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Demon ~Excerpt~

by iEuphoria

“And believe me I know, I’ve fucked up plenty.. more than you could have ever imagined. What makes it worse, is that I had crushed Lucas every step of the way, every mistake I made, ultimately hurting him in the most painful way possible. And in return, he sees me differently.. As a monster, a liar and a slut who ruined his life, who killed his trust in people and made him feel that he didn’t belong on such a treacherous, sadistic planet. And all of this, because I was too fucking stupid to see what I had done before it was too late. Each time Lucas calls me a liar or shows how things have changed, by his responces varying from what he used to say when I had said a phrase. Each time, I would rather pierce a dagger through my chest and end it all in a blink of an eye. But, what would that solve? Nothing. I knew that what Lucas and I have was worth putting up a fight, even if it took every last bit out of me, in order to keep him by my side. He meant too much to just watch as he walked out that door with no intention or desire to ever stop walking or turn back. And that, my dear Maybelle, is why I mustn’t give up. Not now, not ever. For love, in which I didn’t believe exist until I saw his smile on that Summer evening.”

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