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this love thing.

by byootiful

Its been a week that I didn't add any work on this account but as of now they we're alot of words that's been running into my mind and it gives me the courage to just type something on this blank thingy.

Well, I watched 4 dvd's the whole night about love, yeah seriously. its fine with me to do that thing because im an insomniatic person sometimes, going back to what I've watched, hmmm.. its all about love. It made me fall inlove but then I realized at this very point of my life, I dont have my own love story. but its okay. I didnt felt sadness. cuz I'm happy w/o it, I have my family, I have my friends and of course I have GOD. they're enough. I know someday, somehow God will give me that love story. Im too young to have one though .. I just need to enjoy life and just go with the flow.

I dont want to fall in love again, im not yet ready.. even though sometimes.. I just want to have one. but it just passed and I just felt it. and just forget about it. hehe :) Its been 7 months that I felt inlove to a BOYFRIEND. I mean I felt inlove for like a month ago. but its just boring cuz I know he wasnt that serious same as my EX. but atleast the other one which was my last boyfriend who really courted me through cellphone and personally. (HAHAH) now that's funny. I mean I am now reminiscing haha. okay, forget it.

So. IM HAPPY as of now. and im kinda hungry. i need food. But okay. i need to finish this movie that im currently watching entitled " MY FIRST WEDDING ". Hopefully, this will be great :)


Yan <3


I felt guilty bcoz believe it or not, im still 16 years young and im typing this kind of shit, but consider it. NORMAL for us teenagers haha :)

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Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:19 pm
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phantomwriterjoe wrote a review...

So I'm not sure if this is serious or not. I thought it was until I read the review below and I was then unsure. Either way I don't really care. If this is a serious post you posted as a sort of blog thing, I'd say that of course you will find love some day, and it will be better than anything you ever could have imagined it would be and that you don't need to worry about it. I'd also say, however, that posting stuff like this probably won't increase your chances of getting a good boyfriend, because guys like girls who are confident.

If it isn't serious, then I'd accomplished whatever you were going for.

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Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:52 pm
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Kale wrote a review...

This piece... confused me. A lot.

Is this a blog? Because if it is, YWS has a separate section for blogs (which you can find here), and pretty much everything I'll say after this point probably won't apply.

But then, your About the Author info lists your age as eighteen, so. Unless that information is mistaken, that it doesn't match up with the postscript makes me think that you were trying to emulate the writing style of a sixteen-year-old blogger, in which case, you've succeeded, though I'm still left wondering why you'd want to emulate the writing style of a sixteen-year-old blogger. What purpose does it serve for this piece?

I really can't find an answer to that question if this piece is a standalone piece, which it seems to be, so I'm doubly confused at this point.

And then there's the bold. Why is all the text bolded? It makes no sense, and I can discern no reason for it except maybe that it fit in with the whole sixteen-year-old blogger writing style imitation thing.

And if this wasn't intended to emulate the writing style of a sixteen-year-old blogger, then I'll be hopelessly confused.

So I'm going to assume you intended to emulate the writing style of a sixteen-year-old blogger and congratulate you on a job well-done. You really captured the teenage voice here, and the writing style, down to the inconsistent capitalization and grammar and content.

So kudos?

I'm still wondering what the point of this was if it is standalone. If it's part of a larger work, then I can see how it would really help set up the character's voice and situation, but if it is a standalone piece, completely unrelated to anything else, then I have no idea what to make of this.

An author's note would have really helped to dispel any confusion before it had a chance to sprout. I actually thought the first two paragraphs were a really long author's note before I scrolled down and saw that the rest of the piece was bolded.

So, long story short, this piece confused me, and I think an author's note or something explaining what you were trying to accomplish with this would be a very good idea since it would help cut down on the confusion.

— soundofmind