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Natural Painkillers

by hyacinths

jake and camden - kp - 7

Ow -“ The boy with blonde hair and dressed in black and white flinched harshly on his bed. His white cropped hoodie was pulled down his chest slightly, exposing the toned muscle of his upper chest and the turning ever darker bone of his collar. The bruise was the size of his palm and was looking dark and angry, deep purple sticking out from his more pale complexion. A boy was kneeled in front of him, ice pack in hand, and black hair clipped back. 

“Camden, babe, you have to stop moving. I still don’t get how this even happened.” 

“It was football practice, bruises come with it. Also you were there, you literally saw it happen.”

“Yeah, but you were wearing the protective padding, a tackle shouldn’t of caused something this bad.” 

“Jake, seriously, stop being such a mom.” The two continued to bicker between them, teasing lightly, and the occasional smooshing of the blondes face together when Camden started to sass a bit too much. After some time of holding ice to it and making sure it was covered in the appropriate needs, they finally let themselves relax. 

“Should we wrap it up in a bandage?” Jake asked as he started to put everything he had from their first aid kit away. 

“Nah, I’ll just be careful about it getting hit.” Camden fell back onto his soft blankets, lanky limbs sprawled out. He let out a sigh from the days exhaustion and pain finally starting to rest on his shoulders, literally. Jake plopped on the bed next to him, cuddling up against the blonde’s side, being mindful of the injured area he was close to. From a distance, the two boys looked like the exact same height, but when up close, it was clear Jake had an inch or two on the other boy; making it easy for him to stuff his face into the teen’s hair and wrap an arm around his middle. Camden could feel the warmth radiating from his boyfriend and immediately moved to get closer, instinctively moving to lay on his side, his injured side. Camden let out a small sound of uncomfort before trying to position his arm in a way that didn’t hurt. Every attempt ended up with a elbow stabbing Jake or a soreness shouting them him, in the end he gave up and rolled back onto his spine. Jake propped up his arm and laid his face against his palm. 

“I take it that the painkillers haven’t kicked in yet?” He laughed lightly as his boyfriend’s pouty expression. Camden only muttered something under his breath in return. 

“I can’t even cuddle, what the hell-” Camden closed his eyes and clearly looked sad stricken, making Jake feel worse about the situation. He knew that his boyfriend was probably being over dramatic about not being able to cuddle against him, but if the blonde sat through his weird motherly protection, Jake would go through anything his boyfriend had to whine about: but that didn’t mean Jake wouldn’t try to fix anything that would stop his boyfriend from crying for an hour. The teen looked at Camden for a minute, his thumb stroking at the small bit of Camden’s stomach that was showing between his clothes. Then the thought struck him. Camden still had his eyes closed when he felt something that wasn’t unwanted, but unexplained. His one eye had peeked open to justify his thoughts. Jake had kissed him, well, his shoulder. Before he could ask what the boy with black hair was doing, Jake had already begun to move, placing soft kisses down his shoulder and towards the bruise. The kisses had enough pressure to have the infant feeling of something touching against his skin, causing the tenseness of his muscles contracting. His entire body was prone to being ticklish, the feather light touch proving toward the point. When Jake reached the base of his neck, he lingered for a moment, fingertips slightly sliding under the hem of his hoodie and touching lightly to the sole of his spine. Camden’s back arched slightly at the ticklish feeling that his brain was to switching to from the dull pain that lulled below his neck. Then after a moment, Jake moved the few centimeters to that pain, Camden almost flinching in anticipation. But when Jake laid the kiss against his hoodie, the only feeling he felt was that of the soft fabric soothing against the the dark area. Jake used his free hand that wasn’t wrapped around the boy to pull down the collar of the top, exposing the bruise to him and kissing it lightly. He smiled against the blonde’s skin when he felt Camden’s heart going faster under him and the sound of the boy’s laughter filling his ears. Jake continued to lay a few kisses against the teen’s collarbone and smile wider at the laughter he got in response. The black haired boy finally brought his face up, his facial expression that of a love stricken idiot and that he was a love stricken idiot for the boy that laid beneath him. Camden smiled back after his laughter finally died down, quick to thread his fingers through Jake’s black hair and pull their faces together. He kissed him sweetly and lovingly, trying to convey all the appreciation and love he held for him in one kiss. When they finally pulled away, Jake whispered to not break the soft atmosphere. 

“Feeling better now?” 

“Much.” He whispered back. They kissed again and again and again, never wanting to break apart. The two knew how sickeningly sappy the situation was, but at this moment, they couldn’t care less. Finally breaking apart, Jake was quick to stick his face into the crook of Camden’s neck; wrapping both arms around him tightly, and Camden hugging back the most he could in his position and stayed in their cuddled embrace for the rest of the evening, Camden’s pain eventually numbing away to painkillers and natural boyfriend remedies. Though, truly, when in Jake’s arms, the pain never lasted. He too was a gushy, love stricken idiot.

*Hi! This is my first post and hope it's not too horrible. This was my first time writing my OC's Jake and Camden a while back with a kiss prompt, which was the prompt collar bone kisses so I hope I did it some justice. This was me testing the water with them and I have written them again since then and have had some development. Feedback and criticism is very appreciated, thank you for reading!!!*

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