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Demon ~Excerpt~

by iEuphoria

But the realization had kicked in, and it kicked her hard. She was a monster. She had achieved nothing in her life, except knocking down and slaughtering any bit of happiness that those that mattered to her was once filled with. She was a “vile creature” as he said. Just another troublesome enemy of mankind. Her smile, once unable to leave her face was now far gone, completely lost of how to come back to her pale face. Without him, there was nothing left of her. She simply had no other reason of living, baring a heart, which apparently hers was frozen solid in another dimension. She had nothing left.. Not even George Carlin, or Mayday Parade could make her feel anything anymore.. She was numb. Sickened by the own thought of her own existence.

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Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:22 am
iEuphoria wrote a review...

Hey Euph, Alex again! ~Sorry, my account wasn't working..~
So, I'm just going to start by saying how this hardly counts as a short story, even if it's just an excerpt.. I think you should add to things more before posting things.. That said, I hope this is not a personal reflection when I say this ;; It appears to be an obvious teenage angst, and little girls who want to kill themselves over stupid boy. As mean as this might be Yuffie, I suggest not pursuing this type of writing..
If you have any questions on why I feel this way, feel free to Skype me or message me on here (Not sure if I'll manage to get my account back in time..) But, good luck and keep writing, kiddo!

... that was weird

iEuphoria says...

My friend Alex apparently got into my account.. xD

He wanted his bottle and I didn't want to give him his bottle yet.
— Jack Hanna