jews. Yet sophisticated databases ignore or dismiss such records.”

(Compare with 1.2 million above.)

“In Treblinka, The Hofle Telegram listed 713,555 Jews killed up to the end of December 1942. With the addition of 1943 transports listed in Yitzhak Arad's book, one may arrive at the figure 800,000. “

(Compare with 740,000 above.) “At Belzek, at least 434,500 Jews were killed.”

(Compare with 510,000 above.) “The Jasenovac Memorial Area keeps a list of 69,842 names of Jasenovac victims: 39,580 Serbs, 14,599 Roma, 10,700 Jews, 3,462 Croats as well as people of some other ethnicities.”

("The world's eminent authority on Holocaust victims”, Yad Vashem Center, claims 600,000.) “In the Chelmno camp, at least 152,000 people were killed, mainly Jews from the Lodz Ghetto.”

(Compare with 272,000 above.) “According to the official Majdanek State Museum about 300,000 inmates passed through the camp, over 40% Jews. The most recent research by the Majdanek Museum indicates that there were 78,000 victims, 59,000 of whom were Jews.“

(Compare with 306,000 above.) Yad Vashem, a Holocaust Documentation Center in Israel has a database of 3 million alleged victims of Nazi extermination. But, if you go on to the site and go to the The Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names section, nearly every name is listed at least twice, some as many as five times! This proves that the names were written multiples times in order to make the number of victims listed higher. If you see the words “6,000 results found” when looking up just one name, you think “Wow, a lot of people really did die of those who shared the last name ____.” Yet in reality, the names are each written multiple times, so if each name is written three times, it is actually only 2,000 results found.

Additionally, historians have not found any written orders from Adolf Hitler telling the soldiers to go and slaughter the Jewish race. As well as the fact that it is impossible to exterminate millions with diesel exhaust as told by "witnesses". Diesel exhaust does not contain significant amount of carbon monoxide to kill a human. Photographs of the concentration camps show no smoke and flames belching from the crematoria and pyres as alleged to be. The photos and records show there was not enough coal to cremate millions of corpses. Also, the "witnesses" and confessors lied about how many minutes it takes to cremate a corpse. These are just a few ways that the lies are catching up to the Jews.

In conclusion, I will leave you to decide how you will choose to remember the Holocaust... Either as a historical horror or just a historical hoax.

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Fri Jul 27, 2012 2:30 pm
Jennya wrote a review...

I don't know how old you are or at what level you are but I'm going to write this as if you where lets say a final year student in Australia. I apologize in advance for the bad grammar and spelling.

My first comment, although not really constructive, is that this reads like a debaters speech not an essay. The use of 'you' and the language in general seems is very reminiscent of a debaters speech. In an essay people don't normally use colloquialisms or directly address the reader as 'you'.

Now the main part of a argumentative essay is to be convincing and the fact you used statistics and quotes where quite good. Never the less, the essay generally could have been more structured with a clear line or argument and a hard hitting analysis ( ie explain the complications of the evidence should before important than stating the evidence it's self, in my opinion anyway, becasue in this essay you just over load us with information that isn't' really discussed in depth) following your evidence.

Firstly, i suggest you plan out your essay and have a clear line of argument that you loosely explain in the conclusion and the opening paragraph. Follow that structure in a clear concise and 'professional manner' make it sound as if you were an expert. Your opening paragraph was alright, it set the mood but the dull two and a half line quote paragraph was not really needed, it could have been paraphrased or cut down and inserted somewhere else. Your conclusion wasn't really a conclusion at all , rather a closing statement on its own.

The whole rant about 'But just because you are told something, does that automatically mean it is true?' was completely unnecessary as you could have done the same thing in a couple of sentences. Although that point was valid it has little to do with the contention. Again it sounds like something a debater would do with all the rhetorical questions.

Instead you should go more in depth with your statistics and explain and link it constantly back to the other evidence and the actual contention.

Also at times you sound a little 'anti Semitic' ( i know its hard to avoid with this topic), argue your point with evidence and careful manipulation and explanation of that evidence rather than risk alienating the reader.

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