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Life as a passage of knowledge

by bukhoqhaloshe, bukhoqhaloshe

One needs to make sacrifices in life in order to be successful, starting off from an early age one is born without exposure to many events in life, we do not know what is toxic or rather self building, an individual tour of life is what one needs to make the best out of life by being exposed to the environment individually so, this further comes with loads of benefits, one being able to understand life in your own way, always sticking with a group or any person at your aid often prevents you from getting a full understanding of what life is really about it's more like reading a summary of book but not really getting the deepest meaning of what the book is really about, individuality is key to unlocking the hidden safe which has the lighter you will need when you are walking in the dark passage of life, only encountering life alone makes a strong human being who is able to tackle all the obstacles on their life journey.

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Mon Mar 18, 2024 1:59 pm
dm74 wrote a review...

So this piece is an interesting and I might have a more unique view of the piece than most. But if I missed the point completely, you can tell me that too. I feel like in order to be successful, as you mentioned, you need someone to show you how (i.e. your parents/guardians.) We also need the know-how to think critically - thus making our own conclusions about life - what is good and bad, and what can be interpreted as neither black nor white. Overall it's a very thought provoking piece that can be interpreted many different ways. I loved it.

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Mon Feb 19, 2024 8:20 pm
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LuminescentAnt wrote a review...

Hello! I'm here to leave a short review for your article here.

This seems to be a short paragraph about life and making the best out of it. It makes the reader think about how life is like a "passage of knowledge," and how you should live life to the fullest so you can live the full human experience.

I noticed here that this paragraph is actually one long sentence. I think it would flow a lot better if you broke this up into multiple sentences, because here, it doesn't really have any structure, and it just has a bunch of commas to separate ideas. Masking this into multiple sentences would make it not only easier for the reader to read, but also process.

I thought it was an interesting metaphor when you said that life can sometimes be a dark passage, because that really reflects on how there are good days and bad days, and ups and downs. I also liked how you used the metaphor of the book summary. That really makes the reader think about if they themself understand life and think, "what is life about?"

Overall, this was a very thoughtful piece that really portrays the reality of life and how we live it, and how we should live it to its' fullest. I enjoyed reading this and thinking about the theme of this. I hope you will continue to write more pieces like this!

Keep writing!

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Tue Feb 13, 2024 11:46 pm
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humblebard1 wrote a review...

Hey! Welcome to YWS, I hope you love it here :D here to give you a first review on your first work (yay)
This is a very insightful look into what life truly is. I like that you've likened it to a passage of knowledge, as an individual tour that you need to expose yourself to. You are the one who can find your own meaning, and individuality is the key.

I love your ideas, but the text wasn't massively easy to read- what would help maybe is putting in a few punctuation marks like semicolons so you can separate ideas from each other, either this or some full stops to make sentences.

it's more like reading a summary of book but not really getting the deepest meaning of what the book is really about

This line for me summarises the idea of your article. A really nice comparison to something we can comprehend, instead of the never-ending question of our own meaning. Gave me the chiilllls.

Awesome first post, by the way. You have some amazing insight into life that is definitely rare amongst many people.
Keep it up, bukhoqhaloshe!

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bukhoqhaloshe says...

Thanks I appreciate it%uD83D%uDE4F

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Tue Feb 13, 2024 9:59 pm
bukhoqhaloshe says...

"Be yourself" is not advice. It's an existential crisis waiting to happen.
— Hank Green